Tuesday, January 22, 2013

U.S. Oil Production

It is difficult to wrap my mind around the incredible increase in U.S. production of Crude & Condensate.

As it turns out, there was a great deal more $100 per barrel Oil than nearly any one thought possible (int he U.S., anyway). I should think that there will be one heck of a lot of $150 Oil - if we ever even need to find out.

When the wind (or data) changes, one must tack to the wind. I am not interested in being long Oil at the moment.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Great MLK and the Defilement of his Legacy

Happy MLK day!

I am a huge MLK fan - so much so that I would be very, very happy to have his likeness replace Lincoln's on the penny and $5 bill. MLK was the real emancipator. Lincoln fought a war that didn't need to be fought and caused the violent/diseased death of well over 1 million people (the 660k quote of soldiers that dies during the conflict is almost surely a vast understatement, and to that one must add the deaths of those that died of their wounds in the years after the Civil War as well as the deaths of the orphaned children and widows of the deceased soldiers).

Of course, no one listens to me. Unfortunately, no one listened to MLK, either.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

While the Liberal media will be filled with propaganda today, I would like to offer an alternative view of the data. If I assert that MLK was the real emancipator, I would also assert that the "Black (only) Leadership", with a tremendous assist from The Left, has done its best to undo the achievements of the Late, GREAT, MLK.

African Americans have separated and segregated themselves from the larger society in a fashion unprecedented in history.

So much for a color blind society. I wish MLK could be here to see this, and to strip the bark off of the "Black (only) Leaders" for what they have wrought.

For those of you who actually ARE color blind/gender blind/faith blind, that reject the use of force to achieve political and social policy goals as well as the lie of multiculturalism, and who embrace the acceptance of us mongrel races, I wish you peace and salute the content of your character.

And to you, Martin Luther King, Jr. May your message take root and have a voice once again.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"There's More to Life Than Being Happy"

Recently, I stumbled on this excellent article "There's More to Life Than Being Happy" at a reflective moment. I have not read Frankl's book as yet, but that is something that I shall soon remedy.

Even without the benefit of having read the book I feel I can relate to Frankl's assertion. I am "of a certain age", a time in life where one is "mature" and "experienced" yet still en compos mentis (for now). I have seen much success in life - and much failure. When I speak of "success" and "failure" I do not speak of financial or material outcomes.

I think the first rule of "meaning" is remaining alive. I have been to the burial ceremonies of so many friends and acquaintances that died young while "pursuing happiness" - sex, alcohol, food, drugs, sports cars, et al - that I have lost count. The staying alive part might seem obvious, reading or writing this at our leisure here on a Sunday morning but it must not have seemed so obvious to the Dearly Departed when they were doing whatever it was that they were doing to become Departed.

Just take a look around! Lots of angry and hostile people in traffic, in line at the airport, on Facebook. Are "we" more angry than we used to be? Sure seems that way. Could it be our loss of purpose? While I can't be sure, that seems to be the case, too. And that makes perfect sense (to me, in any event).

I can't seem to find much in the media that does not relate to politics and the economy. Oh, there's still the sports section and/or the entertainment section I guess... but since I am not really much of a sports fan and would rather beat my toes off with a hammer than watch TV I don't see much else (no doubt a result of my self-limiting behavior). Of course, I see it as anger/hate/resentment stirred up to elicit a political response, but I see something else, too. I see a system that conspires to convince people to chase material advantages that are not possible to gain - and convinces people to give up marriage, children, family to pursue that which cannot be had.

The educational system, corporatism, Feminism's war on children and family, FICA and property taxes,  and the reality of Life's seasons have conspired to leave so many of my contemporaries broke, childless,  single, separated from the corporate cocoon, and now 50+. I personally know dozens of former Feminist warriors (their counterparts, the underachieving alcohol/drug infused males of their age have long since gone to ground - it was their funerals I mentioned above) that are now in this very, very uncomfortable position.

What was the purpose of their lives? To end their family's line? That's what happened. Generations of ancestors before them survived ocean crossings, wars, childbirth, disease and pestilence, and all of their efforts to survive and pass on their genes, family history, and purpose in life could not survive the influence of Gloria Steinem & Co., Goldman Sachs, and the perceived need for Health Insurance and an oversized, 4 bedroom home devoid of children. Go figure.

There are some tremendous advantages to a long life (that is, besides the obvious), especially if you can overcome the hypocrisy of age. If you have lived this long, you were either lucky or you overcame the risks that come with the arrogance of youth. I roll my eyes with exasperation every time some sanctimonious blowhard steps up to a microphone, Tweet, or Web rant. I know the truth. Every one of us has a story that would make Caligula blush or make Keith Richards appear temperate - or are pissed off that they didn't. Personally, lets just say I lived large and leave it at. But most of that did not give/bring me the purpose that helped me to this long, prosperous, and fecund life experience I was lucky enough to pull down.

But I digress...

There are a number of entrenched and powerful interests that desperately need to skew your personal purpose compass. Corporations, municipal employee unions pensions, governments from local to federal, and various political interests are out to leave us broke, childless, and dependent - with all of that resultant anger you are witnessing around you. Just listen to the conversation within the American Body Politic. A never ending discussion about the economy and jobs. Not a word about the Freedoms and Rights of man. Just a never ending stream of insults and invective.

Where is the purpose in that?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Web Makes Lying Harder, But Not Impossible

The Web has made the spread of disinformation and outright lies more difficult - but not impossible.

Due to the confrontation of facts true believers of all stripes are forced to retreat to deep within the ranks of their compatriots, where deep in these voids truth is not important - where adherence to the belief system, the world view of the group, is what counts.

In the Land of the Know-Nothing "the chant" is king. Repeat a untruth over and over and over and it becomes truth.

I have no love lost for the American Right. The only group I despise more is the Left. Not that they are inherently more evil (though historically the Great Evils of history are universally occupied by their ancestors), they merely have less "right" to be so disgustingly ill informed. As I have often said... if a person was born in a trailer park in Arkansas, raised on Confederate flags, Budweiser beer commercials, and the "Marlboro Man" I don't expect very much intellectually. Those born and raised with a silver spoon in their mouth, complete with prep schools, Ivy League Colleges, summers on the Vineyard have absolutely no excuse to be so f***ing daft.

That your political special interest group cannot prosper (or even exist) in the absence of outrageous lies and disinformation is indicative of serious flaws in your premise.

Why does the Left promulgate these outrageous lies? (That's rhetorical. They do it because it is working, at least for the moment.)

Lie #1: 25% of American Women have been the victim of a sexual assault. The mathematical absurdity of this simply boggles the mind - yet no has been able to challenge this nonsensical assertion and survive politically. Does anybody know where the source for this silly assertion comes from? From a long since discredited article in "Ms. Magazine" from 1987. Why is it still in common usage? Because it works.

Lie #2: Women earn $.75 to men's $1 for ever hour of equal work. How does the media and academia get away with this one in this day?  The largest employer in the country now is government. Is there a pay discrepancy there? If not, then the pay discrepancy in the private sector would be much higher by mathematical necessity (if you don't immediately see why that is, well, I don't know what to say to you). So where is the discrepancy? Are female physicians paid differently than male physicians? What about male/female nurses, or any other worker in the healthcare field? This group represents 18% of GDP. Total government spending at 35% + of GDP. Since there is no evidence WHATSOEVER that there is any pay difference in government or healthcare (comparing apples to apples) for the silly 75 cents on the $ statistic to be accurate would require that the remaining 47% of GDP to have a 50 cents to the $ ratio. You think I would pay my male plumber, computer repair person, horse farrier 2X what a female would charge me? Why would anybody do such a thing? Especially since women control over 85% of consumer spending decisions?

Lie #3: African Americans suffer interracial violence and/or "racism" at the hands of White Americans. Here is what I said in a previous post, and I am sticking to it:

A White American is 52.5 TIMES more likely to suffer a violent assault or murder by a Black American perpetrator than is a Black American to suffer violence from a White American.

Black Americans murder White Americans at 18X the rate that White Americans murder Black Americans.

(CORRECTION!! The above 2 data points, are stated poorly... what I should have said was this: The African American community creates/manufactures inter-racial violent criminals at 52.5X the rate that the White American Community manufactures inter-racial violent criminals.  When it comes to inter-racial murderers, the African American community manufactures inter-racial murderers at 18X the rate that the White American community manufactures/creates interracial murderers for the period 1990 to 2010. In 2010 alone, that multiple dropped to 14X.)

For the past decade nearly 35,000  White women have suffered forceable raped each year by a Black Perpetrator. The number of Black Women suffering a forceable rape by a White Man averaged less than 10 per year. 35,000 to less than 10.

Gang rapes of White Women by Black Men - about 3000 per year. Gang rapes of Black Women by White Men? Virtually unheard of, with the glaring exception of the Duke rape case.

The number of White Women murdered each year by Black Men averages over 500 per year. The number of Black Women murdered by White Men is less than 10 per year.

In fact, ALL White Male violence on Black Women is statistically non-existent (not saying it does not happen... just saying lottery wins are far, far, far, more common statistically)... and White Male violence against Black Males is only slightly more common statistically.


So... in the day of instant fact checking and readily available data why do intelligent, educated, rational people that reject superstitions and prejudices of yesterday continue to want to believe propaganda that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud?

That was NOT a rhetorical question. Fill me in. I'd really like to know.