Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A "4" Handle

For the first time in decades, U.S. net petroleum imports is sporting a 4 handle for the week (very bottom, first number on left - 4,825,000 mbpd). The 4 week average is the lowest that I can find, too, at   5,321,000 mbpd (not by much, November was 5,344,000 mbpd net petro imports).

I know domestic production is up for the 4 week period year over year about the same as imports are down (easily found on that table)... so the system is balancing via an $11 per barrel price increase since this time last year... it then follows that all of that cap ex spent by the domestic E&P industry kept price increases to only $11 per barrel?


The U.S. leads the world in criminalizing acts that its citizens had no intention of committing? We really need to do something about this.

This is ALL about government budgets.

Crime is in free fall in the U.S. While Law Enforcement is nearly breaking its arm patting itself on the back, this has almost nothing to do with "better policing strategies". The vast majority of the nation's violent crime is in just over a dozen counties. DNA, Technology, Smart Phone Tracking, Ubiquitous Security Video, et al, has made it impossible to get away with anything. People are not stupid. They know they are being watched. The police know they are being watched. So everybody has to be nice.

So cut the budgets already.


Anonymous said...

Oil imports are down because the United States is producing enough domestic energy and does not need foreign oil. This is a reason to celebrate. America is going to prosper from the riches once only known to the members of OPEC in the Middle east. All the doomsday self-annointed Grand Pooh Bahs who claimed the US would end up as another failed empire were wrong. Bitcoins are being revealed as the fraudulent Ponzi scheme they always were. The dollar is back in vogue and has much higher to go. And yes crime rates are way down because no one can really get away with anything nowadays except a few exceptionally well equipped spies. Why is this such a bad thing? Most people would be willing to sacrifice a certain amount of privacy in exchange for security. You cant always have it both ways

PioneerPreppy said...

Most people would be willing to sacrifice a certain amount of privacy in exchange for security

I have found those people are usually only willing to sacrifice someone else's privacy or civil rights not their own. Or at least not the ones they are partial too.

Anonymous said...

PP : What privacy is it that you feel you are sacrificing? If you want absolute privacy don't go on the internet and don't have a cell phone. True, the federal government can find out what they want about anyone, but unless you are planning a terrorist attack or treason they won't be bothered.

PioneerPreppy said...

There are plenty of privacy rights being violated out there. Some, like say firearms registration, do not effect me yet since I live in a Free state but I guard against them none-the-less. Others do effect me today in smaller amounts and they are brought on because far too many want to look to government as their daddy.