Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time to Purge

The elections are over and, as expected, Mitt Romney lost.

Or did he?

Romney was the better man representing the lesser (worser?) party. While I think Romney, under most circumstances, would have made the better president I am not sure about under the present circumstances.

The Republicans should have run Ron Paul. The Republicans should have embraced the message from the Libertarian wing of the GOP and of the Independents.

They did not - and they have suffered the consequences.

Good. Because it is time to purge. 

Energy and debt constraints will force the U.S., over time, into either Statism or Libertarianism. It matters little how the Statist groups call themselves - Republican, Democrat, Green, Red, Blue - this is one of those glaringly black and white issues in an otherwise billion shades of grey world.

Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt loosed the evils of Constitutional tampering and gaming upon our nation - and we have never recovered. History is written by the victors.

FDR's rejection of Individual Rights in favor of Special Interest Rights/Group Rights and rejection of personal freedoms and personal responsibility beginning with his addicting social programs and culminating with the absolute worst decision in the history of the Supreme Court (and that it beats some of the Slave decisions says a great deal) - Wickard vs Filburn - set us on the road that has brought us here.

(I highly recommend that thinking people that might be constrained for time watch the reasonably historically accurate 1980's movie "Reds" directed and starred in by Warren Beatty. It is on Netflix now. While long (3 hours) and windy, every thinking person should get an idea of where the American Left comes from. And not that the Left of that time was entirely without merit as is the Left of our time - which is another thing that makes the movie worth watching.)

We live in a plantation economy. The banks enslave us with debt and the Fractional Reserve Banking System concentrates wealth in the hands of Banking, Media, and Entertainment Industries. These people control the Democratic party. The Republicans control nothing. Goldman Sachs and Wall Street? Democrat (how the Left convinces the masses that New York's establishment industry, and with New York the most Liberal bastion in the U.S., is somehow controlled by Christian Conservatives is simply beyond me... a better example of the power of propaganda I cannot imagine). Hollywood? Democrat. New York Times? Democrat. Republicans? Nothing. Zip. Zero Nada. Actually that's not true... they controlled the Defense Industry. The funny thing is is that the guy that got this ball really rolling for the Left was a Republican - non other than the Left's favorite man to hate: President Richard M. Nixon.

Since taking the U.S. off of the Gold Standard (and this is NOT a plea for a return to the Gold Standard) the world's GDP has grown by 5 or 6 fold. The world's aggregate debt in that same time period has increased some 60 to 70 fold. This is NOT a coincidence. And cui bono? Who benefited from this expansion (explosion) of debt? The banksters in New York. Not "Wall Street". New York.

(New Yorkers kill me... Liberal, "true blue", they bleed blue... and are completely deaf, dumb, and f***ing blind about their contribution to CO2 emissions & climate change via their manufacturing of debt enslavement of the world's people and their funding of the U.S. military/industrial complex and social programs. After all, without the world's largest military to enforce US$ hegemony the U.S. (and the other OECD countries, which simply operate as protectorates of the U.S) would not be able to fund its massive budget deficits - and that's the end of the social programs. They whine for the "poor", when it is their opulence that creates the relative deprivation between themselves and the poor bastards in fly-over-land which they profess to care for but truly despise. Ignorance truly is bliss.)

Not that its a conspiracy - it isn't. Its just the evolution of some incredible phenomenon. Americans were displaced from the countryside to the cities from 1925 to 2000 as the "machines" (industrialized farm equipment) took over their jobs in agriculture. Then the "machines" (robots) displaced these people on the factory floors of Detroit, et al. Now computers and other advances of automation are replacing these people in their jobs in cubicles moving bytes around on a screen. All of the Labor Union gnashing of teeth and blaming China, Japan, India, whoever...  is not going to undo the machines.

Of course, this is creates a very, very serious problem for the Fractional Reserve Banking System of money creation. Machines may cause some capital investment, but as they become more efficient both in producing and being produced that capital investment continues to decline, and; as the machines displace people, demand from those being replaced goes down like a rock in a pond leading to "jobless recoveries" - and further concentrating wealth into fewer and fewer hands. Think about the implications of this (unfortunately, if you do not understand money creation in our system all of the thinking in the world won't help. Wikipedia has an excellent primer). So the government stepped in and gave people "free" money in order to negate the effects of the machines on people's earnings and to prop up demand. There are no actions taken that do not generate unintended consequences - and the unintended consequences of this, along with some incredible demographic changes wrought by birth control/the Green Revolution/vaccines and anti-biotics have increased the population 3X in less than 75 years. The phenomenon increased their "free" time, but since they have crowded themselves together there is not much to do with that free time but watch TV and consume other media. Most of these (increased population) people are not happy just to be alive because the Media is constantly reminding them that they are not as rich/good looking/fabulous/interesting as the folks on TV... not to worry, because the government has funded healthcare to the point that it is now 18% of GDP, which combined with the unintended consequences of media exposure has 1/3 of American women over 40 now either on happy pills (anti-depressants) or deadening pills (anti-anxiety) to make them feel better about themselves after watching TV and reading beauty magazines, not to mention making over 50% of them obese. Men are about half as bad off when measured by happy pills and fat @$$es. Some argue that this is existential. To that I say: Donkey Dust!

Now, The People are by mathematical necessity "average" - and the complicated set of circumstances of our economy and political system is simply beyond the cerebral capacity of "average" people. In fact, it appears to be beyond the capacities of Nobel Prize Winners like Paul Krugman (this is not a backhanded insult to Krugman who I think is a bright and thoughtful man. The media worships him like a god, but I just don't find him infallible. In fact, I think his Keynesian indoctrination has created a permanent, critical flaw in his thinking - not that mine, or others, is perfect. Economics is not called the "Dark Science" for nothing). Should you doubt my analysis on The People's ability to understand the system I respectfully submit that if it were understandable that politicians and policy makers would be unable to get away with the copious lies and half truths that they seem to do, and; The People would be able to agree on things, or at least create a much more cohesive "center", to a much larger extent than they do now. Further, if The People understood the system, they would be able to exploit its production much more uniformly - yet they do not. I could go on forever with this line of thought but let's move on for now...

The U.S. has become the Tower of Babel. People shout past each other; there is little communication. The Web is now completely Balkanized, and crazy people are suggesting violent insurrection. How the F^&%$$ did we get here?

- to be continued...


PioneerPreppy said...

The violent Insurrectionist are the ones imposing their will on the rest. I support Violent defense of my property and the Constitution if that means removing the Red states from the Blue (which are really just blue enclaves not the whole state) then so be it.

I don't think I am crazy for that stance.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that will be necessary. A couple of True Blue friends of ours have just realized that the chances of the government keeping its promises is next to nil. This realization will change everything.

They are Greg's poster children. Divorced, remarried and raped by family law. They're 10 years from retirement and have accumulated nothing. They are scared $#!TLESS and aren't the only ones beginning to see the light.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, what do you think of MMT, especially the ideas of Warren Mosler, his 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds, fiat monetary operations and so on? Alao Randall Wray and Michael Hudson and the economists at UMKC and the and the Levy Institute.
You almost sound like you are ready.
Best, PaleoProgLib

Greg T. Jeffers said...


There is absolutely NO NEED to engage in violence or insurrection.

I know your heart is in the right place and I know that you agree with me that there is only ONE country with ONE Constitution.

We must protect it. That cannot be done by harming it.

If people of our sort, and there are millions of us, people that love our country and our heritage and that work hard and are personally responsible for ourselves AND demand the personal freedoms that go along with personal responsibility... if such people cooperated we could bring down the dead beats, criminals, socialists, and other domestic enemies of the Constitution quite easily and without resorting to insurrection and violence:

A general strike of the PRODUCTIVE class - and not one that goosed the economy by preparing for it by bringing spending and demand forward. A REAL strike... say 1 week. Don't move your car. Do not buy ANYTHING. Do not go to work. Eat the left overs in the fridge, and the cans at the back of the pantry, turned the lights and heat off... I am talking a production AND consumption strike... do NOTHING that helps the slave trade - read the great works on liberty, work around the house with the tools and supplies you have, clean out the attack or basement, but do NOT buy anything during the strike, do not produce during the strike, do not eat out, do not go to a movie, do not turn on your TV. Turn off the heat, the electric, don't run the water - hell, don't take a freaking bath. SIT in the dark with your winter clothes on and giggle to yourself...

Because a SINGLE WEEK of that would bring the government to its knees.

confederate miner said...

It sounds good but people who are employed can't do that they would get fired. So it would have to be owners of business. They would probably lose market share. It would have to be owners of real productive enterprises not service. Will the farmers skip a crop season? Most of my family is in agriculture I just don't see it happening. I'm all for your idea. If we do it and it doesn't work and backfires causing more government oppression. Then will you stand and fight? Library and pacifism it seems history has shown those are mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

You look at guys like Romney and all the other financial bigwigs in the US financial "industry" and what do you see? You see a bunch of folks with higher degrees working long hours and making a big nominal salary. And they surely view themselves as the most productive class in the US.

Unforunately, the big nominal salary does not mean that these big financial folks are PRODUCTIVE citizens. The US financial "industry" is producing little and causing big problems in our economy and in the corruption of our supposedly democratic government.

A Mexican cabbage picker is more productive than many of these big financial players even though he's making pennies an hour.

Fire away Jeffords.


PioneerPreppy said...

Greg - Thanks for stopping by over at my blog today. I understand your point I just don't think enough people will do it to make any difference at this point. I am not telling anyone to go out and start shooting but I believe the shooting will start and be the final solution no matter what we do to try and stop it.

Appeasement will bring it on the same as fighting it I am afraid.

I saw way too many people celebrating the "End of the White Male" this last election. I have come to the conclusion that they really want to see the end of us and everything associated with us which includes family, property, the Constitution and everything else.

And by the end. I literally mean the end as in extinction.

Your solution is the only one that might work to stop the cleansing I see in their words and eyes so I would be willing to give it a try none-the-less but I won't let down my guard a second while doing so or stop preparing to defend myself.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Why do you persist in calling me "Jeffords"? It is really not as clever as you appear to think.

Confederate Miner:

I believe a general strike would work quite well. You are correct that non-strikers would pick up market share- they might pick up unwanted attention from those sympathetic to the strikers, too.

I reject the use of violence for to achieve political or social policy goals. I endorse the use of systemic and non-violent attacks on the economic system.

BTW... employees could go to work... and then not work very much. Owners could shut the lights off for a week. If THe People are not willing to make even THIS small kind of sacrifice, then they are content to live as prols - and must accept their lot and stop with the militia nonsense.

confederate miner said...

If enoughvof us did this to affect the governmemt how do you feel the government would react?

Stephen B. said...

I agree that large-scale violence would be a disaster if only because it steals and diverts attention from the issues at hand entirely like the 9/11 attacks completely undercut Bin Laden's very valid points about the US virtually taking over the Middle East. The subject now is the growing wealth disparity in the country due to financial gaming by the fed and the Elite along with the effects of job automation and the growth of the corporate welfare state as a response.

Nevertheless, we may see much violence because change through violence is such a part of the US/American narrative from Lexington and Concord through the Civil War as well as the Civil Rights era.

What we need is a powerful, uniting leader or movement that gets US Americans to think and act, producing for themselves and there community while bypassing the corporate-government economy as much as possible. I wish I saw a single week's strike doing this, but I don't. It seems to me that such strikes by and large, only serve to create pent up demand to be released in an economic binge the following week, although some activities such as restaurant meals and extra automobile trips, once cancelled, are sometimes lost forever.

I'm not sure, but I don't think the desire and ability to enact positive change exists in enough of our countrymen to enable this at all.

'Hope cynical me is wrong.

Stephen B.

Stephen B. said...

Sorry about the spelling errors in the above post. My phone does not interface well with the blog website software when it comes to revising after the first preview it seems.

Anonymous said...

Something that CAN be done, and would benefit us all at the same time is to SAVE MONEY or collect assets (without borrowing to do so). The disparity in wealth is NOT due to disparity of income, but in disparity in savings. Of course, one must earn something in order to save it, but for those of us that work, there is something earned. The .001% have convinced the rest of us through media and tax structure to go into debt slavery to acquire the trappings of the good life. Guess who owns the others side of the notes? The F'ing 0.001%.

It is perfectly within the ability of most of us to pay down debt faster than required, and put some extra into savings each month. We don't have to take anything by force. We can buy it.

The news talks about the wealthiest 1% based on income. INCOME does not in any way equal WEALTH, although wealth can be accumulated faster if one's income is higher.

On a different note, Warren Buffet's desire to raise the capital gains rate is entirely self serving. He has alluded to being a net stock buyer over the next 5 years, or so, and wants the markets to be as depressed a possible. I wonder if he is spokesman for a wider slice of the .001% than just himself. I'm taking this as a warning for now and a prediction of rising equities 5 years out. If you can't beat 'em join 'em


Coal Guy

westexas said...

I wonder if we could develop a metric that would be analogous to the Export Capacity Index (ECI, or ratio of total petroleum liquids production to liquids consumption) but that would apply to individuals.

What if we divided the Production of Essential Goods & Services by the Consumption of Essential Goods & Services to derive a ratio which would predict one's ability to cope with the ongoing reality of constrained Global Net Exports of oil.

Of course, "Essential" is in the eye of the beholder, but I would classify Essential Goods & Services as the production of food & energy (and goods & services related to same), elementary & secondary education, basic housing, mass transit, basic transportation (e.g., bicycles), basic medical care, technical & vocational training, etc. We could call it the EGS ratio (Essential Goods & Services Ratio).

I suspect that the EGS Ratio for most Americans would be zero, e.g., everyone in the entertainment industry, in the sense workers in the entertainment industry consume Essential Goods & Services, but produce none, thus their EGS ratio = zero.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think it would have based on production. If one is engaged in manufacturing, farming, mining, etc. Then they are increasing the wealth of the community. If not then they necessarily live on the backs of those that do. That isn't bad in and of its self, the physician for instance, increases the quality of life for the community. However, he is not producing anything and a community can only spare so much production for services regardless of need.


PioneerPreppy said...

If you really look at the electoral map by county there are no Blue States just a few Blue enclaves within a sea of Red.

All that would really need to be done is to convince rural America to stop producing for one season. I assure you it would put an end to this BS quickly.

confederate miner said...

An armed insurrection would pale in comparison to the death and destruction caused by the nations farmers taking a year off.