Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recent Violence

4 police officers murdered in Oakland. 13 innocents murdered in a Federal INS building in Binghamton, NY.  Today, 3 police officers murdered in cold blood in Pittsburgh.

What the heck is going on?

Forget your politics for a moment.  Gun Rights, Gun Control...

Maybe, just maybe... we are starting to see people crack under the pressure of mean spirited policies (the U.S. has the greatest percentage of its population in prison in the history of the world): taxes, lack of opportunity, taxes, government threats of regulation, taxes, Law Enforcement parading around dressed like they are about to invade Poland, taxes... throw in 300 million guns (I own several guns, and I hunt and I fish... for a New Yorker, well, go figure) running around our society... and Viola!  Mayhem.

Maybe, just maybe, our society, led by our Federal, State, and Local GOVERNMENTS could try to be a little "kinder and gentler".  

I have spent the last couple of weeks filing this paperwork for my companies with the various states, and that tax form for the Feds, and this form and that form and this and that.... I am ready to shoot myself...

My heart goes out to the families of the victims, and the to the victims themselves.  

Maybe the answer is NOT another government crackdown. 

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Dan said...

All across the US Boomers are assuming the reigns of our institutions, corporations, governments, etc. and many if not most of them are religious zealots. Not necessarily Christian, or any other recognized religion, but it is religious fanaticism nonetheless. If you doubt that, question their beliefs; they are not open to debate. You almost never hear them say “I think” it’s invariably “I believe” and for the most part they mean it, if you disagree you’re apostate.

There is no point in appealing to reason with such people, you might as well tell it to a brick wall.

bureaucrat said...

It isn't religion and it isn't taxes (the bottom 50% pay hardly any income taxes, and none of the shooters were rich and overwhelmed with tax/debt problems)

I myself, a normally calm and rational person, have felt the anger boil up in me when I was confronted with an unfairness or unreasonable behavior on the part of someone I think is trying to piss me off. But then I realize that I have a good job and assets and lots of family/friends, and I walk away and calm down. These shooters had no such balancing force, whether it be a satisfactory job or debt under control. They let the anger boil over.

Boy, is Jeffers gonna love watching his "racism is dead" stuff come back alive when lots of younger guys who can't find real jobs start looking for someone to blame and someone to shoot at. Just watch. John Stewart (Comedy Channel) had it partly right: personal finance isn't a game.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I have been reassessing my "racism is dead" thoughts... After spending the last few weeks in the South and listening to their talk radio and local TV, it is clear to me I was hasty in my prior assessment...

More on my next post on the balance of your comments.

kathy said...

Thank you for this post. I just posted something similar on my blog. We are, in fact, our brother's keeper. Most people, whether North Koreans or Americans, poor or wealthy, red or blue, want to hear their kids laugh, they want to eat a salad made from the tomatoes they grew, they want patch of land to call their own.We are starting to splinter. We have to find some spiritual glue.

oOOo said...

Binghampton sounds like retaliation for the US bombings and killing on the Pakistan border. What goes around comes around:

Pakistani Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud claimed responsibility for the attack on an immigration services center in Binghamton, N.Y., the Press Trust of India reported Saturday.

Mehsud said that a Pakistani and another man carried out the attack:

Donal Lang said...

I have to say that the Americans love of guns, coupled with a popular attitude of deserved entitlement and an economic depression makes me very, very glad I live in Europe!

Anonymous said...

Put on your tin foil hats and bear with me for a couple of sentences.

On inaugeration day I told my wife we would be seeing agreat influx of gun violence until They get thier gun confiscation accompliseh. Sure enough here we go.....

Denal Lang, we are glad you are in europe too....Please stay there

Dan said...

The last round of gun bans spawned the militia movement, and handed power to the GOP. Were it not for the Murrah building bombing those militias, that were some two million strong, would be a potent political force today. The issues that brought them about have not been resolved; moreover we now have the federal government backing wall street at main street’s expense. The financial crisis means that many potential militia members have a lot less to loose from radical changes.

In today’s environment if TPTB were to do something as industrial strength stupid as attempt confiscation the national government might not survive it, and the political pressures would ensure that current congress certainly wouldn’t.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we have 48 people dead in spectacular murders. So, it's on the news today, and the anti-gun crowd has new fodder. But murder and mayhem go on every day. It's mostly minorities blowing each other's hind ends off, so no one notices. There will be more robberies and burglaries too. So, let's blame inanimate pieces of metal and ignore the roots of the problem

These spectacular events are the outcome of people cracking under the weight of their reality diverging so dramatically from the expectations that have been set and reinforced by political promises, the media and the entertainment industry. We'll probably see more of these events. Statistically, they are in the noise. The bigger problem is that our society has generated a huge underclass that contains tens of millions of men who have no responsibility. Not for careers, or wives or children or anything that satisfies the male ego and makes them feel worthwhile and important. This is an extremely dangerous and unnatural condition. It has been spawned by a social welfare system that provides cash for bad social behavior instead of opportunity for honest work in exchange for a decent living. Even for the working poor, the life you get is totally inadequate compared to "real life" on TV. Yet, we lay off government workers and increase welfare programs. Go figure. It is a time bomb waiting to explode.

The Chinese character for trouble is basically a picture of two women under one roof. If the concept of a man with no responsibility existed in China, the character would be that.


Coal Guy

sharon said...

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