Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Odds and Ends

"Those who structure their standard of living to allow a little surplus, control their circumstances. Those who spend a little more than they earn are controlled by their circumstances. They are in bondage.” - N. Eldon Tanner

Just Say No... to debt.


Seems the housing bottom is not in after all.  40% of the world economy, and over 30% of the U.S. is CONSTRUCTION. Anybody think construction can continue at the pace of the past 50 years?  Me neither.


Veteran money manager and Organic Farmer/Doom Monger gives his world view.  Great stuff.


We are losing our Civil Liberties faster than our minds.  Read this, and if you have time view the video link.  "Encounter Deaths" with the police are Simply outrageous.  This is NOT AMERICA. The data for police killed in the line of duty is at the Department of Justice's finger tips.  The data for how many Americans are killed every year in "police encounters" just can't seem to be found. Hmmmm.....



Here's a new, and timely, popular term: "Student Life-Debtor".  The article lambastes the "for-profits"... nice try at deflecting some guilt, but the entire system is an embarrassment.


Donal Lang said...

I get fed up of hearing housing 'industry analysts' tell me that underlying demand for housing is still high. I say to them, demand for better housing is high in Mumbai too, and Mexico City, and Lagos; the problem isn't that people want houses, it's that people have to afford houses!

There are many long term indicators of housing value. The two I like are 20 times annual rent (i.e. 5,000 a year rent = 100,000 property value) and average price is 4 times average gross annual salary (i.e. if av salary is 25k then av house price should be 100k). These are worldwide indicators. If values are above these, its a bubble.

Of course, when prices collapse they drop past the long term stable values because all confidence is gone from the market; people only buy if they are sure its a bargain, which often means for a small fraction of its former value. That's why there's such an overhang of unsold property; no one knows what it might be worth in 5 years time.

Meanwhile the banks (and the gov't) fight all ways not to mark to value, as they'd be shown to be bankrupt.

Interesting times!

PioneerPreppy said...

I read that 20 cops on 1 guy article the other day and watched the videos that the wife took from inside their trailer while the cops had her husband down on their porch.

Very eye opening stuff.

Dextred1 said...

"if the citizens neglect their Duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the Laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizen will be violated or disregarded."

Noah Webster

I think that explains it ;)

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I think it is such an outrage that each and every one of us needs to make some noise... the pen is mightier than the sword.

Anonymous said...

+1 Dextred. Very relevant.

There is an old saying that rats will leave a sinking ship.

In the case of the US economic collapse, the rats are seizing control of the sinking ship- not leaving it.


John said...

Jared Diamond is a moron. Michael Murphy doesnt know what he is talking about in regards to agriculture. Civilizations collapse because of multi-culturalism, not resource depletion. Every great nation died from this cause. We do not have convergence of seed lines in agriculture. There is more divergence now than any time in history. The soils in the USA are in good shape. Most recieve regular applications of micro-nutrients in one form or another. Think about it, if Murphy's ideas on agricultural production were so super bitchin, would not the free enterprise system adopt them? Yeah, right, we are too stupid and only dope smoking hippies like Murphy are "Enlightened". The problem with American agriculture is most Americans have no relationship to it other than consuming the product.
In regard to the police, it is inevitable they become more like goons, as we approach the end of all things. I long ago lost all respect for cops, and anyone who hopes to survive the coming catastrophe should do the same.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Don't hold back, bro... tell me how you REALLY feel.

Donal Lang said...

Hey John, never let the facts get in the way of good bigotry!

Let me guess; Tea Party, right?

Crybaby said...

The concept that civilization is inherently dehumanizing is nothing new - thats as old as the Bible. think of the story of the Exodus. The most civilized human society of the time was essentially treating humans like subhuman slaves, and the ones who were chosen by God escaped to become desert nomads. This theme is repeated over and over again throughout the centuries, and the various political factions in the US making noise like the Tea Party are feeling dehumanized but they are not blaming the right people. Its not just "the government" that's the root of all problems. That's too simple. In the US the kleptocrat bankers are much more powerful, and dangerous and are enslaving many more people than the government . Start blaming people like the ones who engineered the subprime mortgage crisis rather than the government bureaucrats who should have stopped them

Anonymous said...

I'm on my wifes family farm in Iowa. I have dug down into the soil and not find any worms. Also this past fall, the neighbors who farm the land, 450 acres, were planting winter wheat. I noticed there were no birds following behind looking for worms. How can you say the soil is good? Do you live on a farm, do any growing yourself or just one of those that sit in their homes watching fictional news and have no idea about what is really happening down on the farms?


K said...

American goons mistreating Americans in America has been an American activity for more than two centuries.

The last time I checked, Lincoln, Nebraska was still located in America. I won't shed a tear if the USA broke up into a bunch of independent states.

Then such police brutality would have an immediate and negative effect on the city or state that allows it. People will either leave, fight back, or become mediocre slaves.

Stephen B. said...

Wow, so much here tonight.

@John.. I'm no fan of multiculturalism either, but saying that civilizations collapse because of said "every great nation".... wow. The Mayans died because of multiculturalism? ....and the Greenland, Nordic settlers too?...rrrrriiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhttttt.

As for dead soil, I'm taking ownership of a 55 acre farmette in Maine next month. I've been gardening and farming most of my life on house lots and other people's farms. I know good, productive soil when I see it. Ten of my soon to be 55 acres have been farmed commercially for some years in a potato/grain rotation. For now, the neighbor/tenant gets to stay, but if I find that the soil is being killed, I'm coming up with a crop rotation, land management plan myself pronto and that guy is OFF it!

One thing that Micheal Murphy said that I worry about is his vision for a low energy future where we all live in small houses, with little traveling, appeased with electronic entertainment. Well, goodness knows, this here Internet keeps me fairly well entertained, but based on what I've been seeing in this society of mine over the past 45 years or so, I just don't think humanity has evolved sufficiently to live a life indoors, surrounded by abundant television, video games and canned music. Basically, too many human brains begin to rot that way. Technology is way ahead (way too far ahead) of humanity's mental evolution and it spells trouble to me.

As for the police video... boy, it sure did disappear from YouTube in a suspect way. I mean, it says removed by the user. Now why would that woman, who wanted the world to see what happened, remove it at the very moment lots of people started viewing it? And now nobody has a copy of it?

Wow, are we ever being played for stupid!

K said...


The video has been split in two parts-

Stephen B. said...

Thanks K.

I actually just found it myself, came here to post an update to that effect, but you have it already. :-)

I'm watching it now.

Dan said...

From what I saw the man was shooting arrows or bolts in a trailer park. Firing potential lethal projectiles in densely populated areas is generally not a good idea and laws against such behavior seem entirely sensible. So, when the police arrived he was engaged in violating what is probably a minor city ordinance. My guess is generally a verbal warning and occasionally a $50.00 fine. However, when confronted he attempted to flee. While we don’t have the start of the incident on film the police woman said running toward the house and the wife said walking toward the house, but what is not in dispute is that he was moving toward the house. This is where the escalation starts; and where it moves from a conversation to verbal commands to physical restraint. (I’m assuming it started out at a conversational tone because starting out at verbal commands when not necessary is poor form and usually counterproductive, though that won’t stop the dimwitted.) My guess is this is also when it moves from a verbal warning to arrest. I think all states have laws that you can be jailed for a day or two for any violation of the statutes, however minor. Though they are seldom used without a good reason if for no other reason than the arresting officer will have to explain it to the sarge who will not be impressed.

N.b. confronted does not necessarily mean argumentative confrontation here, it can just as easily mean asking “how’s it going? You mind setting that down so we can talk for a minute.”

Stephen B. said...

Both the guy and the cops could have handled this better from what I see.

Anonymous said...

Crybaby said:

"Start blaming people like the ones who engineered the subprime mortgage crisis rather than the government bureaucrats who should have stopped them."

The government bureaucrats were complicit. They aided and abetted. Big government is no better than big banks or big business or any other organization that gains disproportionate power. The only thing government was interested in was kicking the can down the road.


Coal Guy

PioneerPreppy said...

Heh.. The one's who engineered the sub-prime mortgages?

That would be the white guilt libtard progressives with such legislation as community re-investment and planned attacks on banks by groups such as ACORN. Perhaps you have seen the videos? Heaven forbid that the banks should run a credit check before giving out home loans or count child care as an expense.

Multi-culturalism is just a part (a large part) of the overall complexity that has brought down most great civilizations and is especially dangerous to those of Western origin.

As for the guy, I do agree with Stephen's observation. When confronted he should have not resisted. He was inside the city limits and therefore had no real property rights (I am sure he was renting as well). Any resistance or non-compliance will be met with force and he was not prepared for that.

Of course if a city has enough money to waste to have 20 LEO's able to respond to such a call that speak tons about yet another problem.


Sounds good