Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Anti-Chirst Was Here

Goldman Sachs the anti-Christ and a member of my most unholy trinity (along with the USDA and the Department of Homeland Security... come to think of it, I may have to expand from a trinity to some larger number) has been out of the news of late. Amazing, really. Goldman was unindicted co-cospirator Numero Uno in the European Debt Disaster.

These guys are like the anti-Johnny Appleseed... only the seeds they leave behind are cancer clusters. And boy, do they get paid well for their trouble.

Not that the EuroZone wasn't doomed from the get go... but with friend's like Goldman, who needs an enema?

It was Goldman (and OK, Lehaman/Bear/Morgan et al... but with Goldman as the Don of Dons) that helped Italy and Greece structure (read: hide) their deficit spending so that it wouldn't appear "on balance sheet"... thereby "maintaining compliance" with their Maastricht agreements (the guys from Enron went to jail for this stuff. Goldman? They got special dispensation for counter party risk... essentially getting paid BIG MONEY for taking no risk and, in reality, actually providing no risk coverage for those seeking such... but they DID go to Harvard... so they must be smart, right? Snicker...).

Not long long after, these doer's of "God's work" helped blow the U.S. financial system up with their contributions to high finance in the mortgage market as well as Washington D.C.'s regulatory and law garage sale.

We have the largest percentage of people in prison as a percentage of the population in the history of mankind... but not one guy from Goldman.

Because everybody works for Goldman. The Department of Justice, the SEC, the U.S. Senate... everybody.

I wonder if they'd hire me?

Prolly not...