Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boca Raton Pizza System Collapse

It is a sad day, indeed.

I have recently returned to my South Florida home for a couple week vacation before I return to the farm to finish the harvest, canning, and slaughtering, and to my chagrin I have come to find that the Pizza System in downtown Boca Raton, Florida has collapsed.

We live "downtown", if you will.  The only 2 pizza shops downtown, Big Louie's and New York Pizza have shut their doors.  The really sad thing, we unwittingly bought the LAST PIZZA from New York Pizza, and while enjoying the cheezee, gooee, tomatoeee, bread did not really notice that the proprietors were packing the store.  When we returned nearly a week later, the door was looked, and the table we used had not even been cleared.  They literally left and put the key in the door as we left.  Now the nearest Pizza joint is over 2 miles away, and they of the thick crust variety.  Oh, the horrors!

You see, this is far more serious than it might appear.  Boca Raton is enclave of Nouveau Riche New Yorkers - and New Yorkers are Pizza fanatics.  For the Pizza System to collapse here... well, the Pizzeria's landlords must have NEEDED to play hardball, and I would expect that high couture would have a difficult time in these locations... so I guess it is off to foreclosure for these properties... and no Pizza for downtown Boca Raton.

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Lenny said...


The same thing happened to me. My favorite I-talian restaurant closed over the weekend. It was in the building where my office is. My wife held my 30th birthday party there. It was northern italian focused-Val Da'osta. The food could be a little heavy in the summer but was always fantastic. I ate like a horse there. Veal agnolotti and veal milanese-everytime. It wasn't cheap, but was always good. Always. It had been around 10 years. About 5 years ago, the chef went back to Italy but it didn't miss a beat. The Ecuadorian kitchen crew could cook with the best of them. We went about a month ago and the owner had let go of most of the kitchen staff and was cooking himself. For the first time in 10 years I got a meal not worthy of the Olive Garden. My wife said to me that I had to tell the owner. I didn't have the heart. A month later-gonzo. This depressio aint no joke.


bureaucrat said...

We still seem to me swimming in it in Chicago. ;)

Anonymous said...


Say hit to Lou Malnotti for me. Haven't been for years.


Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Where's the love? Here I am, opening my broken heart, for the love of Pizza... and you, you... tell me that you are "swimming in it"?

Well f*ckadoodledoo. I am going through withdrawals, and will now have to get in bloody car to go get Pizza...

What the ^%$A7&&$!! is the point of living downtown, in a "walkable" community if there is nothing to walk to?


Donal Lang said...

It's true then; the End of the World IS nigh!!

So Greg, when are you moving to Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Nature abhors a vacuum. Pizza will return.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...

so you no longer across the street from Renzo's?

bureaucrat said...

I'm just saying your anecdotal indicator of the end of the world (usually you are an "empirical" animal) does not indicate that "peak pizza" has occurred everywhere. Though I am very sad at Florida's loss. However, you were so gung-ho about living on a farm, away from everything you can walk to. You can't have everything. :)

Donal Lang said...

....or you could see it as an investment opportunity?

About time you tried a proper job! ;-)

Greg T. Jeffers said...


That was soooooo 90 days ago.

We moved back "downtown". Those 5 miles were a nightmare for a guy used to walking and biking everywhere...

Coal Guy!


Yes, pizza will return... but in the meantime I will suffer through the expense of .5 to 1 gallon of gas to go and retrieve said pizza... and, frugal as I am... well, its painful for me.

I guess I will have to get a bike basket that can carry a Pizza without having the cheese all on one side...