Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The first casualty of War is Truth

“In war, the first casualty is Truth” – Aeschylus

There is a pitched propaganda battle being fought in the American media today.

The 2016 election season is nearly upon us, and the forces behind that propaganda who wish to ensure the murder of innocent unborn children are alight upon the land.  I write this piece for my Pro-Life Brothers and Sisters to keep them from being misled and from assisting the enemy.

And just who is the enemy?

The proponents of abortion/infanticide are easily found here in America. The dominant group are the Feminists, and their power structure emanates from the “Women’s Studies” of perhaps a dozen or so universities.

You will see all manner of “Sex Trafficking” and “Campus Rape Crisis” stories planted in the Main Stream Media and screaming along on your Social Media pages. Think Woody Allen's abuse allegations just happened to pop up now? Think again.

These stories are designed to enrage the female 18 to 39 year old voting block and to motivate them to vote. It is as simple as that.

Violent crime is literally in free fall in the U.S. No, I did not say that crime does not happen and that there are no victims. That’s the shred of truth that these propagandists build their story around.

Here are the facts, as I have recovered them from the U.S. Department of Justice’s FBI website, FBI.com:

In 1979, the number of reported rapes in the U.S. was 2.8 per 1000 people.

In 2004, the number of reported rapes fell to .4 per 1000 people.

For the last year for which we have data, 2011, the number of reported rapes fell to .28 per 1000 people. Reported rapes FELL BY 90% in 35 years.

This is where the soapbox and the use of Truth to achieve the propaganda goals comes in:

“If even one woman or little girl…” is not the point. The fact is Law Enforcement, technology, education, culture have created an environment in which all violent crime is in steep decline – especially sexual assault.

The very idea that women and children are being loaded onto planes, trains, buses, and automobiles and are being smuggled to the Super Bowl or to dogfights is absurd in the EXTREME. These victims, if there actually were any, are not put to death. We don’t have thousands and thousands of women and children going missing every day and bodies turning up in the street. If these people were victimized they would be telling their story – RIGHT NOW – on every news medium in the world.

So where are they?

They don’t exist.

No one gets away with anything, anymore. Ever. You can’t fart in public without it making it onto Facebook. DNA lasts forever – even through dry cleaning (Just ask Bill Clinton). Every one of us is walking around with a tracking device such that Law Enforcement can recreate ALL of your movements going back to the first day you had your cell phone. “Victims” would be entitled to not just putting their offenders in jail, but would be entitled to civil damages – and civil damages do not require a “beyond a reasonable doubt” burden but merely a “preponderance of the evidence”. Prove your case by 51% and his assets are yours, and those Super Bowl attendees? They are RICH.

So where are the lawsuits?

There are none.

But these facts do not serve the Feminist Left’s interests. So they have created a wave of media stories about a crisis of sexual assault on campus and women being led around in handcuffs for the sexual pleasure of Super Bowl attendees, and they are doing it because it works. It works because, for the most part, young people are “low information” voters. They vote with their heart and not their head.

So let me make a counter appeal to your heart:

The people bringing you these lies work for the women’s studies departments of Vassar, Barnard, Yale, and Michigan State, et al. Their agenda is “Hillary and abortion rights in 2016”. They know the data. They know they are lying. They don’t care about facts, truth, or justice. They don’t care about life. They care only about power and winning the next presidential election so that their president can make pro-abortion appointments for the Supreme Court of the United States.

That’s what this all about.

Abortion. The “Sex Trafficking” thing is a restaurant of lies drawing you into the Casino of abortion.

More coming very soon on this very ugly, ugly, ugly story.

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tweell said...

I was hopeful that conservatives would win by virtue of having more children than liberals. Silly me, the progressives already thought of that and ensured that the schools would indoctrinate liberal dogma from day one. Just in case that is resisted or bypassed, they are also importing people who can be relied upon to vote their way.