Monday, March 3, 2014

Sick of "The Economy"

Personally, I am absolutely sick of hearing about "The Economy".  I cannot conceive of a sillier meme than this thing that gets tossed around as if it was actually of some real importance and that mankind must serve this monster always; like its your patriotic duty to "help" the economy. WTF??!!

Granted, I am over 50, very comfortable financially, so one might think I am just "Old & in the Way". Perhaps. But stay with me for a minute while I lay this f&^%$# mutt bare.

Our system has convinced people that there is no other way; they must delay maturation/adulthood until age 18 + 4, 6, 8, even 12 years of "education" (snicker) During which time the system neuters, indoctrinates, and finally "approves" you for "elite employment" ("EE"). And, as a newly minted member drone worker of the Corporate/Government plantation system of EE, with your approval sticker stuck to your forehead, you can now look forward to 10 to 20 years of student loan payments (unless your parents had money; more on that later); 60,000 hours of cubicle/office time under florescent lights while sitting all day in the absence of sunlight; 20,000 hours commuting (which in less than 10 years will turn your sleek and youthful body into something that looks like a bald-yet-hairy, triple chined, bag-for-a-belly cross between Humpty-Dumpty and Cecil the Dinosaur), and;  3,000 (I am being generous here) boring sexual experiences - that is, before you kill yourself with a stout rope in the garage while the car is running and you hold a gun in your hand as a backup because you just can't take it anymore, while the spouse you are not sleeping with watches under the influence of Big Pharma's cocktail of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics... but only if you don't get prostate cancer first. Or, fat f*** that you (now) are, die of sleep apnea.

Did I mention that you will be so exhausted from the above that you will take the majority of the 6 waking hours you have left each day (55,000 hours or so during your working career) and plant yourself in front of a TV for your daily dose of political/social/economic propaganda? Yep. That, too.

And please... I am not a cynic (though I am a Cynic/Hedonist/Stoic). I skipped all this crazy sh#!. Did I miss anything? Oh, yea. And we can't seem to raise a kid into a functioning adult contemporaneously with shaving.

The system has convinced people not to have children (look, the Corporate Drone, EE, types are either 0 or 1 child producers) with the Drones now believing that on their death bed they will feel good about a life of Corporate EE Drone work and the occasional industrial vacation... and while dying on that death bed the Drone can keep a copy of his/her business card with his "title" on it and his net worth statement handy to comfort him...  along with a box of airline receipts proving that he/she had been to Club Med 10x and Europe twice. Such a Cosmopolite!!  And since he has no heirs, the healthcare system will be happy to take care of his net worth....

I know a bunch of folks enamored with the "Paleo Diet" lifestyle... well, sort of. Have you heard of the Paleo Diet? It is supposed to recreate the diet of man during our period as hunter-gatherers...

See, the real Paleo man hiked mountains, swam rivers, ran deer into the ground, speared fish... and then stopped by his lover's hut with a chunk of meat, food for sex style, contributed to the gene pool and kept his prostate healthy and his lover happy (anti-depressants were not available) - multi tasker that he was - before heading home to the family cave (just after his genetic competition finished the process of food-for-sexing his own gene pool contribution). Is that what your day looked like? I didn't think so. No, modern man might have walked from the kitchen table to his garage, and then from his parking spot to his cubicle for a day of sitting and porn surfing (and I got nothing against porn. I am just a real thing kinda guy).... and when his day is finished modern man is off for hearth and home to deal with the propaganda affected modern woman... well, either that or he's a dead beat dad. What a choice.

Modern man has been reduced to a fury, fat, childless cubicle dweller that gets none and after a while is too unhealthy to want any... scheming all day to make more money while his arteries harden and his wedding tackle softens - but at least his religious belief system, the Right, the Feminists, and the Corporatocracy, and several other special interest groups approve of his swollen prostate & pasty skinned life style! Hey! Its good for the economy!! Its for the kids! For the children! Every time I hear that I reach one hand to hold onto my wallet and with the other hand I hold onto my junk.

Sometimes I think I am the only normal person left.

I cringe when I see force or control being applied to the kinds of relationships and social contracts that cannot flourish - nay even exist - in that environment, yet our entire system is built upon this notion. Oprah tells her flock how to be a wife and mother (she has never been either). Celibate clergy exert control over men in their relationships. The family "role models" in our Movie and TV media are created by people that have no experience as a role model or operating within a family. Corporations themselves end our family lines with their demands.

And a never ending drumbeat of media propaganda in lives made fake by convenience. Our lives would have made entertaining science fiction just 2 generations ago.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

"Sex is like air--no big deal 'til you're not getting any."

Anonymous said...

As always, Greg, thank you for your insight. In some ways, I feel like you have taken the torch from George Carlin, albeit with a more financial and less humorous bent.

DaShui said...

That's the Jeffers I like to hear!!!!

Study him- you'll like it