Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Abortionistas - By The Numbers

Today's quote: "We do not have a gender gap in politics. What we do have is an abortion gap." - Greg Jeffers

There are a number of very sad FACTS that need to be aired out that never seem to see the light of day in the mainstream media.

There are 157 million Females in the U.S. as of the 2010 census report. Of this number, roughly 125 million are over the age of 18.

In my last post I stated 60 million as the number of abortions since Roe V Wade (1973). While that is probably a little light,  as not all abortions are reported, hard data can support 54 to 55 million abortions Roe V Wade to date. That said, I am sticking with 60 million.

Since essentially all abortions are committed by women under the age of 40, with nearly half in their 20's, most of these women are still alive - and voting. If 55mm are still alive, and had an average of 1.5 abortions, leaves 37 million women alive today who committed an abortion. Maybe its more, maybe its less... but that is a reasonable estimation. Of the 37 million, perhaps 15 to 20 million vote. What do you think issue #1 is for this truncate?

To say that there is a "gender gap" in politics is hogwash. What we have is an "abortion gap", with the Abortionistas voting overwhelmingly for pro-abortion candidates. The landslide 2008 election had a popular vote difference of 9.5 million! (69,456,897/Obama vs 59,934,814/McCain). With at least 15 million Abortionistas voting?

Given the above demographic and numbers, it would take a miracle for Romney, or ANY abortion foe/non-panderer to win a presidential election (popular vote). In fact, no open presidential election popular vote since George Bush the elder in 1988 has gone to a pro-Life candidate.

The odds that it will this time? Slim and none. Slim hasn't left town yet... but it really is up to a very small group of independents from 8 states. What they say, goes. Given the state of the economy and unemployment, a pro-life candidate that cannot win in this environment I think proves my case - and that is a voting block of 37 MILLION Abortionistas, even with the likely voter discount, is simply an overwhelming number.

(Ron Paul would spank Obama in this election - but that is for reasons very unique to this moment, and the Republicans have decided to lose.)

So what should the Pro-Life/Republican/Non-Panderers do?

They should take the gloves off.

We are never going to win these people over. As I have said before they have some critical piece of their humanity missing from their personal makeup and they cluster in self-reinfocing groups that has the effect of relieving them of their responsibilities and forgiving them of their crime against their own child and against humanity. They dare not confront the truth. Therefore, I would suggest a strategy of "no more Mr. Nice Guy". That we take these people to the matt and grind their faces into the turf. They need to be humbled and their crimes outed. Don't worry about losing their vote - we don't have a shot at it. Do not worry about losing their friendships - they hate us. They are the ones denying science and killing human beings yet somehow we are the "fire-breathing lunatics". Go figure.

If knowing if a politician cheated on their spouse is important (and I don't think that it is any of our business) I think having full disclosure of a politician's or political appointee's abortion history is fair game - and much more indicative of their character (Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton could philander to their heart's content - as long as the Abortionistas could count on their support there would be no political consequences). But that's not the point is it? The point is smash these people with the very cudgel they have successfully used on their opponents. Embarrass them. Question them. Point out the inconsistencies in their silly and nonsensical belief systems (the Right deserves its fair share of that, too).

This is war, and we have been losing. It is time to fight back with the same brutal tactics the Abortionistas have wielded so successfully. We have absolutely nothing to lose. We are not going to convert the Abortionistas. They are psychologically damaged goods, having formed a rock hard denial system in their teens and early 20's that they cling to to avoid the overwhelming guilt that creeps in at night. We need to cut off their supply, and let time do its thing culling them out.

We need to do a better marketing job to high school and college women. We need to get between these young people and the lies and imprecations of the Abortionistas. And we need to embarrass and confront the Abortionistas with their crimes at every turn until they crawl back into their hole or admit their error and be welcomed back into humanity again.

Or, we can admit defeat, take down the flag, and accept that the U.S. will now be run by people selected by those that would kill their own children and then claim that it was the right thing to do, that it "empowered" them, and that given a second chance they would do it all over again. The same people that demolished the family, poisoned the well of personal responsibility, and who work daily to expand their empire.

It is time to take the gloves off.


Anonymous said...


None of us want to touch this.

Stephen B.

Anonymous said...


As I've read your abortion posts, I have slowly come around to the idea that abortion politics really is as significant as you portray it as. Indeed, as I think about the political opinions and likes of many women I have known, the so-called gender gap really is an abortion gap.

Still, I think taking the gloves off as you put it will just scare the anti-abortionists of moderate heart away, and turn them off, rather than inspire them to step up and forcefully argue and vote their convictions.

I do wish it were otherwise because, though I also am not for turning the government loose on women who obtain abortions, as you say, the evasiveness with which the abortionists deflect the issue and avoid the moral conversation ("How dare you judge me - you, you, MAN, you") is just plain childish.

Stephen B.

tweell said...

Women have been committing abortion for thousands of years (the ancient Greeks cultivated tansy and knew of its properties). After all, no one has successfully mandated that all pregnancies be carried to term. However... at most it was a barely allowed option, never a condoned one like it is today.

How do we do this, how do we kill this evil philosophy destroying our culture? This is the prime sin of feminism, the murders of 60 million innocents, and much harder to destroy than Sauron. There's no ring to throw into the volcano, the task is to right our society. Shaming, shunning and educating millions of women who's self-image depends on believing (and spreading) the lie, acknowledging that they have done evil... It needs to be done, but how?

The only way I can see it possible is a collapse, where our culture can be rebuilt from the foundation. Are we praying now for Armageddon to come? Sigh.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Stephen B.

NO ONE wants to touch this. I have sent a fair amount of correspondence to friends that work in politics... they don't know WHAT to do about this.

But it is what it is.

More soon.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Jeffords- it's not that women are so desperate to have abortions all the time. It's that women want to be part of the decision on their own reproductive lives and NOT have these decisions made by rightwing preachers, vatican bureaucrats, or bible belt politicians.

And they absolutely HATE mean spirited domineering male blowhards like yourself that have a "my way or the highway" mentality toward women.


Anonymous said...

And what's more, Jeffords, these holier-than-thou anti-abortion warriors who are so protective of life don't seem to give a crap about all kinds of other human life issues like-

*the blockade of Iraq in the 1990s that resulted in 500,000 child deaths.

*the death of 1,000,000 or more Iraqi civilians because of US policies in that country.

*US drone policies that result in many civilian dead all over the ME

*US torture and rendition policies.

*These anti-abortion folks are the same folks who urged nuke first strikes on Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam which would have resulted in massive civilian casualties.

*And they are the same folks who want the world turned into a nuclear fireball to herald the coming of Jesus. LOL.

So when these haters are crying all the crocodile tears about the dead fetuses just think about the above.


Anonymous said...


When the pot calls the kettle black, the pot is right, no matter how inconvenient that may be for the kettle.

Also, your straw man argument is unconvincing for a multitude of reasons. Primarily because not everyone who opposes abortion supports the other things you mention, and the existential truth is independent of the speaker. In other words when some argues aginst abortion they are right to do so and it they then argue in favor of other other forms of murder they are wrong because the truth exists independently from the speaker.

Bty, you seem to be generally aginst torture and murder, unless the victim is too young to have a voice then your cool with it. Either you are full of bull or you really need to pause to think about what you believe and why.


Anonymous said...


Nobody said anything supporting the wars and mass killing done by our country and supported by the Right wing in this United States. If anything, Greg and many of us have made many, many comments abhorring all that horrific forgiven policy in the past few years or so.

Furthermore, just because I may disagree with a group or movement over one or more of their other positions, does not mean that I must disagree with everything.

I said above I do not want to unleash government onto women, but I am still free to say that when women say "Don't judge me! Don't judge me, just so they can go on doing abortions because it's convenient for them, I am still free to do so.

Damn right I'm going to judge people (women) who do something just because it's convenient, the same way I judge lots of people doing wrong things in this world just because it suits their own narrow needs, the hell with the rest of the world.

The mere fact that abortionists don't want to talk about it and scream down others who do, is quite telling in itself.

Stephen B.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Well, I AM a blowhard... and a bit of cantankerous crank AND curmudgeon...

I NEVER gave my approval for the wars and their collateral damage, capital punishment, police killing Americans involved in drugs... or ANY form of institutionalized murder/killing - not now, not ever.

While not a perfect pacifist... I am damn close, and I include unborn children with those already born as being sacrosanct.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


But I thank you for proving my point.

We cannot reach you. You have hardened your heart and your opinion. It is not up for debate. You do not wish to sit with me and watch the amazing 4D ultra sound technology of an abortion. And you do not want to see the dead fetus that results.

Because to you, all of that is NOT truth.

Truth is "choice". "And choice" just sounds better than confronting what is ACTUALLY happening to a human being with a brain, heart, spine as the scalpel enters the womb and decapitates this human.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Which "rightwing preachers, vatican bureaucrats, or bible belt politicians" raped these women and impregnated them?

Women have the choice to say "no". To engage technology to prevent conception. To engage in alternative behaviors.

After that killing their own child should not be a choice.

Anonymous said...

I meant to type "horrific foreign policy" of course.

'Silly phone over-corrected the spelling for me.

But like Greg says, we here have not supported all that overseas killing either.

Stephen B.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Your idea of libertarian appears to have overlooked something fundamental.
Are you in favor of slavery?
That is the impression many of the radical right wing seem to give off. And abortion is one of the issues that gives that feeling to the moderates.

And what is the involuntary servitude of one person to another except slavery?
And is not a woman seving the unborn child by carrying it to term?
And if they can not end that servitude are they not then involuntarily bound into it? AKA are they not a slave?

Birth control can and does fail, and rape does happen.

I fully support multiple forms of birth control, and feel any woman who engages in intercourse without consideration of birth control should reap the rewards/penalties that that accrues.
But before we remove the right to end the involuntary servitude of unwanted pregnancy through abortion we should first offer an 100% reliable alternative FOR FREE, and remove the rewards for those who seek to collect our tax dollars for both abortions and for those children that they bear but cannot support.

You are right the battle for 'pro-lifers' is lost.
They (you) need to turn your passion to offering an alternative to those unfortunates who do not want to be slaves -to their mistakes, or crimes perpetrated on them.
An artificial womb, with no right of the child to seek the birth parents, is an obtainable dream that would reduce the need for abortions to a negligible level.
Passionately trying to embaress pro-choicers will just get you judged as one of those radical right wingers who wants to start the process of enslaving others.


tweell said...

Slavery? No sale here, sorry. A man can be told that birth control has been utilized, or even just given a BJ, but has to give up 50% of his after-tax earnings to the woman (for the child, of course, but don't you dare ask for an accounting of that money) for 18-22 years. The man has no choice in the matter, after the act of sex itself. This is considered good and proper, any avoidance of this is punished heavily.

At the same time, the nine months for a child to be born is putting women in slavery, so much that murder of innocents is preferable?

The only 100% effective form of birth control is abstaining from sex. If you choose to have sex, you choose the possibility of offspring. That's the legal point where choice stops for the man. It should be the same for the woman.

Anonymous said...

And how many abortions were there before Roe vs. Wade? Numbers aren't published but its probably the same annual rate. Infanticide occurs in every species on the planet, and has occurred in every human civilization which ever existed. There is a simple law of nature: survival is more important than reproduction. Lionesses who have a weak or injured cub will leave it to die so they can focus on the cubs which have a higher probability of survival. Pregnant bears who lack sufficient fat stores will resorb their fetuses so as to prevent pregnancy which would threaten their own survival. Check out fetal resorbtion - nature's own safe, legal abortion. Primitive hunter gatherer tribes which lacked sufficient resources will sacrifice the life of an infant to protect an older child who has a higher chance of making it to adulthood. Sadly, there will always be unwanted pregnancies and there will always be ways to get rid of them.

Buzzingstreet said...
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