Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feminists vs the Cheaters - cont.

In any political battle, it helps to have a boogey man, the way despotic regimes in the MENA have Israel (NAZI Germany disposed of any need for truth instead depending on propaganda to recreate "truth"). From there its a simple play book. Everything is the boogey man's fault. Everything. Whatever slight you feel, any shortcoming you have, any error in judgment on your part... all of it was caused by the "boogey man".

(In America we have entitlement AND military spending that is killing us... but the Left believes its the military and the Right believes its all caused by entitlement spending. Like I said, each side only needs a little bit of truth to mix in with their serving of Horse Sh#!.)

In building your boogey man, you only need (barely) enough facts. Most of it is lies, and you mix in enough truth to convince those that want to believe. This is not to say that women's suffrage or the civil right's movement did not have very, very legitimate grievances. They certainly did. What I am suggesting is that all SIG's outlive their originally stated purpose, often becoming the very pariah they so lugubriously decried.

The boogey man the Feminist/Left has created are crazed, if slightly daft and simple religious fanatics. Oh, there are a small cadre of loonies in that camp... but there is no data that I am aware of that supports the contention of a significant population within the electorate aligning with this faction. In fact, the F/L tends to lump anyone that does not support abortion as opposing "reproductive rights", and therefore a religious lunatic.

WTF??!! Men can spend decades in prison for groping a woman, married men can be convicted of a crime and sent to prison for forcing their wives to engage in sex. Access to birth control is near universal.  What right to not reproduce is it that the "boogey man" is imposing on anyone? Not a one. When someone buys a car, they accept that they have increased the probabilities of dying in a car accident than if they did not own a car. When people have heterosexual sexual intercourse they are accepting the increased probability of becoming pregnant... that pretty much describes how the "boogey man" see's this.  And since that is certainly somewhat reasonable, the F/L needs to infuse something more dastardly into the collective personality of the "boogey man". "They hunt. They love guns. They kill and eat animals. They believe in G-d." Oh, my! How awful. Of course the F/L are superior.... after all they only kill babies.

Inconsistancies do not help the "boogey man". But while there are simply too man people that support killing for economic interests (war) and capital punishment and police killings over drugs, there are millions of folks that (like me) reject all of that, and empire too. MILLIONS. Call us Libertarians or Constitutionalists (I suppose there is a difference, but I think that is really splitting hairs)... I prefer to label this group "thinking people"... the point is that not every pro-Life American is a nose picking war monger salivating to see a public hanging.

Take this Red and Blue state donkey dust you hear tell about. That may work when describing presidential elections, but the fact is that most states are purple, with only a minority of the county level starkly Red or Blue. The U.S. is purple, and world various shades of grey... but not for the Borderline Personalities dominating the "women's movement", a movement dominated by the progeny of the elite.

Let us look at some of the outcomes of said "movement".

Nearly 1/3 of female college graduates will not have children, with 20% of the general population leaving their childbearing years childless. I know this turns on the Zero Population Growth folks, but only because they have not given it much thought.

Highly educated women not breeding means that most (do the math... its the number of children born, not a binary code of "yes" or "no" to parenthood) of the next generation of Americans will be raised in a home absent an ethos of education. Further, education was supposed to increase well being and financial security... but with the exception of those with technical and professional advance degrees (physicians, dentists, lawyers, engineers) this hasn't exactly panned out.

It means MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of elderly women without families to interact with and care for them in their old age. It means millions and millions of immature middle aged adults, too... nothing matures you like having to be the being the adult...  No matter how many articles like this are planted in the media to encourage people to join in the childless existence... this is not an acceptable path.  What is the writer suggesting? That this is really a viable society-wide aspiration? Or is the writer merely recruiting and providing support for her constituency?

Special Interest Groups ("SIG's") do not wind down and go out of business once their stated founding intentions are accomplished. Nope, their goals continue to morph because the monster has to be fed... and all SIG's are monsters...

More soon....


Anonymous said...

I just went to your link and wow. That does not look like a happy woman. Where are the smile wrinkles for one? It certainly brings the fox who lost his tail to mind.


PioneerPreppy said...

The most important information in that article was the paragraph towards the bottom about 40 somethings who are parents are happier the more children they have.

There is something to be said for that bit of fact. As your life slows down and your circle of friends shrinks children (and grand children) become more and more important.

As the economy shrinks and austerity hits my bet is most of these childless men and women will be wishing they had children. I can attest that parenthood was not fun until my son got to be a teenager... not fun but worth it!!!

dennis said...

First off I'm "pro" feminist "pro" education in that I believe females are equal and education is invaluable. My mother, aunts, sister, and both grandmothers are all strong women who have taught school with a passion. The history of teaching parallels the history of feminism. The old schoolmarm was the original childless woman. When my grandparents got married they had to keep it a secret because my grandmother would have lost her teaching job. Only single childless women need apply.

These days I've really questioned the idea of public education. Your education was what you knew not the degree you held. Take a group of 12 year old kids out of society, lock them in a room then expect them to mature seems to be a losing proposition. Add in the two parents working or single parent life style a bit of TV and we have a recipe for creating a mutant culture.

It seems like every one I know either has a job working 60 hours a week or is unemployed. I would pin the family collapse on over work as much as I would on feminism. Any system that removes parents away from kids the way ours has is bound to get real sick real quick.

I'm not quite sure what to make of your take on feminism, but it sure has got me thinking!

tweell said...

The picture of Jessica Copeland shows another issue our host has brought up - many Americans are tubs of lard. That's a very well staged and cropped photograph, but she's obviously carrying well over her optimum body weight.
Back to the topic, the segments of our population that are reproducing are more and more single mothers, doing so in order to collect government largess. We could not do much better at producing a permanent criminal underclass if we tried, and sometimes I wonder if our elite are actually trying.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


By YOUR definition, I am pro feminist and pro education, too.

I am happily married, my mother is staying with me for the summer, my sister had me as her "man/maid of honor" at her wedding and my daughter thinks i am just IT.

I love the women in my life. They are ALL family first, contributing members of society.

Regarding education:

I take a very dim view of paying $200k for a degree in the humanities. One can join a history club or a writers class, and save your money for qualifications and credentials that will allow you to support a family.

I have never met a Doctor or Dentist or Engineer or Lawyer that was unable to provide a very acceptable life for his/her family. I know a quite a few poverty stricken English Literature majors, though.

Math and Science pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

From my prospective the big hurdle in education, or any new endeavor for that matter, is that one does not know what one need to know. I don’t mean that in the simplistic sense of you need someone to teach you, even at university your professor merely tells you what to study- learning the material is on you. What I mean is you are paying 200K for a list of books to read. E.g. you are paying a ridiculous amount to find out what you need to learn. The internet is putting paid to all that and the library is free.


Anonymous said...


You keep putting out the doctor, dentist, lawyer, and etc. list, however what I am seeing here is the unoffshorable list, with the exception of engineer. That is what I am seeing in the broader economy as well. One of the reasons for the construction boom is all the former factory workers moving into construction. If sheet metal fabrication gets off-shored just retrain to hang drywall and you now have an occupation that can’t be off-shored so easy. Then with that many more workers, build out can proceed that much faster.

The problem I see here is everyone can’t be the same thing and expect to make a decent living. Doctors are in short supply here partly because the same talents can profitably be employed elsewhere, such as investment banking. Analyzing a stock and analyzing a disease are not as dissimilar as they appear at a glance, and there are many other careers that also fit those same talents. However, if there is an oversupply of doctors then competition for those positions becomes fierce and the value of the degree relative to the cost of the degree tanks. To see how that looks just look to Israel, one of the reasons Israel has such a low casualty ratio is that they employ MDs as frontline infantrymen. It should go without saying that before you start assigning MDs as machine-gunners all of the medical billets from physicians and surgeons to nurses and medics have been filed with MDs. While this is great for their infantry, and I’m sure it is good for moral, is it an efficient use of scarce resources?

What I’m saying is if all the college bound kids pile into the unoffshoreable positions then the results won’t be any better than they were for the blue collar folks. Our labor rate ensures any absolute advantages we may have are canceled out by the comparative advantage in low wage countries. There is no substitute for rebalancing our economy and either globalization gets pared back or we will all be poorer.


Greg T. Jeffers said...


I think I have mentioned this before,but...

when I described myself as "self-educated" to one of my oldest buddies, Othodox Rabbi Mo Silver, he sniffed and dismissed me with this missive:

"As if there was any other kind."

To this day, smoke can still be scene rising from me...

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Sorry, should have said "self-educated man".

dennis said...

My "definition" of feminist is free from the SIG. In my heart I'm a die hard environmentalist which is not the bureaucratic legalistic protectors of blue legged salamanders. It is part of the sickness that a good cause can get hijacked by lawyers. We get an expensive bureaucracy weighed down by rules and restrictions. We focus on the problems rather than the solutions.

Can you imagine what would have happened if we took all the money spent on the middle east wars and invaded friendly countries not with guns and smart bombs but with hospitals and schools. Built infrastructure instead of walls. The military complex is the worst SIG!

Thanks Greg. Hope you are enjoying your bees.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I have been noodling the slippery slope problem of the outcome of fewer abortions - more children.

I have some ideas but need more time and space... will bring this up in a near future post.