Friday, May 30, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Silverjet, a U.K. business class airline, has shut down operations.

While small, this latest casualty of the Permanent Energy Crisis is just one more example of why you should get your house in order. It is all up to you.

Yesterday's commodity market bed sh--ting is giving you an opportunity, IMHO. Use it wisely. "When you should buy, you won't want to."

The money in money market and savings accounts is the highest in history. This money is going to go SOMEWHERE eventually. Rather than guessing exactly where that money will go, I will have to follow the crowd for the moment. Brave of me, huh? Still, with the likes of Merril Lynch getting the Peak Oil bug, could really move the energy and precious metals markets, and, while I cannot give specific advice, the thinist market might be the biggest mover (hint, hint).

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