Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Politics of Hate

"When strange peoples meet... first they fight... then they fornicate." - Unknown.

The political expediency of hate reared its ugly head when a well known African American Congressman John Lewis claimed that someone in a Tea Party demonstration hurled the "N" word at him and Congressman Andre Carson.

I don't know for sure what happened there. I was not present. I will say that in 2010, with all of the media microphones, digital cameras, cell phones, etc... it strikes me as EXTREMELY unlikely that such an exchange would have gone unrecorded, especially when Andrew Briebart has offered $100,000 for proof that the denigration was hurled at the Congressman.

If no such recording of the event turns up (I have no opinion on that eventuality whatsoever... it either does or it does not), it would seem to me that not only is the Congressman hearing things, he is actively seeking to rekindle hatred to marshall his forces. If such a recording does turn up, it would seem that the Congressman and the Democrats will have a very, very potent sound bite to use to hammer the opposition. My bet is a great many people are listening to every second of every recording from that event.

Let's go with option "A". No recording of such exchange. If so, it would then seem that this is nothing more than a bald attempt to capitalize on the politics of hate, and to prevent the very natural outcome of assimilation (I have some experience here... I am white, my wife is a beautiful brown, my kids are sort a mocha capuchino, my sister is an orthodox Jew, I was raised catholic and am as secular as it gets for a Right To Life Republican). Congressman Lewis and his NAACP cohorts are on the wrong side of biology and history. In a couple generations there WON'T BE any black or white people... there WILL be a great many shades of everything in between. That's what happens when you are successful in efforts towards equality - people WILL make babies with folks from different ethnic backgrounds. The only way to prevent this is to keep up the HATE. Groups that wish to avoid integration must follow certain strategies. They must control the reproductive options of their women. They must wear certain clothes and continue certain customs designed to separate them from others (kosher diet, head scarves, burkas...), and they must convince their people that the other guys hate/dislike/are less worthy.... than us, the "good guys".

Congressman Lewis and his supporters NEED the "N" word (They need "fat, angry, middle aged white people"). Without it, they will be relegated to history... a respectable place in history, but history none-the-less.

What is the difference between a "White Supremacist" and a Black Congressman, or a religious leader - if the one thing they have in common is a desire to prevent their kind from intermarrying? You can't really be "FOR" a particular group without being "AGAINST" another. Barak Obama is not our "First Black President" (Bill Clinton was). Barak Obama is the-first-of-many-very-difficult-to-define-and-so-we should-stop-defining presidents. The only diversity that biology favors is "hybrid vitality". It would be nice if we could get over ourselves, but that just ain't gonna happen. Next best option is to not be baffled by the Bull S**t.


Dextred1 said...

I think in the long run what your saying is very true. Love the quote. I am Irish, Italian, French, German, Chezh and Slovakian (two people’s one country), Native American (Cherokee) and a tad Jew (Hebrew) to top it off. My wife is Half Polish and Native American. Can't remember what tribe. To top off that whole mess I have a english name (lamb) taken from my great-great-great parents that were adopted by a english family during the potatoe famine in Ireland; or else I would be McBrady. Might be more greats not sure.

Anonymous said...

We all live here and damned well better learn to get along. I saw a bit of one of the Sunday morning talk shows last weekend. They were talking about appointment of the next Supreme Court Justice. They went on for at least 15 minutes about the proper color and sex of the next Justice, at which point I exercised my right to conserve electricity. Not once did the ability or the candidates enter the discussion. Racist, Racist, Racist to the core. Divide and conquer. Thats the Left. I'm so sick of this crap I could puke.


Coal Guy

bureaucrat said...

Barack Obama, to whom's campaign I gave money, was nothing more than a cry for help .. pure and simple. His color didn't even matter. His election was the result of millions of Americans who know something is wrong, and they know no one is listening. One year later, I'm starting to regret my vote, cause no one is STILL listening.

His election had zero to do with race. The white middle-class males even voted for him. Everybody in the bottom half is screaming as loud as they can for some kind of REAL change. It's sad watching the only country you've ever lived in slowly die. And even more sad .. China is the NEXT world empire.

Dextred1 said...

Checked out the site. Typical bull. Look at the word N******, you can see it is an off white, not the same as the sign.

Maybe if you had a clue about history you would realize that the southern states seceded on a theory called the compact. They believed like all states believed that it was within the states’ rights argument to secede from the union. Which they did. The northeast almost seceded based on the same premise moron. You may say it was only about slaves and you would be wrong. 1/3 of the northern states were slave states. The compact was based on the fact that states each received a separate treaty from England, hence if they freely gave some power to federal government they could then take it back. It did not have to be that way. The federal government under the Whigs then under the republicans was trying to implement a mercantilist system in the US, High tariffs. This Pissed off south because of the mainly agricultural basis of economy. It also forced southern states to buy northern goods instead of cheaper English Goods.

Anonymous you are a typical libtard. You speak without knowing. I respond to things I know and not what I want to know. You seriously need to do some reading.

Plus you show a site that shows pictures from 10 events. Where were they taken? Who took them? How do I even know they were at an event? My point being that you never define any movement by one person or even several people. You can make anything seem a certain way by misquoted or quoting a moron.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I deleted his/her intellectually challenged diatribe.

Dear Anon: If you want to post here:

1. You must have a nickname, handle, or be a registered user.
2. You have to make at least some sense.

Otherwise, don't bother. I enjoy an intellectual debate/co-examination of the facts... but you simply HATE. I don't know why you hate or what you have experienced... so I will refrain from any further comment. Please feel free to comment once you come up with an identity.

Dextred1 said...

Thank you for keeping this site on level of intelligence that you don't find other places. I love reading good Intellectual debates.

By the way, made the Gym in a little less than 20 minutes (5 miles) on bike today. Would do better, but darn hills kill me on the back roads. Although I don't try to kill myself, I have to lift when I get there.

Anonymous said...

Dex, Greg,

Try Spinning.


Coal Guy

Dan said...

The melting pot is slowly doing its magic but alas other factors seem to be at work as well.

See here then here.

Ps. On the slavery issue it wasn’t all about slavery but it was defiantly a factor. The timeline to Texas’ first independence, from Mexico can be instructive here. Mexico banned slavery a couple of years before Texas independence, 1829 I think, but Texas got an exemption at the behest of the governor due to the importance of slavery to the Texas economy. The law became effective in Texas a full two months before Texas declared independence.