Thursday, December 22, 2011

The People (of Israel)

If you have been reading my stuff you know that I am a firm supporter of Israel (as in their Right to Exist) and the Israeli people... but it is much the way I feel about my own country. I love what our country's - America and Israel - have stood for but am deeply suspicious of The Powers That Be.

Too many non-Jewish Israeli supporters and the Diaspora do not know what is going on in Israel right now. Israel is becoming (really has become) a Latin American style "democracy". A dozen or so immensely wealthy and powerful families are in complete control of the government - and its policies and military. The money coming from the Diaspora, fundamentalist Christians (this group provides huge financial and political support to the Israeli government... especially when Likud is in power), and U.S. Government Foreign Aid into Israel is going to further this small group's power and control, and has not (IMHO) helped The People... in fact, given the demonstrations in Israel of the feelings in the Israeli Street I think the temptation to pick fights and engage in military operations for the purposes of distracting the surge in dissatisfaction is very, very tempting.

To say that this set of circumstances is problematic, particularly at a time when Iran is so close to becoming a Nuclear Power, cannot be said forcefully enough. Yet ANY CRITICISM of Israel's government is met with a swift and brutal counter from those controlled by The Israeli aristocracy - Witness Ron Paul's treatment in the American Media.

This is dangerous stuff with some very troubling potential unintended consequences. The flavor of anti-semitism that I smell on some of the Occupy Wall Street folks is one of these. Its threat to the unique relationship between the U.S. and Israel cannot be dealt with in the same manner as other out-breaks of anti-semitism - precisely because it is occurring in the one country that Israel needs most at her side.

To the people of Israel: The American People support you, your right to exist, and your commitment to democracy. I pray you are able to hold on to that commitment in these troubling times.

To my fellow Americans: We must support the people of our closest ally, Israel. We must not let that support be used by their 1% to enslave their 99%.


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg! Glad to see you back. It always seems that the left eventually finds its way back antisemitism. It makes me wonder why there are so many liberal Jews I've heard this same line of trash from someone I work with. He's all for blaming the Zionist Elite. There is a lot of that around. I reminded him about Bushes and Bidens and Romneys and Doles and Gores and Kennedys. All are influential families that support the status quo. They pass their seats in Congress and Governorships from father to son. And they are all part of the problem.

If you watch the news on TV, Ron Paul doesn't exist. He leads the polls in Iowa, but ABC News mentions only Gingrich and Romney. Is this the F'ing Soviet Union??? It is surreal. Ron's got my vote if for no other reason than that. He scares the piss out of TPTB.

Happy Holidays!

Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Hey Coal Guy! Good to hear from you.

I look forward to discussing this with my fellow thinking people... this is a far more complicated predicament than given credit for.

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...

The ignoring of Ron Paul in this campaign season by the media (controlled by TPTB) is truly chilling and it's been going on for months. After Ron Paul came within 200 votes of winning the Iowa straw poll several months ago, everybody still ignored him. Jon Stewart even did a funny piece on how everybody was tip-toeing around his strong 2nd place showing - a must see if you missed it last August:

Stewart has in fact, mentioned Paul several times I gather from the clips I see on You Tube as well as had him on his show. (I don't watch shows such as Stewart's myself.)

The emperor truly has no clothes.

Amazingly blatant, TPTB are.

If Paul does manage to win a few actual primaries, something drastic will have to be done about him - suffer a heart attack, a plane crash -- I don't know what TPTB will do, but having somebody voicing disolving the Federal Reserve etc. won't sit nicely with the Elite (and I don't usually voice such conspiracy theories.)

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is too old to run for President at 76 years. He will end up doing to the Republicans what Ralph Nader did to the Democrats in 2000 and 2004. The Presidency is a job for someone in his or her prime - roughly 45 to 65 years of age. There is a reason that neurosurgeons, air traffic controllers, and airline pilots have to retire at 65. If presidential candidates can't figure out that applies to them the electorate will do it for them. The public is sick of angry old men