Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spin, Spin, Spin

I continue to get sick, reading the published reports of Caroline Kennedy seeking to be appointed Senator.    Man, read this link!  You can't make up sh-t like this.  The liberal press is swooning at her feet.  Just read the articles.  You or I couldn't buy this kind of press under any circumstances.  Being the daughter of an assassinated president does not qualify her, nor does it make Ms. Kennedy more deserving.  

If Caroline Kennedy had campaigned for office and won - more power to her.  The people would have spoken.  When APPOINTING someone to high ELECTED office it would seem there are far more qualified New Yorkers than Ms. Kennedy.  

If the DNC wants to appoint her chairperson because of her fund raising prowess among the New York liberal elite - well, that is their business.  Bunch of elitist creeps anyway.  Might as well fill the slot another slapped ass rich kid (think Howard Dean).

New York State is in the midst of a financial disaster.  Many people in the state are on public assistance, and the local economy is f*&^ing doomed... Yet what the Liberal Elite tell us is that we need another Kennedy in the Senate and that this particular Kennedy is qualified because she sold a couple of books (somehow I don't think her name helped at all in selling those books... do you?).

When I read this stuff, I DESPAIR for my country.

Let us hope Governor Paterson does not continue this legacy of privilege.  There is no place for nepotism in a Democracy.

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Anonymous said...

OK. Now the left and right are equal. The Repugs fielded Palin. The Dems fielded Caroline Kennedy.

How about we start ignoring the screaming from the far right and the screaming from the far left and start trying to find common themes in the US. Our survival is in the balance here, folks.

I am so sick of this of this constant liberal-conservative sniping. It is diverting energy away from the real issues that we need to come together on.

So many of us have known (many)old friends or family members who we agree with on almost every issue. Then that person starts listening to "conservative" talk radio and before long that person is angry and impossible to even talk to. They see "liberals" behind every tree and are full of hate and suspicion toward anyone who might question Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

And the lefties are now busy exhibiting their ignorance of all matters related to the economy.

Let's cut it out. We have a lot of work to do in the US.

End of rant.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Sorry bro, this ain't a left/right rant. This is a working class/privilege class rant.

tweell said...

Equal? Palin is a working class mom, who got where she is by her own, not because her dad was JFK. Palin was running for office, C. Kennedy is trying to bypass all that. Talk about apples and oranges!