Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Shame

The world is "outraged" by the violence of the Libyan government against its people.  Just "Horrified".

But not enough to boycott Libyan Oil... Or the Oil coming out of any other murderous, despotic regime.

Kill who you wish. Torture those you must. Just keep the Oil flowing.


tweell said...

See what happens when the world's policeman is taking a donut break?

Anonymous said...

Imbalances in Libya and greater ME are exploding at light speed. And these folks are used to living at very low living standards compared to the West.

US also has great imbalances but even greater dependencies & complexities. How will ours resolve?

Grindinly slow? Stair-steps (Greer)? Or at nuclear fission speed- like the USSR and like the ME presently?

Best, Marshall

Anonymous said...

Marshall, interesting you mention the USSR. Another empire that floundered in Afghanistan, suffered economically due to the price of oil, and watched as its allies (Eastern Europe) fell one at a time to popular uprisings.

Granted there are some huge differences. But there are also some striking similarities.


Anonymous said...

One of the ME’s big problems is they have an education bubble. So they have all these intelligent 20 something’s that are highly educated, with no job, no future and no hope.

It is totally unlike here where the intelligent 20 something’s that are highly educated yet have no job, no future, no hope and student loan debt they can neither repay nor discharge. Principally because our 20 something’s are distracted and don’t know that once they miss a payment their rates will reset and they can’t even count on the states normal usury laws, statute of limitantions,or limits on the amount of income that can be garnished from any paycheck they may happen to earn...


Anonymous said...


That will be yet another bailout pushed on the taxpayer. Many of those loans will never be repaid, and the banks are still too big to fail. Denying bankruptcy protection to these people is unconscionable, considering how hard TPTB push kids and parents to take them. Something will eventually have to be done. The education bubble is no different from the housing bubble, except that they make you a debt slave for life, with no chance of escape.


Coal Guy