Saturday, December 6, 2008

"I am from the Government and I am here to help you" -LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

"We aim to have votes next week on a responsible plan to help the millions of Americans who rely on a healthy auto industry for their livelihoods," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in a statement today.

While they are at it, I say they should repeal Death and Taxes. Hey, that has as much of a chance to happen as a healthy auto industry.


A Boston Area State Trooper gave a speeding ticket to a couple on the way to the hospital - the wife was in labor and gave birth to a healthy baby girl 5 hours later. No word on the name of the Nazi that gave them the ticket. I think an example should be made out of him, for putting the lives of the mother and child in danger... but he will probably get a commendation from his SS superiors. How these guys live with themselves is beyond me.


A Connecticut man has been in prison for 20 years, with 40 to go, convicted of a murder that it now appears was the work of a registered sex offender.  Thank G-d we pay our taxes and have the Constitution and all those nice folks in law enforcement and justice to protect us.


Here comes my PERSONAL favorite:

Where is the Left now?  Didn't you guys support this guy?  How can it be ANY HELP WHATSOEVER for the energy crisis and the climate crisis to build more roads?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  

Where is the outrage?

I told you this would happen.  We need ELECTRIC RAIL.  We need water transport.  We need a lot of things, maybe even windmills for all I know, but we certainly do not need to build out ANYMORE infrastructure to run private automobiles with.

Earth to Mr. President-elect:

We have a buyers strike on cars in the U.S.  Notice anything that the Big 3 have been saying?  We don't need as many miles of roads because we won't be driving as many total vehicle miles as we used to, and freight is going to make its way on to trains and ships irrespective of the "Trucker's Lobby".  Get a grip.

This was just today's news.  I just wanted to make the point that our government has run amok.  Our economy is collapsing, our energy security is a disaster, our grain inventories are frightening... no problem!  We'll just distract everybody by lynching OJ Simpson!  He had it coming, anyway!  (BTW... do you know what OJ's Las Vegas trial and imprisonment is going to cost the very broke State of Nevada?  Millions!  Boy, I feel so much safer with that septuagenarian behind bars for 33 years.  And I just get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that my federal, state, & local governments know how to spend my hard earned tax dollars... WHEH! What a relief.)

This is the very definition of fiddling while Rome burns.

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Rallies are to be sold into.


bureaucrat said...

Normally it is the dingbat parents who seem to have no problem hitting the gas when mommy is in labor, thinking that no horse will be spared & no crash is expected, cause we have to get mommy and baby to the hospital no matter what. This is the same mindset that thinks it is "festive" and exciting to have a thousand people waiting in the cold outside a WalMart so they can all charge in at 5am and get that laptop for half off, trampling someone in the process. This crazy idea that no expense will be spared, no time will be wasted, no street will not be plowed, is related to the energy & economic situation. We just can't stop ourselves from spending and being in a hurry, no matter how less important it really. As a result, we are poorer, more in debt, less safe, unprepared for REAL emergencies, and hurt people in the process. Thank GOD for government that slows us down and normally protects us from con men! ;)

Anonymous said...

>Thank GOD for government that slows us down and normally protects us from con men! ;)<

The only problem here is that the con-men and the govt have now joined forces.

I wonder why my elderly dad in the $8000/month nursing home is being fed 13 different drug prescriptions (just the copay is $400/month). I can't get the number of prescriptions reduced no matter what. Of course the answer is that medicare is so badly corrupted that they allow the big pharma to prey on the situation and charge it all to the taxpayer. Pure corruption.

Ditto the same corruption is going on at the DOD.

Anonymous said...

And the pigs wonder why we have no respect for them. They're often nothing more crypto-fascists with badges, acting as revenue-collectors for the state. If anyone doubts this then you ought to ask why the pigs tend to pick off people speeding on relatively quiet roads where the speed probably isn't going to be a factor in any accidents.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

You know who:

1. Fed the Christians to the Lions in Rome, and nailed Jesus to the Cross?
2. Sicked the dogs on the Civil Rights marchers in Selma?
3. Led the Jews to the Gas Chambers?
4. Murdered 20 million Soviet citizens under Stalin?

The "Authorities", or whatever you want to call them. In every culture there are and will be people that are willing do the dirty work, being the muscle for those in power.

That's just the way it is.

Maybe it is better than the alternative. Still, we citizens must recognize that a "necessary evil" is still evil.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Greg. The violence perpetrated by the Government against their own people absolutely dwarfs that of any criminal gang or even war. Especially considering that some government always declares war on another causing millions of deaths to their own populace in the process. But hey, you don't have to even look at the government to see that the people you have to be afraid of are the ones in charge.
Doctors kill more people than terrorists (in US 3,000 people die in preventable medical deaths every five days). Every five days another 9/11 and yet we know where every one of those doctors lives. Why don't we go and round the whole lot of them up :-) More people die of legal drug prescriptions then from overdosing on illegal drugs.

People lose far more money to Wall Street, banking and corporate malfeasance than to any criminals. I personally don't know anyone who had their house burglarized but I know lots of people who lost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the markets. I am one of those.

Chuck H.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Royce (noted libertarian and gun rights advocate) wrote that governments have killed far greater numbers of people than criminals. This is precisely why we must resist any efforts to put limitations on the rights of law-abiding citizens with regards to firearms.

Does the average citizen know, for example, that the Gun Control Act of 1968 actually used the Nazi gun control laws as a model?

bureaucrat said...

Ahhhh, the rantings and ravings of old men who no one listens to, thereby necessitating the invention of the "blog," where anyone can pretend to be Tom Brokaw, and facts are optional.

Let's see what mismash we have here ...

Your dad is being given 13 prescriptions cause he has 13 problems, and if you want him to stay alive and not be in pain, that's what you do.

Medicare (and Social Security) comprise two huge parts of the Federal budget, and NO ONE would ever want them to be cut, and both of them never will.

As one Federal employee crypto-fasist revenue collector (sometimes) person, I can guarantee that we have neither the time, energy or concern to "enslave" such a bunch of no-nothing crybabies such as many of the American people are. You all deserve your energy crisis.

Yes, we cause wars. Um, that's to stop the "gas chamber" thing. Some governments just don't get the message.

Doctors do kill people, especially doctors who are residents (1st year), who have admitted in surveys they kill people accidentally cause they are awake for 30 hours at a time, working for little pay cause you cheapasses won't pay for all your medical care.

Every five days a 9/11 ... sheesh ....

And finally, lost tens and hundreds of thousands in the stock market. Yeah, The Chicago Sun Times profiled two older people (in their mid 60s) who lost 50% of their portfolio, and why? Because they hoped that the good times would keep rolling and if they could hold onto their stocks just a LLLLLLLIIITTTLE longer .... stupid people taking big risks cause they think they are entitled to be kings and queens. No 60something should have that much in the stock market!!

Anyway, it's all ok. I will continue to serve all of you dreamers and paranoid maniac screwballs. Eventually you will settle down and see the light. :)


Nikola Tesla did not solve energy crisis- Nor Albert Einstein- SOLOMON AZAR HAS-period!
I took the ideas of many scientists the world has grown and finalized an ideology and experiment to end the global energy crisis with no greenhouse gases-That was the easy part-now i find myself trying to gain FAITH of my fellowman to spread this story-WHY-

for i did everything alone-a garage scientists who is successful- and now i need to be proven correct- so i come upon the fantastic invention called the net- invented after thousands of years- if not millions of the monkey race of man only to be ridiculed and bullied- like the jackasses that harassed several teenagers to suicide-

what i have found is disgusting and the reason why innocence is raped killed and beaten- why man goes to war over and over again- YOU DESERVE IT-

Truly- as a scientists and observer- i have found the reason for mans madness at times- it is meant to be- to antagonize and harrass each other- hardly any time to just relax in life- always on guard- WHY-

go live one day in nature and see how hard it is- technology is great and makes life far more stable- some grandparents alive right now that remember when the automobile first came out- the refrigerator- the television- medicine for this ailment and so forth-

and to this day half the children of the earth still die from simple drinking water untreated-


wars have always come and gone- a natural part of life to keep a civilzation the strongest- or die by your neighbors hands that keeps the torch brighter than another to find answers-

and now in a century man declars war to end all wars forever since ww1-ONE CENTURY NOW-

when will it end-

I am your messenger- over one year i state these words- you will never give me an ear to listen or an eye to witness until i give you a miracle- for part of your animal ways is giving someone attention ONLY after they do something for you-


you care not to help me or investigate my science deeds because i say messenger of god- thus- only true solution will never be uncovered as YOU are an ignorant and selfish creature that says you love god by majority in the world- yet- does nothing when a disciple asks for help-or anyone for truth- and this is part of my message- i have much to say- and you will surely understand if total economy crumbles and you lose your jobs-and go off to war- for many look for answers why afterwards-

but for first time in human history- a chance comes for peace without global war- your window closes very fast as the military pawns have been set and iran russia pakistan and many others are ready-

ONLY a messenger can create peace between the nations without global war- but it seems man is still a savage monkey race-not children of god- thus- let the lessons continue

bdrube said...

Where's the outrage on the "left?"

I submit that the terms "left" and "right" in politics lost their meaning on that briefly glorius day that congress-critters from the far "left" and far "right" teamed up to briefly defeat the hideous TARP bill.

From here on out there will be a new political paridigm, between the "aware" and the "clueless."
I actually think Obama is "aware," but knows that articulating the "aware" position is still political suicide. Hopefully, he'll begin the long, tedious process of educating the electorate.

At any rate, let's hope that "aware" become a numerical majority in this country quickly. It's the only hope we've got.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I LIKE it! How insightful!

I am going to use the aware and clueless whenever possible (although, I will only credit you once - here)


Anonymous said...

"...I can guarantee that we have neither the time, energy or concern to "enslave" such a bunch of no-nothing crybabies such as many of the American people are. You all deserve your energy crisis."

Gee, isn't it nice to know how our Federal goons really feel about us taxpaying citizens? I think this douchebag sums up the precise reasons why we need to limit government control. It makes me sick to think that my tax dollars are paying this shithead's salary.

bureaucrat said...

(Since it is the rich (top 10%) of income earners who pay the income taxes (67% of the taxes), unless you are one of the rich, I am unconcerned. ;)

Anonymous said...


You are not connected to the real world. And it shows in many of your posts.....

>Your dad is being given 13 prescriptions cause he has 13 problems, and if you want him to stay alive and not be in pain, that's what you do.<

My Dad is a 81yo dementia patient. He is being given 4 different drugs out of 13 which are recommended by the manuf NOT to be used on elderly patients because of risk of death or cardiac events.

High level medical opinion generally agree that any more than 3 prescriptions is damaging to elderly abilities to function. Of course there are exceptions.

When you go to the MD, do you not see the drug reps walking around like they own the place? It's $$$.

Do you not see the constant drug adds in blazing size & color in every media? It's $$$$$$.

Are you not aware of the Medicare Drug benefit where the USGovt agrees to buy drugs at cost determined by Pharma? No bargaining allowed? How could this happen? It's pure corruption to the core of our system. Again, it's $$$$$$.

Every notice the ads for PLAVIX in every media- probably a billion dollar ad campaign? This drug was recognized even by the corrupt FDA to be of little/no value and publicly announced as so. Still, PLAVIX is still being pushed in manipulative marketing campaigns and prescribed by MDs. And still making many many millions for pharma. It's corruption of the entire system.

Ever wonder why Amercans spend 2X as much on medical care and still have one of the worst public health system in the world?

Wake up. It's not about "medicine" to "help" people. It's about obscene profits however they can be pocketed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bureaukraut:
What the heck was that diatribe about? Before this I actually liked you. And I certainly don't need you to serve me. I left America to get away from you having to serve me and my family. You guys are doing such a good job of running the country and all.

BTW the numbers are 107,000 people a year die from adverse drug reactions, medial mistakes, improper diagnosis and hospital staff infections. These are numbers from 2006. Actually it works out to a 9/11 every 3-4 days. The rest was humor. Did you forget to turn it on?

As far as the governments being deadly to their own citizens you need to look only at Russia where Lenin killed millions during the revolution and in 1934 in Volga through stealing their food for the cities. Stalin killed 20 million Russians in the 40s and 50s in the GULAGs. By beheading the leadership of his own army he caused over 15 million additional unnecessary Russian military and civilian deaths in WWII.
Mao killed over 30 million Chinese.
Germans killed several million of their own Jewish citizens and caused a war which killed millions more of German soldiers and civilians.
How about America. Yes lets look at 800,000 people killed during the US Civil war. Which American war came even close to that carnage? Just one battle of Gettysburg was 42000 dead. The entire Vietnam war was 52000 dead.

That is what I meant by violence perpetrated by the govts on their own citizens is much worse than that that comes from crime or from outside their borders through war.

I don't know why I got upset at you B. You probably didn't understand what I was talking about. Unfortunately it is hard to talk slowly when you are writing.

Chuck H.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Yes, "Governments" do lot of killing. Leaving out wars, just who are these government types that kill their own citizens? Every nation since the beginning of time have had them. Folks who enjoy the STATUS of their uniform, gun, badge, sword, shield, etc... and then begin to identify with the "US" and "THEM" mentality. You see this every day in America with our Law Enforcement personnel.

Not that I know what to do about it. I suppose it beats the alternative. I was just making the point that we waste huge resources with little cost benefit analysis.

bureaucrat said...

I'm not here to entertain. I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to find out if Jeffers is one of that very small group of people out there who can predict the future, by interpreting history or whatever. I intend to capitalize on that (free) insight, and make money. And there is a lot of money to be taken from people who don't think, who are afraid of their own shadows, who are ignorant, short-sighted, lazy and sloppy. Some are even paranoid of government (like Jeffers) :). There is lots of money to be had. And I'm gonna get it. I already have, and I want more.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Just because I am paranoid doesn't mean they aren't all out to get me!!