Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Many of you have been watching the debate between Mish Shedlock and the inflationists.

Turns out, Mish appears to have been dead on.  Even if things turn back to the inflationary, it was an extraordinary bit of research.

Great call Mish!

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Bureaucrat said...

Deflation is looking more and more like what is happening, which is great if you have a job. Otherwise, it is FAR worse than inflation because profits disappear and jobs then get cut. I've been reading Mish since early 2007. Three cheers for suburban Chicago! (where he is) :) Now the next fundamental (I don't make predictions) I have to determine is either when do we get back to square one and start upwards again, or has this energy-constrained, over-leveraged, cash & credit-starved, aging, immigrant-hating country had it. Maybe I should retire to New Zealand ...

Andrew said...

New Zealand is heading into recession, with a stagnating economy, energy shortages and its chief export being population. Lovely place, but its no economic paradise.