Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From "Yes We Can" to "Yes You Can".

The new political slogan for our time is in, and it was coined by Michel Petit, noted Peaknic, on my Facebook page.

Michel's off the cuff remark "From 'Yes We Can' to 'Yes You Can' " in under two years will, by necessity be the rallying cry - one way or another - of the American people and the rest of the Welfare West from now until the end of Oil.

I can hear it now:

"Yes, you CAN America! YES! You will find a way to provide for yourself and your family! YES! You will find a way to put food on the table!  YES!  You will find a way to be happy in your lives! And YES! The government will get out of your way so that you may find your way..."

Yes you can...


Why is it that when the Left and the Liberal establishment get destroyed in an election it is because the other side is "stupid" and that when they win it is because the other came to their senses?

Oh, and by the way dearest Elite (and Jimmy Kuntsler):  I am not fat, religious, nor angry... I do not pronounce government as "gubment"... and I look forward to wiping you off of my shoe on the nearest electoral curb.

America will not roll over into an "enlightened" socialist Euro satellite anytime soon, dear Jimmy.  Most of us will figure it out.


tweell said...

Lets hear it for the rise of the individual and the end of victimhood!

Greg T. Jeffers said...


3 Cheers for that, brother.

Anonymous said...

"I am not fat, religious, nor angry... "

That makes you a tiny minority of the American Public.

Although you do sound kind of angry to me.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for individualism, but let's not forget that corporate cronyism is alive and well--and many big businesses/banks have their paws on the levers of power from regulations/tax codes/gov't contracts and the like.

One prime example has been all this smoking mirrors about our 'drawdown' in Iraq, meanwhile private contractors have increased under Pres. Obama. The privatization of military functions has steadily increased and costs the US taxpayer a massive amount. A friend of mine worked as a private contractor for 9 months--150k. It was very dangerous work, but so is much of our low paid military work as well.

Smaller government in theory could allow for less corruption, but we just don't seem to have an impartial referee--they all end up getting paid off/or they just nominate Wolves to guard the sheep, time and time again regardless of Party. Any old school mafia types must be jealous of the racket operation that has legitimacy and the power of Nation states to empower its mandates.

Victim identities are part of the problem for sure, but under the fiat money system, in a technologically driven world we will have to deal with chronic higher unemployment as machines reduce the need for worker bees--the wheels aren't coming off fast enough to require old school shovel jobs. One guy with a mini-excavator can do the work of 10 hard working guys digging a trench no problem. The loss of jobs due to technology has not been addressed---sending everyone to college has been the BS answer, not everyone can be a computer repair technician or a nurse.

What do people do as technology continues to erode the need for workers as population continues to rise? Oil is going to be around for awhile yet, and even if it gets really expensive--the machines can do the work of many people more economically.

I used to be able to do labor jobs for extra money in the 80's as a kid, no way I could get those same jobs today, grown ups took them, same with many of the corner store jobs--I rarely see a teenager anymore--usually people older than me.

Donal Lang said...

You guys are no more 'free' than the Greeks; not because of liberals in government, or communists under the bed, but because George W Bush (and Reagan before him) saddled you with so much debt that you are debt-slaves, and your children are debt-slaves, and freedom is something only your GRANDCHILDREN can legitimately dream about!

Thats the reality, the rest is just slogans.

Anonymous said...


There is still plenty of need for worker bees. Right now they are all in the far east. Once wage arbitrage has run its course, they'll start moving back. Right now there is no need for worker bees at present exchange rates and tax environments. It is a long road down.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...


You had better look at the debt situation in the UK before commenting about the sorry state of the US. The pot is calling the kettle black. We're all in this mess.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...

Coal Guy,

I agree, but this is little condolence to those caught up in the transition of globalism/low wages etc. And if the need for worker bees doesn't come back to the US for a decade or two...what happens to those folks? Again, not everyone can go to college and fit one of the hyperspecializations needed at any given time. This recession has hit MEN hard, with the great majority of job losses being men. So we have a society of chronically unemployed and hopeless folks from college grads to high school grads that have to fight with a fifty year old to be an assistant manager of a Kwik Fill? That doesn't bode well and no social 'safety' net won't magically change things for the masses--pulling yourself up by your boostraps worked better when you could farm a few acres and subsist, under the fiat money system, I guess you better have family with jobs. Not everyone out there struggling blows money on cable/100$ phones etc. although we still have a ways to contract.

Oh well it is what it is, but it aint going to be pretty, chronic angry young men don't help with social cohesion in any country I know of. Don't want Rawanda style 'freedom' either as state budgets implode. Hope people enjoy their pensions and if they still exist are going to be taking in lots of folks in the years to come.

Michel Petit said...

.work better
.take care of your health
.share your knowledge
.provide tools to those in needs
.think and innovate
.diversify your skills
.treat every individual with dignity
.contribute to create a better world

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I am taking your comments putting 'em front and center. Thanks!

bureaucrat said...

I'd be more supportive if y'all could name one normal country that actually adopted Libertarian principles and stuck with them (both Hong Kong and Signapore have nothing essentially, and live off of skimming the world's trade largess.) I have dozens of examples of neo-socialist countries out there which are still functioning. You cant blame oil for everything.

Or is this one of those shake-your-fist-in-the air with your guns and gold yelling "JUST YOU WAIT!" :)

tweell said...

There were such countries, and they worked well. The United States was one such, before FDR got his unconstitutional changes in past a conspiratorial Congress and a cowed Court. Since then it's been downhill.
Perhaps the cycle of republic to socialist empire to feudalism is irrevocable. If so, I fear for my progeny. If, however, knowing history, we choose not to repeat the cycle...

Donal Lang said...

Coalman; this blog is about the sorry state of the US of A, and telling me thet Europe is in shit too doesn't help you guys any!

As for production coming back to Western economies, may I remind everyone that avaerage industrial wages in China and India are only just climbing out of the $2 a day range to a whopping 10$ a day. If you want to compete with that, either you have to drop your minimum wage rate (politically unacceptable) or devalue the dollars you pay wages with, which is already happening. But you have a LONG way to go down.

Anonymous said...


They will find work to do at some wage. If we attempt to provide everyone with their present benefits while piling taxes on the workers that remain (and who are working for lower and lower wages) everything will collapse. There is just not the wealth ( productive capacity ) to pay for it all. For the last 40 years at an ever increasing rate this structural problem has been masked by the real estate/credit boom. There are three choices:

1. Double taxes, hitting disposable income HARD on those who earn. This keeps the labor rate at historic levels while keeping those who don't work at stasis and making workers poorer. Wage arbitrage is hindered since gross wages aren't affected, and more business leaves.

2. Print money until the dollar is worth much less, and prices rise for everyone, achieving wage arbitrage through inflation. This will eventually raise interest rates and cause worse problems down the road.

3. Cut benefits so that those who work and and those who don't sink together.

Name your poison.


Coal Guy