Thursday, June 23, 2011

Americans Weary of War?

The Philadelphia Inquirer had this to say this morning on the War in Af-Stan.

The writer made the incredible leap that Americans are "War Weary".

Really? I hope so. But weary of which War? The 10 year old war in Af-Stan? The 7 year old War in Iraq? The 40 YEAR OLD War on Drugs? The 50 YEAR OLD WAR between the sexes?

WTF happened to us? We seem to have forgotten how to cook good food, make love, and drink wine. To enjoy the seasons of our lives and revel in the buoyant surge of just being alive, rejecting that philosophy and instead tuning in to watch Nancy Grace bite the heads off of chickens and Gloria Alred display the latest victim of some "evil doer's" sexual conquest (I always wondered where the Male equivalent of Gloria has been hiding - after all, there are no shortage of gold digging, money grubbing, leaches among the fairer sex... marrying for money, divorcing for money... or divorcing for a lack of money... he could set up shop in Boca Raton... the supply of "Material Girls" is simply endless there... not a set of natural boobs in the place... Wait. That's not manipulation, is it?). We have forgotten ourselves and our humanity and have filled our prisons to overflowing with non-violent drug users... and have taken leave of our senses by rejecting the health and beauty of youth for an extra 50 pounds of body weight kept cool in an Air-Conditioned mirage of Television "Media Rooms", Barco loungers, and anti-depressents.

It is a complicated equation that landed us here: Vietnam x Gloria Steinem ÷ Billy Graham √ Jesse Jackson ∑ Charles Manson to the 3rd power of the prison/industrial, marriage/divorce, educational/student loan Industrial Complexes.... or something like that. The other side of the = sign contains even more bizarre data - far too disparate to recount here.

(Now, the only sensible people in the West when it comes to enjoying the fruit of our existence are under attack from Maureen Dowd & Co. I pray that the French and the othe Southern European nations do not crumble before the onslaught of the "The Angst of Empty Beds and Empty Wombs" (that quote is my own, and I place it in quotations as it is the title of a long essay I am writing). Anything for a perceived political gain, eh Maureen?)

America's "Make War, not Love" culture has put billions into the pockets of weapons manufacturers, Law Enforcement and Prison Budgets, Lawyers of all persuasions, Politicians, and a cadre of other miscreants... while most of our wineries are going bust. Clearly, something is wrong with that equation... what's that you say? I mentioned wine twice? Mai Oui! I like wine! (and great food, and great sex... what kind American am I?)

Are Americans really ready to Make Love not War? Not with Gloria Alred on duty.


tweell said...

Americans have had the war attitude for generations now. First there was the siege mentality of the Great Depression, then WWII. Next came the Cold War, with the Korean and Vietnam hot interludes. By the time Reagan and company had tricked the Soviets into imploding, we'd been at war for over two generations.
War has been immensely profitable for the elite, never mind the stress on us that was second only to the poor Soviet people. It was no trick at all to keep the pressure coming and the dollars flowing, especially when there's no Americans left who can remember what a time without that pressure was like.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Very well said.

Donal said...

I wouldn't worry about the French, especially in the south. Their women are prominent in business, especially SME's, yet still manage to look feminine and act as women; none of that stupid 'women have big balls too' competition that happens in American and British offices.

As for Italy and Berlusconi, well, the guy may be an embarrassment but the fact is he still has popular support, ESPECIALLY amongst Italian women! As you colonials are wont to say,'Go figure'!