Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain - Palin

Well, it is official.  McCain - Palin.

It remains to be seen, but at first blush... I think a brilliant political calculation McCain's part.  If O'Bama was not regretting the absence of Hillary on his ticket, I think he might be now.

I am stunned.... didn't know McCain had it in him.  So much for the "McSame" moniker.  

Not that Palin has any more experience than O'Bama.  They are both 3rd stringers when it comes right down to it.  But that is where we are at in this political season, trying to one up each other on the basis of skin tone and gender rather than competence and experience.  But it makes for great theatre, so we got that going for us...

If the Dems lose THIS year, a year in which the country HATES its incumbent Republican president, well, it is a sad indictment of how silly and immature their partisans really are.  It was almost impossible for them to lose, considering voter registration numbers, and it looks to me like they pulled it off.

As Archie Bunker once said of the New York Giants football team during their 1970's disasters:
"Edith, once again, the Giants snatched defeat from the jaws of victory."

Welcome to the White House, President McCain.  

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