Thursday, January 20, 2011


This is one of the most fascinating and thoughtful political analysis I have read in years.

Read it a couple time... there is so much here it takes a couple reads to put it all together... this is not a "Palin" issue.

More soon.


Dextred1 said...


This is a link to a article about the monumental waste that college is for most people. Well worth the read. A quote that sums up article "After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change."

Dextred1 said...

Then watch this video and laugh.

PioneerPreppy said...

Palin is everything the feminist hate. On one hand she is everything the feminist claimed to be all about, the problem is the feminist were really never interested in that type of success for women.

The feminist who got power over the movement were really all about entitlement and the ability to make any choice they wanted without the consequences.

While Palin is herself very pro-female she is not actively enough anti-male, and in fact does have some (read few) male leanings. This is the worst form of house slave to the feminist left. They also foam at the mouth when they realize Palin has had children and accepted the duties that go along with them, it rubs the feminist the wrong way as they are all about escaping any "duties" what so ever.

Palin's form of feminism is a danger to the elite feminist as it pricks the interest of the female masses. It shows there is indeed another way. One that is not quite so anti white male.

A gun carrying, child bearing, still reasonably good looking, supportive, successful, married female? One who doesn't cry out that her own race is scum or leaves her husband hidden somewhere ala Ginsburg.

Honestly I have been disappointed in Palin. She could be the greatest anti-feminist weapon ever if she would just openly push her form of feminism against the current NOW form. Yet she actually tries to support the current form as much as possible not realizing yet that she is actually an entirely different animal with a female base waiting to rally behind her. Her main step away from current female superiority int he form of abortion has won her so many "salt of the earth" female supporters think what a complete step to their concerns would get her.

Dextred1 said...


Hit the nail on the head. She is really the anti-fem bot.

My thoughts,

She is what we know as a strong Christian women in my church. There are a lot more of these types out there waiting for someone to get behind. If you would look at what she has done without bias she has had a very impressive life to say the least. The big city libs hate her, but all of the small town/suburban types love her. She is the real deal. The first wave feminists are mostly gone now. Sexually, legal inequalities, family issues with divorce, workplace, wages, Etc. I am not looking up the stats but this yr was the first yr women have pay superiority. Every metric of the original goals have been met. Like all special interests groups once they reached the pinnacle or goals of equality they splintered because they realized no one group can represent 1000's let alone millions of divergent goals. Many realized they are conservative and new counter groups to NOW are popping up like, CWA is a major one within churched women (which is larger than NOW). The numbers are striking even with women, 2-1 self identify conservative too liberal. I thought maybe the same thing would happen in the black community with the election of Obama, still could though. There are many self-identified black conservatives that vote democratic and have shown no progress in wage and job disparity in 60+ yrs of voting for lefty's. It is an easy argument to make that they have ruined the black community and yet no change in voting patterns. I think you are starting to see the outrage now when the employment numbers show blacks losing ground underneath a black president. They were talking about it on MSNBC a few weeks ago. I watched a link and some in the community are realizing that maybe the government is not their friend.

bureaucrat said...

Palin is a snake oil saleswoman who tells the people the nonsense they want to hear. Nobody wants to face the truth about public/private debt and resource depletion, and she tells them nothing is their fault. We can indeed have the 1950s all over again! Fortunately most of the public ain't buying it.

Anonymous said...

Why does this blog always hit the "left vs. right" battle over and over and over?

The real battle is not left vs right- it's corporate and authoritarian govt power vs the average citizen. These powerful entities are devastating the globe and stealing everything that is not nailed down while average Americans are simplemindedly playing red team vs blue team.

And meanwhile, the political system is paralyzed- which is exactly what the big banks and big military/industrial titans desire.

Best, Marshall

Dextred1 said...


I did not say I wanted her to be president. I was just pointing out the split within the feminist movement and also within the black voting bloc. I thought that is where my post concluded anyways "realizing that maybe the government is not their friend." The left and the progressive parts of the Republican Party are the force that holds us hostage to a federal beau racy intent on dismantling individual rights. I agree with you point, but at some point it is not an abstract of us v. them, but this specific Ideology v. that specific Ideology. To be honest I don't see how to work outside the system and effect any change and clearly that is a major problem. The election laws are so tedious and complicated that almost no one can run without party help and massive amounts of money. I don’t what the answer is. I would say increase the house to the natural ratio of at least every 60,000 which is the constitutional (30,000 minimum). That would be 5100 or so reps which would destroy any lobbying because of the inability to bribe that many reps. We could even double the house number making it much cheaper and easier to run. Giving us more access to our representatives and allowing more average people in the congress.

PioneerPreppy said...

I would be delighted to be wrong but isn't saying "authoritarian government power" the same thing as saying "lefty".

I have yet to find a lefty who didn't believe in massive wealth redistribution and control laws backed up by an authoritarian government. That is as long as the laws and such didn't touch them or stop the flow of their pleasures.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Perhaps you see ghosts and goblins where there are none.

I do not wish to see a Palin presidency... I am fascinated to watch the machinations of the Feminists in response to this successful, accomplished, working class female who rose to Governor of Alaska.

Anybody can be picked as a VP running mate... but everything up until that point should mean that Palin represents many of the ideals of the early woman's movement - for better or worse, that movement died and has been replaced by something unsupportable.

Perhaps you should read the article again and try to approach it without your preconceived notion of Palin. It really is fascinating.

Stay with me... I am going somewhere here in my own, roundabout way.

Dan said...

Marshal hit the nail on the head. Coming from the hard right I find myself agreeing with the left more and more. When I really sit down and think about it it’s not that that I’ve changed all that much, I’m still very much a traditionalist; nor they, they are still pinkos, useful idiots or otherwise deluded. It’s just that the small things don’t matter so much in the face of common enemies.

Stephen B. said...


The Powers That Be need a straw man to set up, something for the masses to fight over, and the Left-Right thing fits perfectly.

Also, I think people like to fight and get worked up over stupid things that don't really matter and again, the L/R thing is there.

Quite a few humans have some innate desire for Tribalism, and the L/R thing satisfies. The completely over-the-top excess of pro sports fanaticism comes to mind too (though perhaps that's because I've lived too long in the Boston area....I reserve the right to change my mind as I spend more time in rural, northern Maine.)

Some time ago I read something that I think was referenced here that pretty much made the argument that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, despite being at opposite ends of the L/R divide, actually had much in common in that they were anti-corporate, anti-centralized power, and pro-little person.

As such neither one of them ever got much more than a dime of big, corporate, labor, special interest money. Ron Paul did do very well in donations from individuals, mainly via the Internet, but that pales in comparison to what gets donated to the likes of the Bushes, Obamas, and McCains of this world. It would be interesting to see how much corporate/bureaucratic $$$ for a Palin national candidacy would would garner. I suspect if she were the Republican nominee in 2012, the Corporations would pour $$$ into her like no tomorrow too.


Like Dex said, you really hit the nail on the head regarding Palin, especially with her not being anti-male enough and anti-family, anti-homemaker enough.

I think a lot of her ideas regarding finance and energy are, frankly, as I said on Facebook, pretty half-baked at best, but she could really do women and their families an amazing service if she could just get out there and really explicitly tell women that you CAN do well for yourself, while also doing for your family and (gasp!) *husband.*

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I don't know what in my blog ever written by me would lead anyone to the idea that I support the Corporatocrcy that has been inflicted upon us.

Perhaps the fact that I blame the Left 70% and the RINO's 30% is offensive... but follow the money! These institutions are PERFECT for funding our highly centralized and overreaching Big Brother.

I have to say that in speaking with Dex and Pioneer they have opened my eyes to what is right there in our faces everyday.... and people that notice it are not evil for noticing... just because somebody has red hair does not mean that their opinion on the price of tea futures in CHina is incorrect... yet that is exactly the argument of those rebuking Palin and her supporters as anti-female.