Monday, December 15, 2008

This is a Democracy, not an Aristocracy

Caroline Kennedy has thrown her hat into the ring to be appointed to the U.S. Senate as the junior Senator from New York. 

Good Grief.  I am as close to vomiting as one can be without running for the bathroom.  Just read how these journalists fawn all over this poor little rich girl.

Look.  I am sure she is a nice person.  Well educated, polished, blah, blah blah.  

I have had enough of the Bushes, Clintons, Kennedys, etc... Are there really no other bright, charming, talented folks in New York?  Why don't we just get rid of this messy election process of ours and just give the Kennedy's an inherited title to the various positions of power? Duchess of New York, Baroness of Hyanis Port... something regal to go with Caroline Kennedy's well born position.

Thousands of Americans died fighting an Aristocracy as well as every other despot, dictator, goofball and squalid criminal that seem to dominate the many nations in our world, yet we seem only to happy to install our own Royalty (with the help of the media.  Remember Camelot?).

Thank you for your kind offer, Ms. Kennedy.  Nice pearls.  Sensible shoes.  But what the people of New York and the Nation need is a Senator that lacked the trust fund and opportunity as a birthright that a fine example of the upper crust such as yourself has only known.  Why do we continue to install those who have never carried a lunch bag to work to understand and legislate for the benefit of working people everywhere?

This is America.  Where people make their money the old fashioned way, they inherit it.  Ms Kennedy has some pretty impressive liberal credentials.  Want to impress me?  Give away ALL of your inherited wealth and trust funds to those less fortunate.  THEN I will be impressed.  

Out there, right now, is a Democrat who worked their way through City College, or started a business from scratch, who is not a lawyer or an investment banker or a stock broker, who has real, nitty-gritty experience, and some spine, maybe a woman, maybe a person of color, maybe a white guy war hero with balls of steel... who knows?  Whoever they are, they deserve to be the next Senator from New York far more than a pleasant former debutante with more money invested in her pearls than the average New Yorker had invested in their formal education.

Ah, but what does a working class sot like me know?  Ms. Kennedy can raise oodles of money for the Democrats.  Isn't that what this is all about?  Oh, I forgot.  We have "Change We Need" in Washington.  Another Kennedy.  Change.  Puke.

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Jackpot said...
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Anonymous said...

Man, do I agree with that! Enough already! John Kerry, big man of the people who can't distinguish between and the poor slobs getting their butts shot off in Iraq and the politicians who sent them there. The Kennedys, reckless white trash with money. Big fat Al Gore with his 10,000 sq foot house telling me how poor I need to be. Please, let just one of them write that big check!!!! They are more than glad to have my money taken at gun point.

As for the Republicans, the Bushes and Romneys and Doles, at least they don't BS us as much about where they stand, but they are no better. They are for the big boys. Period.

Phil Graham and Barney Frank ought to be strung upside down by their short hairs facing each other. Both equally and oppositely complicit in the credit mess.

What ever our electoral system does, it certainly does not fill the 537 elected federal offices with the best and brightest.


Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Easy on the "White Trash" aspersion. I refer to myself as "self Educated, White Trash".

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

We don't need to get into a contest comparing relatives. We chose to ( and also my parents ) lead decent lives and take care of our families instead of wallowing in the alcohol and mud. If the Kennedys didn't have piles of money and influence lying around to bail themselves out, half of them would be behind bars. As you've said, it's a personal choice.

I heard once that morals were for the middle class. The poor can't afford them and the rich don't need them. Maybe its true.

Best wishes,

Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I was just kidding my friend. You could not offend me by stating the facts.

And yes, it is true that each of us is a sovereign person. Neither should we be credited with our ancestors talents, not shamed with their faults.

Anonymous said...

I know.

I think we should run a pool betting on the first one of these bozos to say "Let them eat cake." They are just about that detached.


Coal Guy