Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Brother and the Federal Bureau of Intimidation

Think you have "Rights"?  Sorry, that's propaganda.

How can you possibly have "Rights" if the government can charge you with a "crime" on actions they have condoned for decades, that will be tried in a forum that will cost you several million dollars to defend, against a foe with the resources of a government and the willingness to do ANYTHING (their standard immoral weapon is suborning perjury) to win?

The Masters of the Universe that control Goldman Sachs, the U.S. Treasury, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, et al, nearly brought the system down... and it probably was not a "crime"... but now somebody has to pay for their sins, and the nice folks working for the S.S., or whatever they call themselves (there is no difference between a KGB agent and an FBI agent.  These people exist in EVERY society and in every age... they are the muscle for the government - and they are absolutely necessary, after all they are OUR gangsters that society hires to deal with the gangsters in "private practice"... but don't think for one moment that any FBI personnel has any high minded view of the Constitution or your "Rights" as an American, or a fair and just outcome of your case) are out there using TERRORISM in order to force people to confess to crimes they may not have committed.

Welcome to the American Inquisition.

Well, in this case, somebody stood up to them.  Not only did he stand up, he went public. VERY public.   I pray for his continued freedom, and hope that this act of bravery is not overshadowed by the Wikileaks folks.  Americans need to take back the Rights that are our birthright.

G-d bless John Kinnucan!


bureaucrat said...

You are eating the cow food again.

No difference between FBI & KGB? So ridiculous I won't even get into it.

The FBI has around 12,000 agents, whose primary use of time is doing background checks for military academy applicants. In the case of criminal behavior, they win 98% of the time cause they prove in court some dope violated the law (where the accused has all the rights). Just being accused of something does not mean CONVICTED.

With all the "criminal behavior" on Wall Street in the last 5 years, almost NO ONE has been prosecuted for anything. Either the SEC/FDIC/FBI had no evidence, or someone (Bush appointees) was telling the agents to get lost.

There are lots of high-minded Federal people. For instance, we are high-minded enough to know when we are being screwed with no cost-of-living increase this year and next, when everyone knows tuition, property taxes, health care and some food prices are going up.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Then don't get into.

My very point was that with ALL OF THE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR NONE!!! NONE of the bad guys got prosecuted.

Why? Because they were "Too Big" to get prosecuted.

If you compare what happened in the CDO/CMO/Mortgage industry to insider trading... its like comparing mass murder with shop lifting.

Anonymous said...

Oligarch's and plutocrats rigging the system just adds to the concern of big government. I'm concerned about the continued progression toward tyranny, I'm amazed how people rationalize away all their 'inherent' rights. I suppose that quote about all political power being at the point of a gun is true. White collar 'mafia' using Nation states to pillage both legally, and illegally does more damage to the average person then most realize.

Most of the peasants are angry with their fellow Monopoly players who get a really nice deal, while the real culprits aren't their fellow players--but rather those who make the rules of the game, and the banker--the Fed/IMF isn't your benevolent Grandma in this current Game.

Divide and conqueor is a great strategy and so habitual graduation via statistically negligible fear mongering.

What happened to all the constitutionally minded democrats that cheered on candidate Obama as he gave speeches about repealing partriot act, and he was a constitutional scholar and how he was going to give us back Habeaus Corpus? It looks like the peasants are going to fight amongst ourselves as our country turns into some sort of banana republic, the new 'austerity' will likely hurt the masses the most, as wealth will continue to pool in the top .25%, Trickle upwards. Too bad we didn't have a real meritocracy, or a real free market--oh well ignorance is bliss.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Yes, indeed.


You are fascist. I got it. You would prefer a system that would convict 100 innocent men, rather than have 1 guilty be acquited. Seems our system was built the other way round...

We now have the largest prison population in the history of mankind - and you want to make it bigger... well, there are plenty out there just like you.

Anonymous said...

Yep Greg,

They'll convict a bunch of nobodies, like mortgage originators or analysts at Moody's that had to give AAA ratings but were denied access to the securities bundled into MBSs. The curdled scum at the top of the banks and their so-called regulators will never miss a night's sleep.

Great system.


Coal Guy

bureaucrat said...

Meiyo: Obama was a cry for help, nothing more, and he seems to have forgotten why he was elected. I'm not thrilled with him right now. Especially because we have no one left to really think outside the box and push for big (nation- saving) changes. Hillary? Maybe. Very sad.

Farmer: although I am a liberal democrat, I like the fact we have two parties essentially keeping an eye on the other side constantly. Fascism is a one-party state, which I'm not in favor of (Italy tried it and is still a mess). There are innocent people prosecuted all the time. There are also THE MAJORITY who saw their opportunity to rob and pillage and try to get away with it. They just didn't get away with it. :)

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Are you half asleep? On drugs? Are paying attention at all to what we are saying?

Crybaby said...

The government is working on a major insider trading case which is going to probably put a number of prominent Wall street insiders in jail very soon. As far as the Wikileaks founder, doesn't he seem like a major slime to you? Or am I the only one? Since the rape charges haven't been dropped he'll be going to the slammer too.
you're lucky to be in the US. You could be in China where people who petition the government are locked up in psych wards and drugged until their minds are numb and their bodies near starvation.

bureaucrat said...

What you and the others are very often saying conflicts with my version of reality. Nothing personal.

And, 've never had an illegal drug of any kind in my life (possibily including alcohol). I'm boring that way. :)

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I NEVER said I wasn't lucky to be an American!

What's your point? You think our criminal justice system serves the interests of justice?



Great title for the post it describes perfectly the state of the country.