Monday, September 20, 2010

Must Have Hit Home

"When it defines man as the enemy, feminism is alienating women from their own bodies." - Camille Paglia, Vamps and Tramps.

Hate and Lies are what they are, no matter who tells the story. Special Interest Groups are, by definition, are opposed to the rights and self-determination of others (unless their operating principal is the rejection of the control and manipulation of others...) in favor of their adherents and supporters.

I blasted and wrote to them about their favored FemiNazi, Sylvia Ann Hewlett a few weeks back in this post.

Though I received NO DIRECT RESPONSE from the POS at Bloomberg responsible for publishing Hewlett's stunningly contrived, FOS diatribe... Bloomberg OBVIOUSLY sent Ms. Hewlett a copy of my rather off-the-cuff, back-of-envelope analysis... and Hewlett obviously felt the need to defend her silly assertions (I have a hard time even calling them assertions... Hewlett, to me, is obviously a deeply disturbed person, with deep seated emotional problems... likely stemming from childhood experiences I can only begin to imagine... and I AM TRULY saddened for what she must have gone through... however, Hewlett's continued attempt of institutional violence via the media/political/judicial processes demands that someone call her on the carpet).

Ms. Hewlett's agenda is clear for all to see (if "all" were listening that is).

Promote more qualified women into higher positions through programs that spotlight their smarts, not their sex appeal.
The real bottom line of that statement is this: "Promote more women". What she does NOT SAY quite so explicitly is this: "By Any Means Necessary".

Ms. Hewlett has an agenda, some funding, and will turn out "studies" to support the position she started with. Please review Ms. Hewlett's Wikipedia entry:

Sylvia Ann Hewlett (born 1946)[1] is an economist, consultant, lecturer, and expert on gender and workplace issues.
Got that? She's an "expert on gender and workplace issues". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Hewlett might hold herself out as an "expert witness" in order to make money testifying against men in sexual harassment lawsuits... that's as far as the word "expert" should be associated with Hewlett.


Dear Bloomberg: Before you publish any more of the Drek from this miscreant/leach... give me an email. I would LOVE to take her "analysis" to the mat for a little "scrubbing" as we like to call it in the trade. My bet is, it wouldn't stand up to a cursory perusing. Sylvia Ann Hewlett is nothing but a fraud, as is the Center for Work-Life Policy. LOLOLOLOLLL HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL LMAO!!!!!

Sorry, that got away from me.

I really want to know who funded the Center for Work-Life Policy.

Dear Ms. Hewlett. I am absolutely sure that your most recent Bloomberg article was written in to support contentions made in your previous article, whether in response to my letter to Bloomberg or others I cannot say. I can say that your skills in analysis, game theory, AND economics (Ph.D.) are completely lacking, if I make use of understatement... which probably explains why you became a policy wonk/fraud... its in your best interest to steer clear of meritocracies and stick to lame brain, feel good dribble that cannot be measured - like politics but without the nasty face-the-voters stuff...

Good work if you can get it.

The good news is that you and your ilk are dying on the vine.

Good riddance.


Dextred1 said...


Read this article. I Don't agree with all of it, but it is good. It is right up the same alley as this post. PP I think you will like it to.

PioneerPreppy said...

Interesting article. Good post.

I was reminded of the feminist take over at my current job where all the new female supervisors seem to be doled out in the exact same mold. And feminist say men only promote other men hah.

tweell said...

Swish! Nothing but net!
Qualified women? How about capable? That would be asking for someone who can produce, instead of look good on paper, which is much much harder to do. The real world wants and needs people who get the job done.

Phil said...

She is not a very important person in the grand scheme of things. Keep in mind that it is only in the last twenty years in America that women have been regarded as anything other than chattel of their husbands - is this the type of life you would want for your daughters?
Women are still regarded as much lower human beings than men in the vast majority of the world now. In the Muslim countries they are not even allowed to show their faces in public - and the punishment for adultery in Iran and Afganistan is death by stoning - and you thought our divorce courts were bad.
In China and India girl babies are regarded as lower forms of life than boy babies, and are often not allowed to live. Sex selective abortion and female infanticide are still common practices in both China and India, which have led to skewed sex ratios of nearly 20% more boys than girls being raised since the mid 1990s. By 2020 there will be 100 million more Chinese men than women in the ages of 15 to 35 - one of the major domestic and international security threats of the 21st century.
So keep it in perspective... Despite the ranting about feminazis, women are becoming an endangered species on planet earth.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


There are many, many wrongs in the world. Does it help protect American children from dog bites to bring up wolf attacks in India?

BTW... I have a daughter... Do you have children?

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Never said Hewlett was important.... I was pointing out the corruption of the media (and now apparently, the university system) and it perverted use to sway the public.

bureaucrat said...

(I'd rather watch oil evaporate than read this stuff :))

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Put women in subordinate positions to men in positions of power. Keep them in close proximity for many hours each day. Expect total defiance of the the forces of nature. Really! Good luck with that!


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...

I really have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, so I'll just nitpick.

1) It's "Must have" or "Must've" not "Must of".

2) "LOL" means "Laugh out loud". it is not a sound effect that can be repeated like "HAHAHA".

3) Using either of them in an other wise intelligent article makes it look less intelligent.

I read all your posts and mostly agree with you, you just happened to hit a couple of my big pet peeves this time. :)

Dan said...

There are millions of normal, decent, hardworking people with time to read and think about all the BS on offer by the MSM. Most of whom would have been too busy to notice a scant two years ago. Methinks, the MSM, feeling under fire, will misread what is going on assume the country moved hard right and show their a$$es all the more. Schadenfreude anyone?

Greg T. Jeffers said...


thanks for the corrections. Please keep in mind I blog on the fly (no proof reading here for the most part... too many kids and farm work to pretty it up... ).

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Coal Guy:

That pretty much sums it up... Hewlett is a mentally impaired incompetent BUT she is NOT STUPID. Hewlett knows this... and likely agrees with you... she has a political agenda is playing that card with the media rather well.

JH Kuntsler although more competent, does the exact same thing with his constituency...

Greg T. Jeffers said...


stick with a single nickname or register.

PioneerPreppy said...

This Phil Character needs a better education especially on feminism and female rights in India and China.

India is so over run with the same sort of Feminist BS that the West is getting that the men over there have had major large scale protests. In fact India is quickly over taking the West in female entitlement. If you want specific laws and such just ask I will be happy to post them.

China is seriously feeling the male/female numbers crunch and cougars in China simply have a hayday if they choose, which most are too respectable to do. For individual freedom reasons many Chinese women desire to come to the West but finding a husband is not a primary purpose. In fact Chinese women are revolted by the antics of Western women and I can give you an email contact who would be happy to educate you on women in Chinese Society.

Phil is either a feminist troll or a white knight wanna be raised by a single mother.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

My wife is from Japan. She is highly educated, very cultured, world traveled, and APPALLED by the gender set up here in America.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the job preference thing, it seems to me that feminism has been awful for most women too. If they want to stay home with the kids, they are lazy. If they are bashing away at a career 11 hours a day, they are bad mothers. Pretty much whatever they do, its the wrong thing. The 36 hour day isn't coming soon, either.

Hewlett is whining about 0.1% of women. Just like 99.9% men, 99.9% of women will never have to worry about becoming CEO of a large corporation. They will have jobs, and families and try to make ends meet. Having some feminist bitch tell them that they are failures every step of the way isn't very healthy.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...

I'll go even further. I'm absolutely sure that no small part of single women's career decisions are directed at putting them in proximity to the kind of men that they are interested in. How would Hewlett address that?


Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Coal Guy:

That is a very valid question. I am writing to Bloomberg, and I will include that. Might I suggest that you write to Hewlett directly at the C for Work Policy?

Ms. Hewlett has taken a great deal of heat from other bloggers, including Huffington (a woman), and STILL Bloomberg continues to run her B.S. WITHOUT the contra party view. Hewlett has a very powerful ally in the Media.

The question is "why"?

Anonymous said...


I think that the answer to that is salary and taxes. Who befits most from the push for women to work at the fortune 500? Mostly, it is the Fortune 500, because it lowers their payroll costs, and the Federal Government, because there is increased tax revenue associated with pushing women into the work force. It benefits the same elite that are doing the rest of the dirty work. Note that the women's movement really got rolling coincidentally with the Great Society legislation.

Most of this feminist drek is a not too subtle emotional push at women that a career in corporate America is THE thing to do. ( I'd rather have my teeth drilled. ) Other avenues of employment are sometimes discussed, but by far an away, the Fortune 500 is the place to be.


Coal Guy

Anonymous said...

American women are regarded as whores by most non-American women. The concept of love has gone out of the US women's vocabulary and mind, and men are basically objects to be used to get what the ladies want. What caused this? TV? Bad culture ? Who knows?
But as far as Japan is concerned, the Japanese birth rate says everything. Japanese women are tired of being treated like slaves and have gone on strike. The Japanese will be gone as an ethnic minority until Japanese women get what they want, to be treated like human beings. But then, women always get what they want in the long run.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Anon at 12:20 pm

Bull S**T!! (regarding Japan and its birth rate). Italy's is lower... do they have the same issue?!

Japan has reach peak population - period. Have you ever been to Japan? Imagine visiting an Island with half the land mass of California with 20% pretty much uninhabited... leaving the everybody else living in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.... the who freaking country is one big, over crowded city... (assuming you have spent some time in NYC...)

Japan already imports over 40% of its food.... and food is EXPENSIVE there.

Japan is a unique set of circumstances. Your explanation is not original, and has been quoted as just more Feminist clap-trap.