Thursday, December 8, 2011

We Paid Big Money to get this *&^ed Up

Big Money.

The "Euro Could Explode"?? ROFL!!

This is what happens when you addict people to social programs and structures that are not compliant with the laws of mathematics. People start to actually believe that whatever condition is some kind of right.  

The solution for Europe is fairly simple... unfortunately, several more governments will have to collapse and the people humbled before we get there.


Is it War in Iran? I certainly hope not. This analysis is certainly worth considering.

From the article:

Nonetheless, at this point war looks likely. Under our political system, the side that can pay for election campaigns invariably gets what it wants. There is, simply put, no group of donors who are supporting candidates for president and Congress based on their opposition to war, while millions of organised dollars are available to those who support the neo-con agenda. Pundits used to say: As Maine goes, so goes the country. It's just as simple today: As the money goes, so goes our policy.
I am a Free Market, Capitalist/Libertarian... and even I hope to see The Powers That Be running the International money and banking system crushed before they destroy us all. Maybe the Fed saved the system to keep the world safe for future conflicts like this.


Pearl Harbor Day came and went with little fanfare... and that's the way it is. A political disagreement worth killing hundreds of millions (WW I & II) is pretty much forgotten in a single human lifetime... and for a number of reasons... not least of which is this:

"When strange peoples meet: First they fight. Then they fornicate."

My father spent 3 1/2 years in the South Pacific during WWII fighting the Japanese. Me? I am married to a beautiful girl from JAPAN. We have 2 children. Groups that insist on walling themselves off from others - dividing the world into 2 kinds of people - will continue to provide the fuel that stokes the flames of War.

Way to go.


I have several "go to" guys in my universe. "The Wise Man". "The Mad Scientist". "Einstein".

I had an interesting conversation with The Wise MAN ("TWM") yesterday. He's an older fellow (If someone my age says you are "older", well, you have had a long time on this planet to observe) who has spent a lifetime with a keen eye taking in the human condition.

Says he: "Everywhere I look, I see people accommodating the new reality, and some that are doing so in fact while pretending otherwise... but it is happening. The World just got a lot bigger... and that means our individual "world" has gotten a lot smaller. And it can get a whole lot smaller. We will adjust. Life will go on. But people's expectations are being adjusted as we speak. Many will have to humbled."

I love talking to TWM.


Stephen B. said...

But people's expectations are being adjusted as we speak. Many will have to humbled.

Gosh, I could have (and have) said more or less, that same thing.

I'm just hoping not to be caught in the cross fire as governments and economies resist the inevitable, break, collapse, etc., etc.

I've seen a lot of nasty people lately.

While it may not seem to be directly related to the crumbling that is our world now, look at this rather raw video of several "college students" at a nearby college (formerly a 2 year community college) and what they were up to last week (warning, contains *real* violence and extreme language.)

Dean college expelled the criminal and also the videographer along with all those laughing and standing by. Local police are persuing charges.

I'm not sure what is more chilling, the guy throwing the punches unprovoked, or the idiots that went along for the kill, knew it was coming, while playing up to the camera, one laughing all the while like a deranged hyenia.

That local college supposedly costs around $45K per year and you just have to know that loans and taypayer grants of some type were paying for all those losers to be there.

My point is, I think people that live in a spoiled rotten world are just plain losing it, in so many ways, as things get tougher economically. Morally speaking, people are becoming just as bankrupt as their savings accounts are.

Anonymous said...

it is a myth perpetrated by the right wing media that the Europeans are all lazy bums addicted to social welfare programs. The people who live in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and southern Spain are not used to lavish lifestyles and early retirements. They have been very poor throughout history and up until the last 15 years or so have survived largely on subsistence farming and agriculture. The problem arose when, after the creation of the euro, banks and financial institutions started lending money to these countries as if Europe had a federal government. If some banker gives you a low interest credit card with an unlimited credit line and says "Oh, you're Bill Gates kid? No problem" and you overextend the credit limit whose fault is that really?
If Chancellor Merkel is not going to allow herself or her country to be blackmailed by a bunch of banks saying "Bail us out or we'll destroy the global economy" more power to her. Banks and financial institutions are not the center of the universe, as they would like to believe. What will happen will happen and there isn't much anyone can do about it. And the people who live in these countries will probably go back to doing what they have done for thousands of years... live off the land and hope for the best.

oOOo said...

Good to see you back man. Englishman married to a lovely German lady myself so cant agree more with this post. On most levels People are generally fairly similar wherever you go. One of my best friends is Iranian, but left there back in the early 80's. Met his cousins a few times who still live in Theran and they are all lovely people too. They don't like what their government is doing anymore than those of the west like what our governments are doing. They dont want to attack the west anymore than any sane person wants to attack Iran. The world needs some humane leaders, not these bloodthirsty egotistical divisive monsters who seem to be running things at the moment.