Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Harm Done

Before I get on with the rant... yesterday was a big "Happy Birthday" on the farm. 75 chicks hatched out and are setting comfortably in the brooder... In case you were wondering, "Dad" and chicks are doing fine...

We expect to hatch out 500 to 600 chicks this summer

The data depends on who is doing the counting:

Consumer Debt continues to fall. In a fractional reserve banking system such as ours, a contraction in debt is incompatible with "growth".

So where is the U.S. equity market rally coming from? Good question. In short - Government Stimulus Money. All of the "growth" in "demand" in the U.S. economy for the past 12 months or so has come from the Government's stimulus. That is coming to an end (sort of. One could successfully argue that running $1 Trillion deficits is AWFULLY stimulating, and they would be right... in its absence TPTB would have lost everything (that would include me, so I should not complain) and we can't have that, can we?). Still, the extraordinary stimulus is coming to an end.

Ans the unintended consequences keep coming...

American society, led by those brilliant folks that brought you the California socialist miracle (ROFL!! LOLOLOLOL...HAHAHAHAHAHA.... HEHEHEHEHEHE!) and the Marriage/Divorce/Abortion Industrial Complex have now given you the disposable child! No need to go through the unpleasantness of abortion, ladies... or even pregnancy... if the child does not meet your specifications... just send them back!!! First it was that pesky husband... not to worry, we fixed him (PUN INTENDED) with our disgraceful divorce/family law. Responsibility? Accountability? Not for you, young lady! That was sooooooo 19th century! We can vote now! Don't want to cook? Of course not! That's beneath you! (Just get an illegal immigrant...) Don't want to care for your children? How very tedious! Get a nanny! If your husband complains, divorce him, and you too, can have an unearned annuity for life! Looking for a career, but don't want to be bothered with all those long hours and other sacrifices! We'll create a "glass ceiling". After all, its not you - its THEM!

Nothing... NOTHING! Comes without unintended consequences. Sorry, Gloria Steinem et al, you can't duck this. The unintended consequences of breeding hate, jealousy, and resentment do not release themselves in a positive way.... Way to go!


PioneerPreppy said...

5 to 600 chicks! WoW that is a lot of chicks.

I saw that article on the Russian boy as well and came to the same conclusion as you, especially when I read about how the grandmother has so much to do with it.

I agree with you about the total lack of accountability and entitlement towards women. Yet I must admit after your last post some weeks ago which touched on feminism your responses seemed to make me think you were not ready to see the total damage feminism has done to our society.

Maybe I was mistaken. I certainly couldn't blame you as it seems the loving fathers of daughters have the hardest time wrestling with it overall.

Personally I believe feminism has been the catalyst that has totally wrecked our society. From social to economical. We will see how it all turns out.

Anonymous said...

Greg, to add to your rant. Service Employees International Union and State Employees Assoc.of NC are collecting 85,000 signitures to form a new party to run against the Dems Congressmen that voted AGAINST the health bill. Also, the union gave $1 mil. to the Dem party in 2008. According to an article posted at the WRAL.COM web site.


Greg T. Jeffers said...


As a husband and the father of boyz and a delicious little girl (I have great hope for their future) I despair of the damage these jag offs have done.

As for feminism, I think it was a worse cure for a bad disease. I feel the same about any and all "victim's" groups. I do feel that feminism has done horrific damage to our society, our families, and to women, but there were a few other's that helped along the way. One must walk a careful line when criticizing feminists, civil right's leaders, etc... these are the people that created Politically Correct so that they could excoriate you and I WITHOUT RISK while holding other's to a different standard.

Still in all, I recognize just how powerless I am to do anything to change these things but do recognize that the change is coming in any event - I don't have to do much but sit back and watch.

PioneerPreppy said...


I understand and respect your position. I am at the point where these feminist can no longer harm me so I scream about it any chance I get. The most they could do these days is maybe get me fired from a job that no one else wants anyway.

I quit teaching history because of the feminist lies, I could not teach what they required. Left the corporate world because of PCness and have refused to re-enter grad school for the same reasons. I have never once had an issue with a true minority. In fact I have been honored by friendships and acceptance by several. Only the women have ever used the PC laws to their advantage in my experience.

Men all over are withdrawing in droves.

It is sad that the feminist hijacked the civil rights movement. As a matter of fact I had lunch with a black co-worker just Thursday and him and I both agreed affirmative action et. all seems to have really only benefited the white female. At least around here anyway.

I got custody of my son not because of a fight but because of my ex's lack of accountability. Even now after 4 years she is behind some 37K in child support. When I switched jobs some 8 years ago and got behind less than 3K the courts were already trying to lock me up. Her they could care less.

It has become a sad feminist world out there and whether we fight back or not they will eventually come after all men unless the circumstances change soon.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I, too , have been through a divorce and have seen first hand how biased the system is... keep in mind there are MILLIONS of single mothers out there that do not receive assistance in raising their children... still, life is NOT fair, and we cannot spend all of our time bemoaning that it should be so... or living in anger at those that we might feel have "wronged" us... forgiveness, not cleanliness, is next to g-dliness, me thinks... the funny thing is, my ex-wife has come around to my way of thinking in many ways! And I to hers. We all evolve, and NONE of us are perfect.

One of the problems with marriage in America is a sense that one can use "force", or coercion to get what we think we want. A generation ago men used physical force, and today women use divorce court force. I don't think anybody thinks that force is such a good idea to "encourage" certain behaviors.

And multi-million dollar divorce settlements are certainly NOT a positive influence on marriage. Anybody that thinks that those kinds of numbers are not terribly corrupting is out of their freaking tree.

Tiger Woods, Jesse James, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, jerk of the day, whatever, whoever... no one ever questions if the spouse had any responsibilities... why not? Is that so untouchable? It is if you are a politician (I am not). When one's spouse "cheats", is there something the "victim" should have been doing differently? And who knows what goes on between 2 people? No matter what, its the man's fault.

Let's take John Edwards. 75% of the women take his wife's side, the other 25% (think second wives clubs) sympathize with the mother of his love child... 100% of them HATE John Edwards, NONE of them hold either of the women accountable or responsible.


PioneerPreppy said...


Sorry had alot of planting and running to do yesterday and today.

As to why...

Because that was the first target of feminism. Women always were tougher on other women than men were in the morale department. So the first thing the feminist did was convince women that men did all these things like cheat, lie etc so women had to do them to to be equal... Older women used to keep the younger ones under control (something now blamed on men). They don't anymore.

For instance watch any given "sex in the City" episode it is exactly what women always said men did.

Life may not be fair, but when the government tips the scales rather than nature it can be changed. As for women not getting child support etc. I would point out there are far more entitlements, aid etc available to a single mother than to a single father.

Bottom line on several men's rights sites I see men in their early twenties ask how us older men ever allowed this to happen. I explain it wasn't our generation but I figure for my son and other younger men it is time for me to start trying to make a change. I am too old to benefit from any change but I owe it to my son to do what I can to give his generation a level playing field.
Or at least make sure he knows what he is in for.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

That goes for all parents.

Life goes on, the worm will turn... one can only change oneself... and even that is damn near impossible...

Donal Lang said...

I think feminism is partly a response to a wealthy society, and partly a government response to changing demographics.

Firstly wealthy societies have excess wealth which can be distributed across more of society, including independantly to women. I'd say this is largely because we have many more service jobs between the creation of wealth and the purchase/recipient of the products. Whilst recession won't instantly hit these non-productive jobs (partly because so many of them are state or gov't funded), Peak Oil certainly will.

However the Gov't policy is harder to reverse. Gov't has had the demographics Baby Boomer timebomb for the last 30 years and needed more tax-payers. Housewives didn't have a recognisable income that could be taxed. So much better, therefore, to encourage jobs for women and encourage them to be 'independant' and pay taxes. I'd even say that the encouragement of house price inflation (by cheap easy credit) gets families to commit to higher and higher mortgages or rents, driving both spouses into work.

The only solution to this is a collapse of the system, because there is no managed retreat possible for any elected gov't. And would YOU want to be the one to tell modern women that they should stay at home and wash the daipers? ;-)

Meanwhile, congrats on being a proud 'Dad' x 75 times! Sounds expensive on cigars!

Greg - do I detect a creeping detachment from the unreal world of international finance and government, and an increasing slide into the alternative bucolic reality of your farm? Are we about to lose you to the pigs and chickens?? Do you have a piece of straw between your teeth yet???

Donal Lang said...

P.S. You probably saw this;

Just to make you feel better, fuel prices at the pumps have been climbing in Europe this last couple of weeks, especially Britain. A gallon of petrol (gas) is now $8.44 minimum, and over $9 in some stations.
I wonder what that would do to the US economy?

bureaucrat said...

Gasoline is climbing cause everybody thinks we are in a recovery and summer driving season will be as good as usual. Gas prices go up every spring. What will be interesting is if they stay up AFTER the summer. ;)

Donal Lang said...

But U.S. demand is falling! I'd say prices are rising because of underlying demand from Chindia is stopping any falls in the market - they automatically buy on the 'downs'. That's coupled with ELM and refinery shortfalls.

bureaucrat said...

But demand is not falling. It is rising .. at least gasoline demand is rising ...

There is no demand graph for oil itself on the EIA website that I'm aware of.

Not to mention the link above goes to a demand graph that has last year's (pathetic) gasoline demand line to compare to. We have nowhere to go but up.

We'll see what happens this fall. Given our substantial supply of oil, prices should drop.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I think it is time for anyone that believes in the inevitability of peak oil "to make other arrangements". I am doing that as we speak. I have no intention of running for office or going back to work at the Wall Street sell side grind... thankfully, I don't have to if I keep my life simple, that is.

I am going to continue to manage my small fund, and develop another business that fits with my vision of the next 20 years... I am going to spend a month this fall or winter living in some remote tropical place and surfing away my 50th birthday...

I think that the long, slow grind is on... and that the best thing I can do is show my family how to enjoy their lives in this environment. I spent nearly 30 years grinding away in a dungeon - its time for a change.

Donal Lang said...

I agree with you, and I'm doing the same.

Sadly my plans to gather family (and some close friends) around are partly on hold, my eldest grand-daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks ago, so my daughter and son-in-law are struggling with that (and two other young children too).

Sometimes life deals you a hand you don't want to play.

Tom said...

"A gallon of petrol (gas) is now $8.44 minimum, and over $9 in some stations."

Not so. Gallon mixup??

Let's say fuel costs £1.259/litre, as diesel does in the famously expensive Texaco near me. There are 3.79 litres per US gallon, so that's £4.772/US gallon. £1=$1.53, so that's $7.30/US gallon.

I don't watch the super unleaded price but I imagine you could perhaps spend $7.50/US gallon on it.

That's pretty much the maximum price though. You're more likely to be spending about $7. This is not cheap, but it is not $8.50 either.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Ugh. That hits right in the gut. Needless to say I am so sorry to hear of your troubles - I hope all is well soon.

Bill said...


What type business opportunities should we be looking at if we want to start something? I'm open to ideas but not sure what would work in this environment.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Too many variables on an individual basis for me to be able to add anything of value. Except to wish you good luck!