Thursday, November 8, 2012

My name is Greg Jeffers and I am a White Male

My name is Greg Jeffers and I am a "White Male" (mostly). (My wife is non-White. My kids are mocha-cappucino-with-whipped-cream-gorgeous. I mention this to stop some looney from interpreting this as some kind racist diatribe from a "White Male".) I have no idea what I have done as to be so despised as I have spent the last 30 years getting up at the @$$ crack of dawn working like a pack animal to provide a life for my family - but hated I am. My name is Greg Jeffers and I am a "White Male".

The Media is in all its glory with the re-election of a sitting president by 1% of the popular vote. They have declared victory for Liberalism and the Death of the Republican party and Conservatism. While I have little empathy for either Conservatism OR Liberalism, I do have great affinity for the idea that we need more than 1 political party here in the United States of America.

It seems that the media, in all its wisdom, has proclaimed the death of the 2 party system because the Republican party is the party of "Older White Males". Forget for a moment that we have not had a 2 party system in decades. Let's just go with the media narrative.

I am a "White Male". Worse, I am an "Older White Male". You know, the demographic that produced the most income/tax revenue per capita in the U.S., with the lowest criminal conviction ratio of any male demographic.

Let me tell you of my "Older White Male" experience. Contrary to the media narrative, like most "White Males" I was not born to privilege. Yes, a higher proportion of "White Males" are the sons of Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs than is the case of Tan/Brown/Black/Red/ or pick the complexion that you, in your own personal narrative, do not define as "White", but most of us are the sons of bricklayers, janitors, truck drivers, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, etc... and other non-professional, working class folk. In my case, I was the 5th son of a working class father. What education I have I worked for. What assets I have I earned. This is the case for 99% or so of us "White Males".

Let me tell you of our adult experience. We went to work. Most right after  High School, and for the privileged right after college and maybe grad school. But worked. I started working at 13, bought my first car for $298 (it had a blown head gasket and had seized up. Privileged guys and gals won't know what this means) at age 20 from money I earned digging irrigation sprinklers in the Summer Sun of South Florida in between my sophomore and junior year. I rebuilt the engine with borrowed tools and a $15 "Chiltons Auto Repair Manual". I had never worked on a car before in my life. So much for privilege.

But I digress.

We went to work. We got married (the other Male demographics did not for the most part). Can you imagine that? We thought we were doing the right thing, giving our children a home and a name and legitimizing our relationships - like our parents had done. Of course, we stepped right into the Feminist political attack on Men, Marriage, and Children (60 Million abortions since Roe V Wade and counting!) and its influence on Family Law, and many of us went through disgraceful divorces and the enslavement of asset seizure, "alimony", and "child support". (Wait... before you get your dander up on "child support"...). And still we married - for a while.

And we went to work (I know how much those literary Lefties like when I start sentences with "and"). We started businesses. REAL businesses. The overwhelming majority of businesses with over $1 million in revenue or $100k in net income (the kinds of businesses and revenue that can actually support and provide for a family)  were started by men, or should I say "White Males"? We "White Males" valued family, hard work, thrift and frugality, and respect for the law. Or at least we used to.

For the most part, we behaved ourselves. 2 Percent of the population commits 50% of the violent crime - and while this 2 percent is "Male" it is not comprised of "White Males".

We also had failures in business and our personal lives. I went broke twice personally. In recounting that to my older son his response was an incredulous "When? I don't remember that." That's because I was provident - like most "White Males" - and I picked myself up, brushed off the dust and hoof prints and tire tracks... and continued to provide for my children. This is somewhat unique to "White Males" in  our country and culture.

And went back to work. As the vast majority of us "White Males" have done since we were teenagers or young adults. Providing for our children. Providing for our wives. (Oh, I know a great many "White Females" work now - and many of these are childless or have an only child (I will cover the impacts of non-child bearing people later). What education or start they got likely came from a "White Male", though for some reason a small, but vocal (histrionic?) percentage of these "White Females" have come to hate the White Male that provided for them in their formative years (we can address Freud later).  You see, I am an "Older White Male". We coached little league. We taught our kids to swim and took our kids to the shore. We played catch. We taught our kids to ride a bike. We sat through tuba lessons, ballet lessons, spelling bees, and PTO meetings. We were home every night for dinner and we read books to our kids at bedtime.

Of course, not every child of a "White Male" had this as a formative experience though most do - but let me ask you a really, really brutal question. Do the children of "Non White Males" have this as their formative experience? How about the children of "White Females with No White Male in the Home?" The sad fact of the matter is that 1 of the 2 large minority groups in the U.S. is completely broken as a culture - a demographic dominated by fatherless homes, violent crime, addiction, requiring government assistance for shelter, food, healthcare... and overwhelming the criminal justice system. Yet "White Males" are the enemy of the enlightened. Go figure.

And we went to work. "White Males" paid the majority of Federal and State income taxes. The majority of local property taxes. The majority of Social Security and Medicare taxes, and any other tax you can think of - and "White Males" did this out of all proportion to their percentage representation of the population.

Despite all of our efforts and production the narrative has been somewhat different. Radical Feminists - for the most part "Gay White Females" - have convinced "Straight White Females" that "White Males" are the enemy. That "White Males" have declared War on Women ("White Females"), and they did it with Abortion. Think about that for a moment: "Gay White Females", a demographic that will likely never be confronted with pregnancy, have convinced "Straight White Females" that freedom can be had only by killing your unborn child when confronted by unplanned pregnancy (shows you what Gay White Females" know about pregnancy... most pregnancies are "unplanned") and that ANY questioning of this belief system is clear proof of a state of War existing between "Straight White Males" and "Straight White Females".

And never mind the facts on abortion! "Straight White Females" have far fewer abortions per capita than "Straight Non-White Females" (look, it ain't even close. "Black Females" abort 32% of their pregnancies according to the CDC - about 3.5 TIMES the abortion rate for "White Females"). Abortion in the "White Female" demographic is relatively low and getting lower - yet, temporarily at least, "Straight White Females" have bought into the argument of "Gay White Females" that "Straight White Males" (but not "Gay White Men") are waging war on "Straight White Females".

Yes. I make that assertion. "Gay White Females" dominate the Feminist narrative as well as the demographic. Think about that for a moment.  A demographic ("Gay White Females") that does not produce children and does not raise children is, temporarily, having a far greater influence over "Straight White Women" than their natural partners in life, society, and nature - "Straight Men of Any Shade or Hue". And look, I am a Libertarian in the extreme. Gays must have the same Right to self determination as Straight people. That does not make Gay people, or childless people, or people that have children that they do not care for, as productive or as desirable for society as people that have and raise and provide for their children. The male demographic doing that in the greatest numbers and percentages? You got it: "Straight White Men."

The Left is doomed here, as is the Right. The "Straight White Females" that had fallen for the "Gay White Female" argument are dying out as they simply did not reproduce. DNA wins all multi-generational arguments and political agendas; or, said another way, "Those Who Breed, Succeed" (politically). The new crop of "Straight White Females" actually LIKE "Straight White Males" and they are going to go off, pair up, and make lots of little "Straight White People" with the occasional "Gay White People".  Immigration into the U.S. is collapsing along with the collapse of fertility in Latin America and the decline of Oil imports into the U.S. 72% of America is "White". Americans will continue to intermarry (though it seems that for some reason this intermarriage has occurred overwhelmingly between whites and asians and whites and hispanics but not between whites and people of African descent. Not sure why that is) and assimilate. The resulting culture will be uniquely American and it will sort itself out, not in some multicultural fantasy but in an arrangement that best suits the bearing and raising of children - because those that breed, succeed. Those who do not, especially those that abort, die off.


PioneerPreppy said...

You're right but oh so wrong Greg. Yes the lack of offspring will eventually tell on the Femocrat movement but what they fall short on in offspring they have made up for in legal and illegal immigration. Even now the true liberals and feminist leaders are making concessions they really would rather not make to keep their bought election mercenaries in line. This will only get worse.

In fact the Feminist have lost control of their troops now. This is why in point of fact the female vote began to come home to roost this election. The economy, welfare state and crumbling infrastructure from roads to police officers is finally making a dent in the abortion at will crowd.

The problem is we now have a non-American majority voting block inside the wire.

It gets extremely ugly from here.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


In this election, straight women, particularly married women, have realigned themselves with their Men. Unmarried women still enthralled with the silly Feminist argument? Not so much. They will come around.

Immigration into the U.S. is in full retreat - and not because we are stopping it - the immigrants have stopped coming. Fertility rates have collapsed all over Latin America.

Also, people "migrated" following resources throughout their time on this planet. For the past 10 years the migrated here because of our energy resources - those resources are in decline and the immigration it attracted is declining in lock step.

While it is true that Liberals do not have sufficient offspring to replace themselves and therefor MUST recruit Gays, College kids, and immigrants the number of college kids with the luxury of time and leisure necessary to be recruited in the first place is going down like a rock in a pond. As is immigration for the reasons mentioned.

The Left wants people to believe that we would be better off with just 1 political party - THEM.

They have a better chance of freezing hell over.

PioneerPreppy said...

Greg have you seen this.

There were 1.94 million more immigrants (legal and illegal) working in the third quarter of 2012 than at the start of 2009, when the president took office. This compares to a 938,000 increase for natives over the same time period.

The report came from the center for immigration studies web site a few weeks ago. If their numbers are correct there is no way the great migration back is happening like some were reporting it the last few years.

Anonymous said...

You are missing the point. The overwhelming majority of people under 40 of all racial and ethnic minorities (including white men) voted for Mr . Obama. It is a youth movement. The f-cked generation is saying "f-ck you back" to the baby boomers who screwed them over. It is a beautiful thing.

PioneerPreppy said...

Ahmmm. Obama lost a percentage of the under 40 crowd from 2008 and your second part makes no sense. Why would the under 40 crowd be giving the Boomers a big F-U by continuing the Boomer "give it all away" Affirmative Action social engineering?

If you really want to feel like a rebel you should head the other direction.

tweell said...

The illegal immigrants from Mexico and points south were going home, but after Obama made it clear that they wouldn't be deported, they're back. We still pay better, and they get to keep more of their money.

Shucks, being illegal is better than being a US citizen. No income tax, don't have to worry about car insurance or tickets, and you still get US federal goodies and in-state college tuition.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Illegal Immigrants is small potatoes!

And we NEEDED them because Americans insisted on killing their own unborn babies AND weighing more than their cars and trucks (which made them unable to work agricultural, landscape, and construction, etc... jobs).

The political problem in America is White Women have abandoned their men. Feminists have convinced White Women to HATE their Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, and Sons.

The demographic with the lowest crime rate and highest economic achievement, White Males, is somehow been made into the personification of evil by the Media - and White Women fell for it.

The outcome? 25% of Women over 40 are on anti-depressants and 12% are on anti-anxiety medication. The "choices" they influenced to make for the Greater Good of the One Party System has left them with no children or family at the end of their child bearing years.

How can any rational analysis of Women's mental health conclude that they are happier in this new environment?

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Dear Anonymous:

Register or get a nickname. I don't debate with Straw Men.

A youth movement? This younger generation couldn't find its ass with both hands. You are a bunch of pussies living at home with Mom and Dad, gleeping off their health plan, using their credit cards, and driving their cars.

You guys are f***ing children right up to 40. Then you morph into sniveling, whining super-pussies in need of government for everything.

I FART in your general direction.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


And I'm "missing the point"? WTF would you know?

Have you raised children to adulthood providing for them every step of the way? Without "help" from the government? Have you been through a divorce with the government pillaging your life's work?

Have you started businesses and employed people and paid for all of the Bull Sh#! the government can come up with with the sweat of your brow?

Bro, you can't even pay your f***ing student loans off before you qualify for Social Security. A guarantee you this: Every young White Male that voted for Obama is a future ward of the state.

F**k RIght OFF.

PioneerPreppy said...

Heh Greg. That was some nice reading for a Sunday afternoon.

You know I am with you on the feminism thing but I was for the first time in many years proud of the married White Female voters. I believe at least the more mature level headed women are making a come back and for me to be praising women is a giant step ya know.

I actually have some hope because even a small percentage of White men with supportive and agreeable female spouses can change the world.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


No doubt that Married White Women have begun to come around. And I have very high hopes for the younger generation of women.

As for the Abortionistas... I hope to survive them - so I can not mourn their passing

Anonymous said...


My daughter is graduating with a Dr. of Pharmacy degree in May. She has worked full time, borrowed north of $200k in student loans. She married 2 years ago and has a beautiful new daughter. She lives lean, and expects to pay off her loans in 5 years or less. Her opinion of most of her contemporaries is considerably lower than yours.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...


Hope your health is improving!


Coal Guy