Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Abortionistas

If you have been reading my blogs for some time you might want to skip this post - I am not covering much new ground. If you are linking here from Facebook or somewhere else in one of my previous manifestations of existence, and you have thin skin and sensitive ears - this would be an excellent time to navigate away as This is going to be brutal. You have been warned.

If, on the other hand, you decide to read on... feel free to debate the issue! However, insults and invective will be deleted forthwith... so don't waste your breath.

Before I begin I hope you will consider the parable, The Fox without a Tail from Aesop's fables:

It happened that a Fox caught its tail in a trap, and in struggling to release himself lost all of it but the stump. At first he was ashamed to show himself among his fellow foxes. But at last he determined to put a bolder face upon his misfortune, and summoned all the foxes to a general meeting to consider a proposal which he had to place before them. When they had assembled together the Fox proposed that they should all do away with their tails. He pointed out how inconvenient a tail was when they were pursued by their enemies, the dogs; how much it was in the way when they desired to sit down and hold a friendly conversation with one another. He failed to see any advantage in carrying about such a useless encumbrance. "That is all very well," said one of the older foxes; "but I do not think you would have recommended us to dispense with our chief ornament if you had not happened to lose it yourself."

Though a supporter of Ron Paul, I recognize that he is not likely to be on the ballot and that I have to come to a decision on the upcoming presidential elections.

To be fair, the Republicans would have to nominate a convicted child molester for me to vote for a pro-abortion/feminist supporting/Keynesian/Lawyer. Still, I was given to noodling the latest news - that Paul Ryan is Romney's VP pick.

So without further mealy mouthed Bull Sh#!:

While this election is about the future of the U.S. financial system, how we care and provide for our elderly, how we educate our children, the international bond market, the U.S. as the world's reserve currency, our place in the world as its current police man, and the management of the end of most of the U.S.'s Oil imports and the changeover from an automobile centric society, etc... while all of these monumental, staggeringly stark issues staring at us from an eye we can see just beyond the sites of gun...

While all of the above is about to fall upon us like a brick building collapsing from structural faults as plain as the nose on your face...

While people are dying in conflicts that are simply echos of past policies regarding the supply of Oil into the U.S., a supply that is vanishing right before our eyes...

While the world's central banks are holding the financial system together with bubble gum, band aids, and masking tape (they ran out of duct tape)...

While all of this is going on...

This election will be decided by The Abortionistas.

(Original to me. Feel free to use it early and often giving me reasonable credit, though I am concerned that one of these nut jobs will burn my house down.)

The Abortionistas put Bill Clinton and Barak H. Obama in office, and only failed in the case of Al Gore because of the electoral college system.

Since the land mark abortion case of Roe v Wade, U.S. women have aborted 60 million children! Most of these women are still alive - and they vote, for the most part, on one issue - ABORTION. These are The Abortionistas. Guerrilla Warriors for Abortion "Rights". Proud to support abortion rights, but not so proud to talk about the abortion they committed. They have done something so horrible that they have felt the need to censure it from discussion and examination everywhere. But then came the Web - and the end of censorship.

The Abortionistas maintain their anonymity. They are grievously ashamed of what they have done - and rightly so - yet, like the fox in Aesop's tale above, the Abortionistas stand ready, willing, and able to help another young woman murder her child and to live a life of depression, guilt, and regret, rather than admitting that what they did was an unspeakable horror, a crime against themselves, their family and ancestors, and their child - when they could be a positive influence to help today's young women not make the same mistake.

(NAFC. These strident miscreants blow B.S. and nonsense out of both sides of their mouths. Their explanation? "Its my body, my decision". Hmmm... Scot Peterson is on death row for a multiple murder - that of his pregnant wife and UNBORN son. That child even got a name along with his justice (Connor). Meanwhile, the same state, California, that granted UNBORN Connor human status and convicted his father in his murder and sentenced him to death allows 120,000 or so WOMEN to kill their unborn children at will every year.

The Abortionistas claim that the child is not human. That it is part of the woman's body to do with as she wishes. Yeah? Care to check the DNA on that? The DNA says that it belongs to someone other than the mother. Care to watch video of an abortion using today's incredible technologies? Care to see the after effects treated like medical waste lying bloody in a red bag? No? WHY NOT? Why don't you want to see the outcome of your "choice"?)

After all, If abortion is Right ethically and morally why is it that not a single philosophy or ethics (or, SNICKER, women's studies) class at ANY of the elite Ivy League schools or the elite private women's colleges in New England gives a single minute of class or lecture time to the most intractable ethical issue of our day? And that is: When, IF EVER, is having an abortion the ethical and moral thing to do? Can you imagine why it is that the philosophy departments of these Liberal bastions refuse to touch this question?

Why, if The Abortionistas are so convinced of the moral and ethical superiority of their decision to Abort a child, to terminate a pregnancy by killing a fetus, why do they not wear that righteous assertion on their sleeve? Why not a tattoo? We see tattoos all the time about people's children. Why not one proclaiming the freedom granted a woman by not having to deal with an unwanted child by killing it?

When these questions are posed, do you know what the inevitable answer is from The Abortionistas?

"Don't Judge."

Got that? As I stated earlier, here we are debating (or attempting to debate through the fire of Liberal censorship) the most intractable ethical and moral issue of our day, and how do the supporters of the issue respond?

"Don't Judge."

The most judgmental, critical, mean spirited, self absorbed, and self-centered sub-humans in the history of mankind - those that would kill their own child and then DEFEND it - respond to the accusation with an economy of words.

"Don't Judge".

These are the people that very well could decide the next election. It is very simple math. The vast majority of Abortionistas continue to support abortion. It is their only issue, far more than a litmus test. There are 10's of millions of Abortionistas. Any candidate that stands his ground and calls them on the carpet to explain how they arrived at their decision will have his eyes scratched out.

And he will lose their vote.

So every non-panderer (that is, non-Democrat) seeking high office is starting with a deficit of 10's millions of voters.

Here we are, the United States of America, the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known... and our fate might well be decided by a group of people that ended the life of their child simply because that child was not convenient for them.

Finally, while I am anti-abortion in the extreme, I would not fund government thugs to use force against women and physicians to prevent abortion. The true pro-life must admit to our glaring failure and stop fighting abortion by trying to use government force and instead save these babies one heart at a time. If you are an Abortionista its time to forgive yourself - and to help others not believe the lies you were told.  You cannot change the past, but you can save the future for these children.

So back to the presidential election.

It would seem that Romney has decided he's all in on the U.S. budget deficit and the overwhelming size and intrusion of our federal government. I hope they get to make their point as it will force the hand of everyone in office after the smoke clears, but I very sincerely fear that their point will be drowned out by the shouts of the people who were willing to end the life of their child for their own convenience.

 This is a group whose voice should not be heard.  Not now. Not ever. They are missing within their makeup some basic element of humanity. It is simply impossible for me to heap enough scorn on these people. The Great American Experiment is floundering, and the only freedom the Abortionistas concern themselves with is the "freedom" to murder their unborn children under the rubric "Reproductive Rights" (doesn't that sound ever so much more freedom loving than "killing my unborn child?),  and now I might well be stuck with them casting the deciding vote in an election that might well decide the future of Freedom and Self-Determination of mankind.

"We Hold these Truths to be Self-Evident". Indeed, what does America believe in?


confederate miner said...

Hey Greg,
Off topic, you're student loan education fiasco is starting to get some attention.

tweell said...

Ah, but I do judge, and most importantly, The Lord judges. Good luck when you meet Him, females.

My reason for opposing abortion (other than the Pope says so) is that we don't know when that bit of protoplasm is ensouled, so I choose to treat it as if it has a soul from conception. My conscience, my choice.

jokesfb said...

This is good topics and I think its helpfull for students .Thanks

Greg T. Jeffers said...


"we don't know when that bit of protoplasm is ensouled, so I choose to treat it as if it has a soul from conception."

The only rational decision!

When in doubt, DO NO HARM.

Anonymous said...

FYI Do a google search on Ron Paul neo nazi affiliations or Ron Paul anti semite and read what is available then draw your own conclusions. If he is not an anti semitic neo nazi why doesn't he deny it?

Anonymous said...

The same bunch of feminist, radical atheists that deride everyone with a faith as believers in fairy tails refuse to believe the dead cold science of a heartbeat and a DNA test. It is one thing to debate the existence of that which can neither be proven nor disproven. It is entirely another to piss on completely, scientifically provable fact.

I agree with you, Greg, that the right should let go of this one, since the results are ineffective and it stands in the way of so much that is also very important.


Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Coal Guy:

"The same bunch of feminist, radical atheists that deride everyone with a faith as believers in fairy tails refuse to believe the dead cold science of a heartbeat and a DNA test. It is one thing to debate the existence of that which can neither be proven nor disproven. It is entirely another to piss on completely, scientifically provable fact."

I am going to use that early, and often!

When I say the Right should let it go - I mean politically. There are many other important things that must be settled along with this, but we can get our arms around this from another angle.

More soon.