Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shale Gas in the News

The economics, or lack thereof, of Shale Gas plays is making its way into the news.''

Lots of serious folks on Wall Street felt this was the case, including yours truly. But no story makes its way into the MainStream Media without being bought and paid for.... and somebody was buying a great deal of space to convince the public and our officials of something many people, like me, thought was simply not the case.

The irony is that the economics would improve, and might even make sense, if the propaganda had not been so successful... or I might be all wet. This is just a suspicion of mine; just a watered down hypothesis. After all... The fact is that there is a great deal of Nat Gas in Shale plays... but it might be an economic sink, or worse, an energy sink. If it is an energy sink, it matters little how much gas exists in these plays... if an economic sink, higher Nat Gas prices will change the things somewhat.  Either way, Shale Gas ain't wearing a red cape and leaping over tall buildings to save the day for our industrial society - even if it makes some folks rich.


Sometimes, problems present themselves for which there are NO SOLUTIONS. Af-Stan is just one of these.

War, as it existed for centuries, has been "won" killing everybody on the other side. Is this really a viable option for liberal democracies at this time in history? I absolutely loved hearing the president call it as it is... that we are not able to pacify all of Af-stan and that it is not possible to make Af-stan a "perfect place". Its sad, its horrible, its depressing... it is what it is... the world is not a perfect place. Best thing we can do?... We The People had best work on making sure that their issues don't spread here.

Tongue firmly in cheek:

Congrats to the Gay Community of New York! Now, you too can have the government involved in your personal relationships. A bigger Congrats to the Divorce and Family Law Bar in New York, after all the rate of divorce for childless couples is much higher than for couples with children, and gays just don't that many children... you gotta love the sound of the cash register ringing with all those future divorce filings. Just what we all needed, more congestion in our Court systems... Patience... there will be some serious unintended consequences... Just wait.

What a non-issue. Rather than getting government out of the marriage business, you knuckleheads brought them in a little deeper. People should be able to enter into what contracts they wish to... We have made family law such a cluster f*** as it is... I can't imagine anyone wanting to engage in government sponsored divorce terrorism EXCEPT for those trying to provide a stable home for children... and as I mentioned above, you folks don't have a great many children... but Congrats!


Anonymous said...

I support the Gay rights agenda because it pisses off the rightwing christian facists- a group who's values bear no resemblance of any kind to the values of Jesus.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

The reasons why you hate so intensely are mostly in your own head.

dennis said...

Shale gas figures heavy in the drill baby drill camp. Whats a extended cab 4X4 truck driving red neck to do? Guess I'll just have to get me one of them there government subsidies.

Afghanistan, what a waste! It will just be the exclamation point for one more dying empire. Ours this time.

Gay rights, all for them, but I think those special interest groups end up treating the symptoms, and lose in the long run. The real issue here is the extreme involvement of government in all of our lives. They won a small battle only to be sucked into a dehumanizing destructive inaccessible legal system.

Donal said...

Nobody's succeeded in Afganistan; the Brits tried in 1840 and 1880, Russia in 1979. All they received were bloody noses.

Welcome to the club!

On another subject;
The stunning figure is that America's $14 trillion debt is growing at $40,000 A SECOND! Wow!!

For me, the big Q is; What happens when interest rates rise?

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I simply must throw a yellow flag.

For some reason, it is acceptable to maintain a public revulsion for poor and working class white people, otherwise known as "rednecks".

As I often describe myself as "self-educated white trash", you can see why this might grate on me. ANd actually that description is only meant to poke fun at myself... my parents were working class, salt of the earth, wouldn't say "sh#!" if they had a mouthful, fantastic people.

I don't want you to think I am being sanctimonious... as I live in "redneck" country, and some of their cultural identity I find deeply troublesome... Kuntsler accurately describes many of them as "Mutts" with neck and knuckle tattoos and garb that can only intend to threaten and intimidate... but I have an intense sense of fairness, and we are Proscribed from making similar, even though accurate, characterizations of other groups...

I respectfully submit that we should hold all people's feet to the fire, irrespective of our fear of the politically correct.

MKR said...

The idea that gay couples don't have kids is not really accurate. Most of the gay couples I know have either adopted kids or conceived their own in scientific fashion. I have two lesbian friends/neighbors, one of whom gave birth to twins she conceived by artificially inseminating herself with a turkey baster. Live and let live - some people have kids the old fashioned way, some people have no kids some people have adopted kids... if the gays want to get married does anyone REALLY care that much?

Anonymous said...

My take on new shale gas propaganda is that the big oil companies want to shut down investment in the little exploration companies before the price of gas goes up. The Barnett field has been wildly successful. The rest are undeveloped, so, who knows for sure what the potential is.

$24/BOE gas will not stand while oil is over $100 per barrel. Someone will eventually invest in converting it to diesel fuel in a big way. The Russians are sitting on a big bubble of the stuff, and certainly would love 3 to 4x the revenue. Just like the dot coms, the investment community is not discouraging investment. The only well heeled group that stands to benefit from shutting down shale gas exploration is big oil, so that they can buy up the independents.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...


My take is that the Fed will buy bonds until there are so many dollars lying around that we'll all need hip boots to wade through them.


Coal Guy

dennis said...

One of the foremost qualities of "Rednecks" is an ability to take ourselves with a grain of salt. I love the outdoors, hard work, have some family values, and shake my head at what comes out of Washington, DC and I'm not too impressed with big city life. I'm perfectly happy with my redneck heritage.