Monday, June 6, 2011

Wiener's Frank and Beans

Dear Congressman Anthony Weiner:

I completely forgive you for the photo of your "frank and beans" on Twitter. If a picture of me with plumber's butt taken while I am out milking the cow makes its way onto the web, well, I hope you will forgive me, too.

Look, Congressman, I know the deal... when it comes to sex we are ALL completely full of sh#! You, too. No big deal. You see, I am a thinking man... and I think your policies suck! I think you are a schmuck! But I don't think its any of our business what pictures you send to who. I pray everyday that American's will stop this voyeur "gotcha" B.S..... but think about it, bro. At least half of this is sh#! is your side's fault. Anything for a vote. You guys are the folks that encouraged and pandered to the loonies over at the Church of Oprah. Yea, I know... The Right did the same stuff with those churches down south... the ones where the preacher rails against the "abomination" of homosexuality, and then leaves the service to get serviced by a male masseuse versed in the chapter and verse of the never ending happy ending.

I think its time we all came clean. Or dirty. Your love life is none of my business. You could start by reeling in your Feminazi's. The Right could reciprocate by tucking in their hypocrisies.... but its not going to happen. Nope. We have too large a chunk of the population believing in fairy tales and pixy dust, always insisting on being forgiven, never willing to forgive.

Sincerely yours,

He Who Lives In a Glass House (and who doesn't throw stones because he had more fun than the law allows and people would hate him if they knew just how much fun).


Anonymous said...

Gregg It’s hopeless; there is a reason The Enquirer, People, etc. are next to the checkout stand and not say, Nat Geo or Pop Sci. An incredibly large number of people are so miserable they have a psychological need to see people in worse shape than they are. And I think most of them are miserable because they like to be that way.


Greg T. Jeffers said...

Stay tuned Dan. My OCD kicked into overdrive today... I guess this was the straw that broke... the unintended consequences of technology's eye in the sky need a good dissing...

Stephen B. said...

Technology is just completely out of control.

If in doubt, just read around the Web about the computers and black box recorders in contemporary cars and trucks that record so many data points about a car's speed, acceleration, braking, seat belt use, GPS position, how services like OnStar can read one's location and start and stop the car remotely at will, and how the government and/or insurance companies can get their hands on all this information.

Orwell had it right with 1984. He was just off by a decade or two.

Anonymous said...

While on the topic of unhealthy behaviors, the scourge of cheaters and libertines is turning 30, and my has it spread. There really is no need for people to get their knickers in a bind- sin tends to bring its on punishment.


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