Monday, December 26, 2011

What We Have Become

Yet another plank in the diseased ship of state of the Left.

Young men of the gang-banger mentality have a new form of entertainment: Walking up to defenseless persons and punching and kicking them in the head until they suffer a concussion and collapse to the ground... and just what demographic is engaging in this repulsive behavior? It ain't farm kids from Iowa or suburban kids from New England.

Oh, the Right has its share of blame here, too... the War on Drugs has created a demographic of unemployable men that have abandoned their families to a life of crime... their offspring's only role model were thugs...

The Left and Right battle reminds of the a National Geographic photo taken of 2 bull seals on a beach so absorbed in their own fight that neither noticed the Orca coming out of the water to kill them.

Willie Sutton famously quiped when asked why he robbed banks - "cause that's where the money is". Really want to fix America's social ills? You gotta go where that illness is greatest. But it ain't gonna happen... the Left needs these votes and couldn't care less about The People.


"Correlation DOES NOT imply Causation"

Remember that one?

Clearly the "professor" of "Women's Studies" quoted in this article was MIA for her Statistics and Finite Mathematics classes...

In the first five years after the adoption of no-fault divorce, divorce rates did indeed rise, but the domestic violence rates fell by about 20 to 30 percent, and wives' suicide rate fell by 8 to 13 percent. So we know that divorce actually provides a safety valve. - Stephanie Coontz, professor of history and women's studies, The Evergreen State College

Sounds so right... the way all propaganda should and often does.

Dear Ms. Coontz: You provide only your putative "benefits" of the issue... what of the costs? Children from broken homes suffer from poverty and mental illness in vastly great numbers than the offspring of intact families. Does that matter in your calculation? I could beat you to death with this, but let's move on... Even if I take your data at face value (and I don't... when one is a "hammer" EVERYTHING looks like a "nail"... and if a "professor" of Women's Studies" cannot be defined as a "hammer"... who can?) as a college "professor" (SNICKER) you SHOULD know (and either a: you do know better and are simply engaging in outright propaganda, or b: you DON'T know... in which case you are merely another incompetent. Either way, you are a disgrace to humanity and are harming the women lured into your orbit of hate) that "correlation does not imply causation".

For example... anti-depressant use in middle aged women has gone from essentially ZERO to 24% of that population. Any chance that that had something to do with the decrease in suicide (you f***ing jerk)?

And domestic violence? Police response to a 911 call was non-existent in the 1930's and was few and far between in the 1970's... any chance that increased Law Enforcement had something to do with the decline in Domestic Violence (and domestic violence cuts both ways I might add... and women are far more likely to use a weapon). I am sure in your mind the fact that 24% of women are medicated in order to cope is entirely the fault of rampant paternalism and misogyny in our society... but is there any chance that an unintended consequence of rising divorce rates and the refusal of 50% of the population to marry in the first place is harming the mental health of women? Do you have any better data to support that contention then you do on your previously mentioned assertions? Of course not. You are in the indoctrination business, not the education business.


Christmas Shop(lift)ing and Competitive Materialism (I got that from my Physician in Miami... he was using that term to define the miasmic social environment in the Nouveau Riche cesspool of my adopted hometown Boca Raton).

Got that? Here we are, a nation of obese, petty thieves, judging the fitness of our political leaders by their sexual histories...

We are a nation so poisoned by the Media, Hollywood, "Women's Sudies'" "Professors", et al that we steal $435 per family (and that's just retail theft), our "inner city" youth punch defenseless elderly into unconsciousness, and our college professors engage in rank propaganda and disinformation.

What a world.


Anonymous said...

Quit focusing on the negatives of our society. For every bad thing that happens I'm sure you can point to an act of self-sacrifice and compassion. Try to balance your views or you risk being labeled as an angry white guy. Happy Holidays!

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I am (mostly) white... and these things do make me angry...

I do not feel motivated to post on that which does not move me... how's that for circuitous logic?

Rather than lecture me on what moves me... why not engage on the issues raised?

Greg T. Jeffers said...

AND... Merry/Happy Chrishanakawanza!

Stephen B. said...

@Anon, 8:18AM

Nice, racist shot there.

Working as I do with kids and parents of a variety of ethnicities, but mainly black, either of African American heritage, but increasingly Caribbean Basin too, of course I've *never* seen an angry black guy, gal, or kid. No, never, really. (I'd do some major snickering at you here, but my client-kids' suffering is too great to allow that.)

In reality of course, anger is all a lot of young black guys have left at all, owing to the bill of goods the world has handed them as a result of The Great Society program, etc.

What was it Gloria Steinem used to say,(but the original author is unknown), "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." ? Heck, she's no white guy, but even she was right about that.

Lesson #1 for Lefties:

If you care about anybody or any group, white male or not, you should be MAD AS HELL these days, quite frankly.

confederate miner said...

Until we can be honest about the differences between the races society will continue to suffer. Keep in mind before you call me racist. Most people focus the negative characteristics of blacks. However all races have their own negative qualities. As well as positive qaulities

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I have one overriding issue. Violence.

Violence must be rejected out of hand and its perpetrators shamed - be they government agents with pepper spray or a minority demographic. The Left blames the rich for our social ills... I blame violent criminality and social/family irresponsibility

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I also reject the idea of "race". What race are my kids? They have Asian, european, African, and native American ancestry. Here's what matters: my children have both parents at home everynight, caring for them and up every morning providing for them. Certain political groups asserted this was unimportant.

How is that assertion working out?

Greg T. Jeffers said...
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confederate miner said...

Now that's. What I call a badly flawed argument. You state there is no thing as race then prove it

by naming several different races. Like I said until we can be honest the world will continue. To pay for politacally correct programming

confederate miner said...

Greg different topic
Why isn't. Anyone taking advantageof the oil gas ratio!? I haven't heard of anyone including major gas producers taking any steps to build. Any gtl plantsand the talk of PNG is three years away. We already have the ability to export coal. Export the coal use the gas at the powerplant.I'm sure these energy companies utilities and transport company's could come with won win deal

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I reject "race" in favor of "demographic".

confederate miner said...

According to science there are markers in DNA of people to allow people to be identified. As people of a certain"DEMOGRAPHIC"?

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Con. Miner:

What do black Medical students/Law Students have to do with the inner city thugs that are playing "knockout king"?

Not a thing.

confederate miner said...

Sorry didn't mean to turn this into a blacks are less intelligent. I was talking more on personality traits. Though intelligence. Is also included. Many studies have been done and they actually show that Asians have on average higher iq's than some research .most. of our children in school ate taught about racism and equality by the same educational establishment. You disparage. Yet for thinking for themselves is not taught for that matter reading it seems. The egalitarian. Message sticks the three R's not so much.

PioneerPreppy said...

We are seeing the end result of feminism's infiltration and occupation of the civil rights movement. Brought to it's logical conclusion and Asian men somehow really got shafted and grouped with White men.

Victim politics needs an oppressor for justification and attacks on that specific oppressor group will always spill over into social violence by individuals.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Conf Miner:

I was most certainly not censuring you. This is an open thread - really and truly open.

We, as in we Americans, have some issues that MUST be solved - or else. We must be free to discuss them.

More than anything else, a discussion on how best to combat ANY form of violence in our society should be an ongoing co-examination. It would appear we are getting better in this regard... but outbreaks of incidents of "knockout king" need to be addressed swiftly and surely... and not just the justice response... we need to work at creating fewer "bad" people.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

PP: "Victim politics needs an oppressor for justification and attacks on that specific oppressor group will always spill over into social violence by individuals."

I am going to use that early and often.

I also agree with your assertion that we are at the Feminist "endgame", thought outcome of that game is not certain.

confederate miner said...

I agree with your views on violence. It would be great to peacefully make a difference. However we must remember not all feel as we. As men we should be ready to make a stand to protect each other. Violence should never be taken lightly.

Chuckez said...

Not so sure it began with feminism, but further back with welfare. Welfare tends to enslave the benefactor to a life of expecting something for doing nothing, except to breed new benefactors. Modify/eliminate the system and things will change. Just a thought.

confederate miner said...

As you know I have followed your blog for a while now. I have no worries. Of you censoring anyone. You speak your mind without worrying about p.c. and that is very refreshing in these times

PioneerPreppy said...

Chuck, The welfare we see today is just another symptom of the feminist disease. I will not say the idea of welfare sprang from feminism but it certainly is a tool for it now.

Western governments waste trillions in a futile attempt to separate the genders and eliminate men as much as possible. In doing so they have separated us all along the way. Families, gender, race, class you name it.

tweell said...

Aid to Single Mothers (i.e. subsidizing bastardy a la Johnson) has all but destroyed the black urban family. I've witnessed a black gang-banger rabbit-punch an old asian man; it was happening a few years ago, just not as often. (He ran - didn't like facing someone his own size, even if I was twice his age.) Human jackals, ganging up in 'flash mobs' to assault, steal and destroy.
Don't be too happy about those farm kids, they're only one generation behind the urban thugs. How many neighbors of yours are on food stamps, Mr. Jeffers? How many broken families? It's happening to the rural rednecks, it's just taking longer. The middle class is squeezed by both ends - trying to keep intact families in the face of feminism and no-fault divorce, high taxes and higher college fees to educate their children.
Our rulers (we have elections, but the people running are carefully vetted, and if not the 'right sort' are slammed by innuendo and lies until they give up or cannot win) are running out of other people's money to give away and to pour into their own pockets.
However, trouble is also opportunity. We will have the chance here to smash the hold that our 'betters' have on America, to become the republic that we claim to be, one that believes in the Constitution. We can bring down the Republicrats, that 2-headed ettin that offers a choice that is no choice at all. Or we could fall to empire as Rome did.