Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Sickening Pandering Continues...

U.S. politicians are an absolute embarrassment.  Hillary's "Gas Holiday", is nothing next to the moronic Senator from Michigan, "The Honorable" Debbie Stabebnow.  Stabenow's bullshitting and grand standing have taken the political pandering and economic communism to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Well, what else would expect from a Senator from Michigan?  Pandering to the folks that make their living selling 6,ooo lbs personal transportation vehicles should be no surprise.  Greedy speculators?  What comes to my mind are greedy, irresponsible, incompetent, arrogant, self serving, fat, drunk and stupid, full of shit people working in the U.S. auto industry.  Your SUV centric business model (and in the case of the State of Michigan, tax model) is irretrievably broken. Sunk.  Glug.  Kaput.  (Oh, and buy the way, smoking and being overweight is bad for you.)

It would certainly appear that all U.S. politicians Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, are willing to say ANYTHING other than the truth - the simple truth  that each and every one of us is going to have to make SERIOUS adjustments in our lives and lifestyles, that it is no one individual's or group's FAULT and that no amount of wind, solar, little green men.. whatever, is going to change that very HARD fact.

But don't blame the politicians - they are merely the mirror image of ourselves.  We don't want to know, and we cast anybody that attempts any intelligent analysis on the subject as a prophet of "doom and gloom".  We've become a nation of fairy tale "optimists" and "positive energy" jerk offs.  Folks, California's flaky yoga culture, which got exported to the rest of the Nation inside of Hollywood's films, just isn't going to substitute for the laws of math and physics.  Not in this life, or the next.  Not even in the movies.

I despair the American Body Politic.  Good people, before they got into office, are reduced to whoring and deception by the temptations and trappings of power.  Well, I got news for the political hacks running the train set:  You can't get a little bit pregnant.

(Frankly, I was impressed with Barak Obama's unwillingness to join in the pandering, but he, and the other presidential candidates, along with our Congressional "Leadership" (what a JOKE) are a long way from where they need to be:  LEADING.)

Yours for a better world,

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Anonymous said...

Yoga is probably the best thing to come out of California.
Flaky Grade B movie stars as viable politicians and (gag) statesmen is California's most poisonous gift to the rest of us. Mr. Feel Good Put It on the Credit Card Borrow and Squander Red Ink Reagan was probably the most lethal and subtle Poison.
Arnie is a distant second.
But, Hollywood has been so successful because Murikans like a good delusion rather than real life. A depression and the early stages of Peak Oil will be another bonanza for Hollywood.
Nothing to do but stay home and watch the box.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

My apologies. Did not really mean to disparage Yoga. I was just trying to make a point and make it humorous. But you got my point.

BTW there will be PLENTY to do, just most folks won't be willing at first. Don't worry, they will. Some things are incredible motivators.

Sean said...


This post really struck a chord with me-- arguing with the average person about these issues has left me frazzled and bewildered. From those I've spoken with, there are two camps: 1) the "postive energy" douchebags unable to process that their 1950s Popular Mechanics wetdreams of the future (you know, flying cars, etc) isn't going to come to pass yet still believe that some combination of solar panels or whatever will let them keep on keeping on and 2) the group that collectively must have an IQ of less than 75: "I heard from a friend's friend that all dem earl wells been capped off in the 70s and only need to open 'em up for gas to be $.70/gallon again but the earl companies won't let 'em since they control the prices and besides I know a guy who has a friend whose brother had a truck with a 200 mpg carburetor that GM took away from him coz it was a super-secret prototype carb that the earl companies bought the rights to in the 70s..."

The first camp cannot be talked to rationally, as they are "true believers." The second camp is either mired in some sort of conspiracy theory or believe that the envirocommies or towelheads are to blame for why they can't fill up their trucks "no more."

fallout11 said...

Sean, you really hit the nail on the head with that one (regarding nearly everyone falling into either the jiminy cricket magical thinking or the lumpenprole camps)! Not to mention making me spew coffee out of my nose.....
They just won't get it. Not even when they're sitting in a line of cars at some filling station with an "out of gas" sign on it, they still will not get it.