Monday, December 8, 2008

Markets are always right

I have been as sick as a dog for over a week now, and in my absence the market appears to be coming out of its nose dive - at least for the time being.

Don't fight the trend, but don't overstay your welcome, either.  

I like, Gold, Silver, Corn, and even Oil, though I will have NO patience for anything but Gold.  I still am hoping for a flattening of the Oil delivery curve - but there is no place for hope in investing and trading.

I have an advantage in that my partner, the Mad Scientist, and I can smack each other around when we get stuck in a rut.  Lately he has been smacking me, and in my delirium (it is hard to think when you are this under the weather) I missed this last couple day rally.  Well, that happens in Bear market rallies.  BTW, Bear rallies can be vicious.  Just don't get caught standing on air like Wyle E. Coyote.

If you are not much a trader, it is OK not to play.

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Chris Goodwin said...

Does the Mad Scientist have a blog?

bureaucrat said...

The typical food store (like Jewel in Chicago) isn't going to take gold in payment for Parkay margarine. I have done some of the gold thing, but in a society that is going to be "economically impaired," what are you going to do with gold? Who is going to give you cash for that? Since I have Lake Michigan, I don't worry about water, but it would seem to me cigarettes and non-perishable foods is the best thing to invest in.

The Mad Scientist said...

Yes the Mad scientist has recently decided to dump his thoughts on the world directly rather than through Greg.