Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch....

This is my new breeding hog, Otis.  He is only 50 pounds and less than 3 months old, but he should weigh in between 500 and 750 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal when fully grown.  I plan on keeping 4 sows and breeding Otis, a Hampshire hog, and raising a bunch of hogs.  

This is Bonnie's new friend Naomi.  She is providing the extra milk, along with the goats, to help grow those young hogs.

The USDA says that over 50 million people are "food insecure".  It never seems to occur to the USDA that it was THEIR REGULATIONS that have caused much of this disaster in rural communities across the country.  They are lower than pond scum.


I don't know who Chris Whalen is, but it appears that, like me, he thinks California, New York, and a few other "Blue States" will absolutely, positively default on their debt.


Looks like deflation is gaining the upper hand to me.


Joseph said...
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PioneerPreppy said...

Nice looking Jersey there!!! At least I am pretty sure she's a Jersey from the light eye rings.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Yep! She is pretty "Jersey Girl"... and a good milker. She calved 6 months ago, and still gives 1.25 gallons on a once a day milking schedule. I bet she might give 2 if I milked twice a day... but I think I'll stay with one.

I bought 2 Dexter/miniature zebu cross cows. They are so small they look like really big goats... I'd say no more than 450 lbs each. I will put up some pics soon.

I am particularly happy with "Otis" the pig. He his a belted Hampshire and has the same stocky build that a pit bull has... I bet he breeds me some good lookin hogs!

Unrepentantcowboy said...

Good for you, Greg.

So many crying about the condition. So few doing anything about it.

don henry ford jr.