Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Back

I watched the Obama speech last night.  As the picture becomes clearer for me it has occurred to me that Barak Obama is a very good man, a decent human being, and a GREAT politician.  I may not agree with all of his positions, and I know, like most politicians, he is FOS on many of the promises and issues he claims he can do something about and knows he cannot...

Still, Obama will likely, and probably should be President one day.  But as a war time commander in  chief with 142 days of Washington experience? 

Obama would have WALKED straight into the White House if Hillary were his VP.  I don't think he passed her over.  I think she turned him down.  Either way, if Hillary were on the ticket, top or bottom, the Democrats don't even look back.  I am anxiously awaiting the truth as to what happened in the VP stakes.

Now it is up to McCain.  I think his best bet is a woman or a Jew for VP.   A Sarah Palin or Joe Lieberman would make this a very tough, up hill battle for the Dems.  I love a good fight, and so I am hoping for a Palin or Lieberman.  

Strategically, Palin might be a counter weight to Hillary in 2012.  If Obama loses, we might have 2 women nominated in the same year for President!  Wouldn't that be interesting.

Back soon.

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Anonymous said...

(From the blah-blah bureaucrat):

Not choosing Hillary was a huge mistake, and if I'm right, the polls will now begin to narrow partly because of it. The democrats are getting scared of actually winning so "change" goes right out the window. :(

I like Obama and I will vote for him anyway, but his plans for energy shows he has no one on the staff that can preach reality to him. The alternatives he spoke about are completely unrealistic to anyone that follows this stuff as dangerously as I am these days. :)

Welcome back.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I still think Hillary would have won the general election, and Obama should have been the VP candidate.

For the first time in a while, though, the final 4 candidates for President, Obama, McCain, Romney and Hillary, were all pretty acceptable. How about that?

Anonymous said...

(Again from Mr. Bureaucrat):

Hillary would never have won as president. Her negatives were at 40%+, were not going down, and she could not have captured the middle/independents. She had no chance. As #2 to Obama, it was the best of all worlds (frankly, BOTH of them should have been vice-president together first to learn the job!) She would have been set as president in 2016, with experience to boot. Since 40% of Republican women are pro-choice and would never have voted for McCain, not picking Hillary could go down as the biggest screwup ever in modern American election history. I thought Obama was a professional politician! He let his distaste for Hillary get in the way. So, who's this Alaskan lady .....

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I respectfully disagree... Obama delivers 100% of 13% of the population, the Black Vote. No other VP candidate could do that. The Clinton's still have the juice, though they were abandoned by black women who identified with "black" rather than "woman". As I am neither I can only speculate, but won't , as to why.

So, with 87% of the population in play, Hillary would likely have captured 38% of the non black vote, and the White House.

BTW, this is just me thinking out loud, it is not like I did the original polling to prove the position.