Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beware US$ Interventions

This is exactly what I was afraid of... and obviously I am not the only guy concerned.

Interventions do not work in the long run, but they can squeeze your brains out every orifice in your head if you are on the wrong side of it.  This is why you need to be able to buy "stuff" (hard assets) when they are getting killed, not after it has made its move.

This market ain't for the faint of heart.

Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, it's a mystery to me. WTF is up with the dollar. I mean it is UP in Asian trading. Not down as it should be after the 700 billion bail out but UP! I don't get it. It seems counter intuitive doesn't it. It should be pummeled, beaten down and humiliated. But NOOO, it is bouncing cheerfully higher and higher. I am so glad that I don't know what the news is going to be tomorrow. Because if I did I would invest accordingly and I would get slaughtered. What would even be the use of inside information when the markets are so illogical?

Oh well, lets see what happens during the week. Should be another fun one.

Best regards,
Chuck H.

Bureaucrat said...

The dollar is still loved. This morning at 6am I awoke (oooooooh, when is retirement gonna beee ...) because I want to keep my job and get these "worthless" dollars. All my friends all want dollars (for their beer and cigarettes mostly). Any "new" American currency to replace the dollar will we a "weaker bill." So, for the time being, ordinary people love dollars, and that ain't gonna change soon. I may indeed make $165 today alone for 8 hours work. Yippee ... :)