Friday, February 4, 2011

Unintended Consequences

Here in South Florida, people are fearful of police officers every bit as much as we are of criminals.

And we should be.

This is just this week's news.

Florida Atlantic Police Officer held without bail for the murder or an "escort". Said University is located in my adopted home town of Boca Raton.

A Miami-Dade Police Officer has been arrested and charged with molestation. He has been pulling over cars with female teen agers in them and then "searching" the teens.

Drug dealer protection, extortion, steroid abuse, evidence tampering and fabrication, perjury... welcome to the Law Enforcement community here in South Florida.  Now I ask you, do you think its a good idea to let these guys mass up in gangs and then blow somebody's door down? They wouldn't lie to get a warrant, or about what transpired, now would they?

This is the natural outcome of over-empowering the police and stripping Americans of their G-d given natural rights.

What a disgrace.


PioneerPreppy said...

It was bound to come to this when we started allowing cities to field small armies in the form of law enforcement. These LEO's do not really answer to the citizens anymore. The chief or whatever is usually appointed which creates a buffer so the mayors rarely have to answer for the conduct of the force. Certainly some county sheriff offices are just as bad but usually the smaller the force the more attuned to the locals they are.

Anonymous said...

With some of the anti-gun/self defense propaganda of late about 'high capacity clips' and 'assault rifles' its interesting to note that our local police force has AR-15's in the trunk of their cruisers, and switched from the .40 to the .45 to be more lethal "knockdown power" and additionally use higher capacity 15 round magazines.

I'm glad your bringing attention to this problem--with overkill tactics, particularly the home invasion tactics--often times for situations where they could arrest the person outside the home, and then serve a search warrant in the daytime with the person in custody. From the stats I've seen blatantly murdering people via home invasion tactics kills more people than 'mentally unhinged' folks do. Additionally, psychological research shows that the personality profile of pscyhopathy fits well with law enforcement professions--so some of the 'unhinged' power and control folks will sadly seek out this type of work. Additionally, many military veterans--some with severe stress reactions are being put right back into active duty police work--with hyper-reactive nervous systems/PTSD type symptoms--with their "danger" button on--making 'accidental' shootings even more likely to occur.