Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving Right Along...

When things get slow in the world, along with energy, markets, and the politics of these 2 I can't help but point out the stunning level of propaganda and the sordid attempts by Special Interest Groups to manipulate  and influence the public. It simply boggles the mind. Well, if you think about it does.

Wall Street, Banks, the Military, Feminists, Ethnic Groups, Trade Groups, Municipal Employees, Religious Organizations, the Clergy, Law Enforcement... the freaking list of propagandists seems endless.

No article having to do with government funding, payrolls, or contracts makes its way into the Main Stream Media without sponsorship. Never. Nunca. Not under any circumstance. They are bought and paid for, sometimes with blood money.

There are no sacred cows here at the American Energy Crisis. I am not running for office, so I don't need your vote. I don't need a job, so I don't have to worry about human resources searching me out. 

I have been noodling a few things... stay tuned... in the mean time, here's George Carlin at his best.


Stephen B. said...

What makes you think you don't eventually have to worry about the govt., if not sacred cows and HR?

DaShui said...

My favorite scam is the zoning scam, that separates work and residential. Which means one has to buy a house, therefore pay property tax, mortgage, insurance. Then one has to buy a car to get to work, pay gas tax, pay insurance, pay car tag tax......

Anonymous said...


Request for ya. Do a piece on fracking and natural gas and how it plays into the energy crisis. Very interested to hear your take on it.

I have learned to be very skeptical about magical solutions to all our energy problems. But this one seems like it might have legs if you can get past the environmental effects. Something they have managed to do in Canada of all places.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I love that! Thanks for pointing that out.

Stephen B:

Who knows? But I doubt it... still, at the risk of sounding self-important (and I truly am not)... the truth is that every blogger out there has a considerable FBI and CIA file... but I don't think they are too worried about me.


I think fracking has a great future, and has put off the worst for several years... I don't have enough data (or time) to do a proper analysis... perhaps you could post a request at

tweell said...

The sad part is that the news has always been about special interest groups. The amount of information available via the internet is much greater and easier to access than going into libraries and other archives, it makes pulling back the curtain and looking at the backstage puppet handlers only a moderately difficult task at best. Before, the MSM was able to tell any story it wanted and have little worry about being caught. Hearst was able to start a war with Spain. The New York Times still proudly displays a Pulitzer for their series praising Uncle Joe Stalin and the USSR.
I hope that as more people become accustomed to getting their news for themselves instead of being stuck with the newspaper and TV, the more blatant manipulators will be seen for what they are.