Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inter-Race Crime

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case has sparked outrage and protest across the U.S. I have no opinion on that specific case and I am confident that that case will get a very thorough investigation without my help.

After the Trayvon Martin killing and the subsequent protests, I did what any self-respecting observer of the human condition with OCD would do.

I went to the FBI web site and reviewed tables on interracial crime in America. What I found was so disturbing that I am still somewhat disheartened. I had several conversations with people on Facebook about the data, but those inclined to the Mainstream Media's view either suggested that I made the data up, was some kind of White Supremacist, or refused to engage further.

BTW... I am really not a White Supremacist. My wife is not white, and my kids are bi-racial (my wife is not black... more of a delicious mocha cappuccino... not sure if that is the right shade for inclusion in the National Association of Colored People... always curious about those folks... what color, exactly?). I would describe myself as a middle-aged-white-pacifist-Libertarian with a fetish for organic farming. I am not motivated by racial issues. I AM motivated by violence issues - or perhaps better said as non-violence issues. I reject militarism, capital punishment, abortion, and each and every other example of institutional AND individual violence. I do respect the Right to defend one's loved ones and oneself. End of disclosure and disclaimer.

OK? So.... after reviewing the data at the FBI's website I will start with this assertion: The idea promulgated in the media that Black people suffer violence at the hands of White racists in overwhelming numbers is a fabrication. Here are the statistical facts:

A White American is 52.5 TIMES more likely to suffer a violent assault or murder by a Black American perpetrator than is a Black American to suffer violence from a White American.

Black Americans murder White Americans at 18X the rate that White Americans murder Black Americans.

(CORRECTION!! The above 2 data points, are stated poorly... what I should have said was this: The African American community creates/manufactures inter-racial violent criminals at 52.5X the rate that the White American Community manufactures inter-racial violent criminals.  When it comes to inter-racial murderers, the African American community manufactures inter-racial murderers at 18X the rate that the White American community manufactures/creates interracial murderers for the period 1990 to 2010. In 2010 alone, that multiple dropped to 14X.)

For the past decade nearly 35,000  White women have suffered forceable raped each year by a Black Perpetrator. The number of Black Women suffering a forceable rape by a White Man averaged less than 10 per year. 35,000 to less than 10.

Gang rapes of White Women by Black Men - about 3000 per year. Gang rapes of Black Women by White Men? Virtually unheard of, with the glaring exception of the Duke rape case.

The number of White Women murdered each year by Black Men averages over 500 per year. The number of Black Women murdered by White Men is less than 10 per year.

In fact, ALL White Male violence on Black Women is statistically non-existent (not saying it does not happen... just saying lottery wins are far, far, far, more common statistically)... and White Male violence against Black Males is only slightly more common statistically.

OK. I think you got the idea. Did any of you know the extent of the problem? Me neither. Of course, we all know about the number of Black men in prison, parole, or probation... but most of us really didn't look under the hood. Well, the above numbers are what I noticed when looking under said hood. I left out commentary and just gave you the numbers. That the Mainstream Media does not publish either the numbers OR the commentary is an outrage. Worse, the Mainstream media issues forth propaganda about the relatively rare violence that Black Americans' suffer at the hands of White Americans.

A greater outrage is the lack of outrage in the Black community. Young black men want justice for Trayvon Martin, and rightly so. If it is found that he was murdered, George Zimmerman should and will be prosecuted. If it is found that Martin was smashing Zimmerman's head on the ground and was shot in self-defense, Zimmerman should and will be exonerated. That is the definition of justice. I should think that the African-American hunger for justice would be extended to the victims of all violent crime. It simply is not - and that is an outrage.

Those are the facts.

Here comes the assertion (and please leave your hysteria at home... I will so stipulate that I am ugly and my wife does dress me funny... now that we've got that out of the way, can we have a rational discussion of the assertion absent the ad hominem attacks?)

Thinking about those facts I wondered why the Left/Democrats, which are dominant in the MainStream Media, would censure this data from their publishing. Look, if President Obama beats the GOP by 59% to 38% among women and presidential elections are won by just a percentage point or 2, by mathematical necessity the Left/Democrats are disproportionally female and the Right/Republicans are disproportionally male. Get that?

So why would a party/political affiliation dominated by white women refuse to publish or discuss this very public data? Why are 35,000 rapes and over 500 murders of their daughters, sisters, and mothers not worthy of public discussion?

In a word - Abortion.

Black Americans make up 14% of the population, yet vote nearly 100% for Democratic candidates. Without the Black vote there IS NO Democratic party. In the absence of nearly 100% of the Black vote going for BHO, Mitt Romney is the next president. The Democratic party is willing to negotiate on any and every issue except one - Abortion - and it seems to me that they are willing to censure discussion of the above data in exchange for control of the Liberal/Democratic party for the purposes of keeping the world safe for Abortion.

My sense of this is that anyone refusing to acknowledge this is contributing to the violence. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. It is said that Holocaust occurred because good men looked away. I will always refuse to look away.


Anonymous said...

When you cite to a source, please cite to the actual source not the general webpage. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's not "abortion". It's fear of another Nazi movement.

tweell said...

Another Nazi movement? Oh come on! Sorry, but the National Socialist Worker's Party is what they aspire to and use the tactics of.
By the way, you're Godwined.

PioneerPreppy said...

It's not just abortion. These same white women you speak of have ridden the affirmative action/ minority sympathy wave for decades. White women in America are the only majority to get minority rights in the world outside of S. Africa.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Anon at 11:42:

There are many, many tables at the FBI web site... If you think my data is not correct, and there are a couple miscalculations that my cousin schooled me on today on Facebook... feel free to post here and we will discuss them.

Anonymous said...

Facts are racist!!!!


Anonymous said...

"Refuse to publish or discuss this data?" Dude you found it yourself with minimal effort. The data has been published and discussed for decades, everyone already knows and is bored hearing about it. Did you ever consider discussing the fact that over 90% of the prisoners who were wrongfully convicted of violent crimes and then released decades later due to DNA evidence are black?
The vast majority of people in the US are not single issue voters. They may have an opinion on abortion but their main focus is whether or not they have a job and can support their family with some financial security. That is true of the majority of Republicans and Democrats. Old Mitt Romney was a pro-choice when it was fashionable for him and helped him to get elected governor in a Democratic state. So your premise that everything is about abortion doesn't hold up very well

Anonymous said...

Well the reason that most are released is because they commit the vast majority of violent crime (rape, murder, etc.). In relationship to the black demographics, it is disturbing that they in commit crimes so out of proportion to their population. It is also well known that Black juveniles commit more crimes in aggregate and also commit more heinous crimes. It is not very hard to see the correlation. I have taken enough Criminology classes to know almost all of this of hyperbolic posturing by the left does not change the facts. The Supreme Court has ruled on it and I don't have time to look up the case, but they concluded that rates of conviction follow the arrests rates fairly closely. As for overturning convictions, it has more to do with nature of offenses (rape, murder) before DNA evidence and also the lack of a good lawyer in urban setting. Not to mention that most murder cases were prosecuted on a circumstantial basis before DNA. I think you need to lay off the crime dramas that make it seem so easy to find evidence. These men where tried by a jury of their peers and lost. What are we supposed to do about that? I know, I know, we shall mandate that all murders and rapist get top dollar defense from the most prominent lawyers. Sometimes life is not fair, get a job, stay out of trouble and if you do get charged with something you will have the resources to buy the best lawyer money can provide. The constitution did not provide for lawyers in state trials (only federal originally), it was an incorporation issue that came to the forefront in the 20th century. Anyways go back to thinking that the institutions of justice are racist!!!! The fact is that in proportion to the crimes committed, juveniles from the urban areas are many times receive less burdensome sentencing because the local jail populations dictate it. You cannot hold an infinite amount of criminals, so they are kicked to probation and then released. Here in Michigan we constantly here about murders getting out at the minimum to save state resources. I am not a prison proponent myself, I like the punitive fine system used in some countries in Europe to deal with misdemeanors much better, but the fact is that prisons are not full of misdemeanors offenders, but of hardened repeat offenders. The court system is set up to provide increasing levels of punishment as you progress through your criminal life.


tweell said...

Hmm. According to the innocence project, 289 people were exonerated post-conviction, 180 were black. That's 62.3%, so Anon's facts are lacking. I would also note that 289 exonerations over 23 years is statistically insignificant to the total number of serious assaults and murders committed during that time.
Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

Anonymous said...

Tweell - nobody cares what you and your ilk have to say.The fact that blacks commit more crimes in the US is old news, hardly worthy of media attention. How do you know how many people have been put to death wrongfully for crimes they did not commit? We live in a world with imperfect justice. The fact that white women would vote for a mixed race President despite the fact that more crimes are committed by blacks against whites is reason for optimism in my opinion.

PioneerPreppy said...

And we saw how many of those duped White women supported the democrats in "10" didn't we?

The backlash to the race and gender whining is growing. Judging by how quick people came to Zimmerman's defense in this latest race baiting fiasco and the growing numbers of those who can see both the racial and feminist hypocrisy it had hit critical mass.

Now the fun begins.

tweell said...

Congratulations, nobody (since you seem to care). Life isn't fair!
Alas, after that realization, you have started digging again. "How do you know how many people have been put to death wrongfully for crimes they did not commit?" Come up with better a straw man argument, please, that one is almost as bad as 'have you stopped beating your wife'.

The fact that most women (and many men) are stupid enough to believe the media and the lies they are told instead of thinking for themselves may be reason for optimism in your opinion, but not in mine. I pray that sanity may return to America.

Anonymous said...

If "abortion" is a code word for zionism, I agree with you. It's the money changers.


Anonymous said...

The intrade futures are showing a 60% probability that Obama will be re elected, the same as they were back in 2008 when people said no one with a middle name of Hussein would ever be a US president.
No one is saying this because it is not politically correct but the fact that Mr.Romney is a Mormon will likely be his downfall. The heart of Republican conservatism in the US is a deep held belief that the WASP should be running the show. Mormonism is a form of heresy to them and a heretic is worse than an infidel. That is why pathetic has beens like Gingrich and Santorum have won primaries. the "base" of the GOP is sending a message to Romney: You're not really one of us " But they don't have anyone else, so Romney it is.

Ask yourself a question before you vote: Do you really want another baby boomer President, and an investment banker ? You might as well vote for Lloyd Blanfein or Jamie Dimon

PioneerPreppy said...

You Sir, whomever you are under that anonymous handle are completely out of touch with modern day conservatives. No one cares one wit that he is a Mormon. Santorum and Gingrich are getting votes for the same reason Cain did because they are more straight line conservatives. When push comes to shove these conservative republicans will support Romney especially over Obama but they are sending him a strong message first.

However keep hoping your boy can fool America once again but I think far too many can now "See".

Anonymous said...

Good article for you to read Jeffers, right up your alley.


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