Monday, January 21, 2013

The Great MLK and the Defilement of his Legacy

Happy MLK day!

I am a huge MLK fan - so much so that I would be very, very happy to have his likeness replace Lincoln's on the penny and $5 bill. MLK was the real emancipator. Lincoln fought a war that didn't need to be fought and caused the violent/diseased death of well over 1 million people (the 660k quote of soldiers that dies during the conflict is almost surely a vast understatement, and to that one must add the deaths of those that died of their wounds in the years after the Civil War as well as the deaths of the orphaned children and widows of the deceased soldiers).

Of course, no one listens to me. Unfortunately, no one listened to MLK, either.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

While the Liberal media will be filled with propaganda today, I would like to offer an alternative view of the data. If I assert that MLK was the real emancipator, I would also assert that the "Black (only) Leadership", with a tremendous assist from The Left, has done its best to undo the achievements of the Late, GREAT, MLK.

African Americans have separated and segregated themselves from the larger society in a fashion unprecedented in history.

So much for a color blind society. I wish MLK could be here to see this, and to strip the bark off of the "Black (only) Leaders" for what they have wrought.

For those of you who actually ARE color blind/gender blind/faith blind, that reject the use of force to achieve political and social policy goals as well as the lie of multiculturalism, and who embrace the acceptance of us mongrel races, I wish you peace and salute the content of your character.

And to you, Martin Luther King, Jr. May your message take root and have a voice once again.


Publius said...

Yes, MLK would be heartbroken by our current state.

Don't forget his anti-war views. In fact, when he was cut down, he had really started to focus a lot more on the evils of the Vietnam War...

MLK was a huge threat to the military industrial complex, which has since completely won the struggle. There is almost no meaningful push-back against the completely unsustainable costs of Empire/Homeland Security Police State/militarized foreign policy.

Could you say something more about the importance of non-interventionism to your libertarianism? That aspect of libertarianism is where libertarians could really find more allies on certain issues with the progressive left. It would be a principled alliance, even if a narrow one, as the goal would be to save lives and stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

The threat posed by our current militarism to the constitutional order is grave: the president can act now almost without restraint by claiming that he is acting for national security reasons. The path towards an effective executive tyranny as been charted out, and is being pushed forward as we sit here in front of our computers.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Thank you for adding that.

Indeed, I should have mentioned MLK's social AND political pacifism.

Anonymous said...

Stephen B.

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