Saturday, June 4, 2011

John Edwards cont

In my first post of he series "Feminists vs the Cheaters", I made the assertion, still unchallenged by any rational Lefty, that the reason Edwards and Arnold were being shredded by the Feminist Left was not that they had had affairs... but because they and their lovers did not have abortions.

Elizabeth Edwards stood by her man, and rightly so, when he admitted to the affair. It was months later, when John Edwards' admitted to having fathered a child, that his wife separated from him. I make no criticism of Mrs. Edwards. I am just laying down the time line.

A quote from

Edwards first acknowledged an extramarital affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter in the summer of 2008, months after he pulled out of the presidential race. 
Then in January, after publicly denying it for months, Edwards confirmed that he is the father of Hunter’s young daughter, Quinn. Edwards and his wife Elizabeth, a breast cancer patient who stayed by her husband’s side when he originally acknowledged the affair, have since separated in the wake of this newest development.

Does ANYBODY out there want to counter my assertion that the problem here was not an affair... the problem was the child.

John Edwards and Arnold are no sleezier than Bill Clinton... although Clinton was more judicious in his choice of sexual acts... and certainly not in the same league as Ted Kennedy who f***ing drowned a young woman in a car accident and did not bother to attempt to rescue her... the Feminist Left had no problem doing business with him for decades after that incident... apparently drowning a young woman is somehow less of an offense to these sh*t heads than fathering a child...

Please find a feminist to counter my assertions, or better yet, to have the courage to confirm them.

Let me do some math for you on this subject.

Do you have any idea of how many No Tell/Motel rooms there are in this country? Any idea how many  adult female (and male) sex workers are plying their trade in the U.S.? How many clandestine trysts took place last night? By mathematical necessity, there are an awful lot "cheaters" out there. Are they all sleezeballs? Should we fund an "adultery squad" in every Law Enforcement precinct?

Does anybody read Freud anymore? Anybody wonder what the driving force behind building huge companies, and real estate empires, and recording platinum albums, or making $20 million per film as a movie star, or becoming Governor/Senator/President? Anybody think these guys do this so that they can limit their sexual opportunities?  Really!!??

Men are already refusing to marry, or a marrying very, very late - and with a 95 page pre-nup agreement - and even then they divorcing early. What is it the Feminists/Left hope to accomplish here with John Edwards? In their grab for power they seem oblivious to the very serious unintended consequences of their actions. The marriage market is not a vacuum! For 30 or 40 years, men watched - in horror - the mangling of married men in divorce court... and long before the end of that period the pre-nuptial agreement comes into being. Is that a coincidence? These agreements essentially wound the clock back to the late 19th century as far as the non-asset/non-earning (or lesser earning) spouse was concerned... did the Feminist/Left see that one coming? Nope. Then men decided not to marry at all... What was "gained" by Feminist/Left in the radicalization of family law since the 1960's was literally destroyed in just a few short years by the marketplace... today's women are worse off financially than their mothers and grandmothers, with 3X more of today's 40+ women having ZERO family or husband to turn to than 50 years ago... tell me again how this helped women?

The Edwards thing might go right over the heads of a lot of men... but not those in the economic establishment. They are not as dumb as they look. These men WILL respond. These forces are not released in a vacuum. Nothing will be gained... actually much more will be lost.

And another nail will have been driven into the coffin of the body politic and the Constitution.


PioneerPreppy said...

I just don't see the entire baby thing. I mean maybe you are correct but from another aspect reproductive rights is the main financial link feminist forged and now use for most of their wealth transfer.

I have seen reports printed from pharma company insiders that have accused feminist of making sure the government immediately kills any effort at male birth control pills. Pro athletes are given training on how to dispose of or destroy used condoms so women cannot impregnate themselves after the fact.

It happens. One woman is suing a guy now because he put horseradish sauce in the used condom and she got it when she went to self impregnate after the fact.

The graphs and equations used to determine child support payments have been proven to be extremely over balanced and harsh to the payee. Which is 99% of the time the male.

Not to mention the ultimate cry "It's for the Children". I just don't understand why the feminist would wish to attack because the couple had the baby, which is the greatest male bashing tool they managed to create.

Not saying you are wrong. I just don't follow the logic of why they would be doing it.

tweell said...

A bastard conceived during the marriage is the female equivalent of being cuckolded. It's supposed to be only women doing it to men, it's no fair if it goes the other way!
A prenuptial agreement isn't all it's cracked up to be, they are now routinely thrown out in divorce court.
God help the USA.

kathy said...

I would be far more concerned (and furious) if my DH had fathered a child I was unaware of than I would be by an affair I was unaware of. A child is a MUCH bigger deal. This would be a sibling to my children. I would therefore also bear some responsibility and I would be darn sure that my DH lived up to his, not just finacially but emotionally. There is a lot more to being a father than money and I couldn't respect a man who took it lighthly. I would also believe that, as this was a child with a link to my children, I had to be in on the conversation of how to best meet everybody's needs. An affair with a child also suggests a more emotional and long-term relationship that would be terribley painful for me. Sex is sex and I would get over that betrayal eventually but spiritual betrayal is another and I would not be so resilient in the face of it. Woman and men may present psycopathologhy in different ways, with women using sex for power and men using money. I don't think there is mush diffence between the two, just in the tools they use. One can avoid the problems by avoiding the psycopaths. It's a fine day Greg. The sun is shinning, and my new greenhouse is up. I am not thinking about how I can screw my husband out of his wealth but rather sharing a cup of coffee on the deck while listening to world wake up,

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I heat you! I would be too! If my wife had a child from an affair, that is...

But stay with my central point... and that is, there are bizzilions of affairs! The reason this has taken off for Edwards and Arnold the way it has is that in this case the participants did not abort the child.

Please Read my next post.