Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from a loooooong weekend, sort of

There are no weekends on a homestead.

The cow still needs to be milked. We "processed" 8 young roosters sunday, and "neutered" the piglets yesterday... Fencing (I will post some pics tomorrow so that readers can get an idea of just how big a job it is... nearly a MILE of fencing around the property) went on ALL weekend, as well as all of the other chores.

Speaking of "neutering" the piglets... my older son, in his last year of high school and either very, very bright or a gifted test taker and considering a career in medicine, assisted me in the "procedure". Catching the 3 males out of a troop of 9 (and this was before we knew the sex makeup of the litter) was a scream all to itself. With a 350 lbs Ms. Piggy only too willing to rip a hole thru my femoral artery... my son and I chased the piglets, who ran thru the hog fencing with no trouble in an effort to impede our agenda, each time catching only females... until... PAY DIRT! A young boar... and soon to be a young barrow.

Pigs testicles do not hang in a scrotum, they are tucked up in the abdomen, which makes castration dangerous for the animal and traumatic for the homesteader. I had my scalpel, idodine wound care solution, "Blue Spray" (to cover the wounds post-op) and my son to hold the piglet. The site was prepped with Iodine... Slash! Testicle #1 was out! Slash! Testicle # 2 was out! "Spritz! Spritz!" with the "Blue Spray".

So far, the piglets seem to be none the worse. They are eating and running around with their siblings un-conflicted by the loss of their reproductive options... The roosters? The more mature one's are making a nice soup stock as I write this... the younger birds will be rotisseried.

I say all of the above as a response to one of the hottest articles on Wall Street this morning. A number of friends linked the article to me requesting comment. What to say? Paul Farrell is correct... there are NO MACRO solutions... only micro solutions. And what are those micro solutions? That is for each of us to figure out for ourselves.


The rise in world equity markets this past year has made things less than clear at the policy level. Wealthy Finance types and well paid economist shills just cannot seem to "get it". There ARE NO solutions for the European, Japanese, or American economies. Oil supplies are not going to increase. Many debts are not going to be paid back. No politician is going to ask his or her electorate to make a single compromise or sacrifice. The unknown and unintended consequences of the American and European Left's free lunch has left us HERE. In DEBT. Oh, you are sure to hear that it was GWB, or Reagan, or Nixon (GUFFAW!!)... the Left and the Media here in America are simply taking advantage of American's complete and utter lack of interest in their own history. FDR did this to the U.S., with the help of that other complete nit-wit, John Maynard Keynes. No matter how the Left and the media might try to twist and shout, stamp their feet, bat their eyes... whatever... you can't run away from this one. The Right has plenty to be ashamed of as well... but mostly for being so f***ing stupid in the fights they choose to pick. It was the Right that allowed the national debate to veer off onto such hilariously unimportant issues as Freedom Fries, Gay Marriage, and Flag Burning, et al... You can call your Fries what you wish... you should be able to marry who you wish... our Constituion's protection of free speech was not designed to censure the boy scouts but to protect the obnoxious...

But let's forget all that. Those groups are toast. They are done. Put a fork in them.

I love to read J.H. Kuntsler... you can always count on Jimmy for the entertainment value, not to mention a unique metaphor per post and sloppy kiss for his Leftist constituents... I never miss a post... but, if there is anyone here that keeps in touch with Jim, tell him to take up chess.

This game will not end even at the end of Oil imports into the U.S.; even at the default of S.S./Medicare; even at Dow 3000. Life WILL go on. Well, for some/most folks life will go. How it is goes on is the $64,000 question.

The following is a repost of an article I wrote on July 20, 2008. I thought this would be a good time to reconsider the points:

With the state of the U.S. Budget, U.S.$, and the coming U.S. oil import disaster... We have some political upheavals to look forward to. But which way will the wind blow?

FDR Liberalism is DEAD. There is a dead body walking around, but it is DEAD just the same.

GWB's version of Conservatism (His group, founded by Strauss, hijacked the moniker) is DEAD. The body has already begun to stink.

The minor movements of Feminism and Race Based Preferences are going to wink out of existence without anybody even noticing them. Sorry, Gloria Steinem, fish may not need bicycles, but women will need their families - desperately. Biology is destiny, and thankfully so because Social Security will cease to exist in the lifetime's of most reading this. The new "Social Security" will be the same one we have had for time immemorial - your children. This will be so irrespective of the political sensibilities of aging, childless feminists.

"We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality." Ayn Rand

In the permanent energy crisis, their will be no "Retirement" for the masses. The issue will more likely be what will you do when you are too old to care for your self? (Not that "Retirement", in the late 20th century/early 21st century American definition appears to be such a happy time. I live in South Florida, home to the mother of all retirement populations. I can only share with you my interpretation of of my personal observations... these retired folks do not look terribly happy to me. To my eyes, they appear miserable. Of course these individuals might have been miserable when they were young, so this is hardly empirical.)

So many people are looking to our GOVERNMENT for answers to the oil crisis, the budget crisis, the mortgage crisis, etc... "We should do this. They should do that." I wonder when it will occur to the very folks that think government is/has the answer.... Exactly WHO got us into this fine mess in the first place? And exactly what resources do they suggest the government use to get us out? The U.S. is in DEBT up to its eyeballs. Our citizens actually believe that they are ENTITLED, regardless of how poorly they have led their own lives, to a retirement, of at LEAST 20 years of nonproductive consumption, fully funded for their healthcare and their material needs.

Go ahead! Gain as much weight as you want! Diabetes? Bad back? Erectile dysfunction? Not to worry, the government (our new Lord) will provide. You don't have to wear a condom! Drink and drive, its fun! Smoke! We'll take care of your healthcare bills. Can't work (or just don't feel like it)? No problem, we will send you a disability check. Can't save money? Bad credit? Poor work history? No problem! We'll give you a mortgage with NO MONEY DOWN! And if you can't pay? NO PROBLEM! It wasn't your fault ANYWAY! It was those scum bag speculators... Congress will fund a NEW program to keep you in your home with money they don't have, borrowed from people they have no intention of paying back, and if those pesky lenders want the money back we will simply bomb them into the stone age or devalue the currency and STEAL it from them.

All to fund programs supported politically by people who claim they HATE war!!! Give peace a chance!!! But fund our social programs or "we will g-d damn bomb ya" (George Carlin), or steal the food right out of your mouth. To make ourselves FEEL better about all of this, we will send a couple of young people over to your neck of the woods in Peace Corps garb. (I received an email today from a reader with this quote:)
"Sometimes we are so caught up in
who's right and who's wrong
that we forget
what's right and wrong." - Unknown, but Thanks, Lane!

Folks, we are going to have to get over this, one way or another. Phil Graham is correct. We HAVE become a nation of WHINERS. Where the F$#@@! is John Wayne? The end of the Oil Age is the beginning of the Age of Personal Responsibility.

(Here comes the email railing me about "Corporate Welfare". Brother, I am going to cover the disgusting way that corporations have evolved in another post... but to accuse them of being the BENEFICIARY of the government's largess "is what is known as being STUNNINGLY full of shit" (again George Carlin. I seem to be channeling George today.) Government has steered corporations to what they are today precisely because they are just SO PERFECT a machine for extracting income taxes from the masses, which is then used to create these silly programs and "American Interests" that need to be defended in the first place. Corporations are the funding source for EVERYTHING good and bad in the system. Think about it, the money AIN'T coming from single mothers, hitchhiking hippies, college students, or the Rev. Al Sharpton.)

How is it that the NeoJerks stole the 'Conservative" mantle, and nobody noticed? How is it that the South was controlled by the Racist Democrats during the 1950's and '60s, but now they call themselves Conservative Republicans? How is it that the Northeast, you know, the political descendants of the Authors of the Bill of Rights, went from "Patrician Republican" to "Liberal Democrat"? Are the Republicans the Party of Lincoln or the party of G.W. Bush? Are the Democrats the party of Ralph Nader or George Wallace?

Folks, these are just labels, and the little meaning that they had just got SQUASHED by the new political realities of what is likely to be the Mother of All Recessions perpetrated against a people that have become dependent on government to guide them through their average day.

So what will it be?

San Francisco confiscatory liberalism is DEAD. Bush and Cheney's silly foray into outrageous spending has bankrupted the nation - whatever political movement they represented, call it what you will, is DEAD. Both movements lay bled out at the hands of the Oil Depression.

Will we devolve into a fascist state in which the masses gladly give up what civil rights they have left in order to make a run at the status quo? Or will we accept our responsibilities and keep our individual liberties and fight for the liberties we lost?


bureaucrat said...

Geez, all over the place tonight. I can only imagine what youll be writing when pregnant 'ol Bossie is "having a cow." :)

I think you are trying to predict what will happen to move the "off course" financial/socioeconomic/political system off the deep end, when in reality, I think the future effects will be much more subtle: a lot of malaise, a lot of 1970s, a lot of both inflation and deflation ... but all minor changes, stretched over a longer period of time. Extend and pretend.

Everyone is already aware that the flush energy and financial times are gone (surveys say), and you should expect 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% less than you hoped for in 1990. There will be few surprises anymore, so there is lots of time to plan. Hitler may have snuck into Poland in 1939, but that kinda surprise is long gone. The internet, the smart-ass kids, the media, the lessons learned about lying to the public in the 1970s ... I'm pretty confident that it will be a long while .. if at all .. before it all comes crashing down.

Still, remember, only 3 things have no expiration date: white rice, white sugar, and honey with no water in it. Stock up. :)

K said...

Thank God John Wayne is dead. If he wasn't fighting the Yellow Menace, he was killing Injuns in his movies.

The Americans of today are not the same Americans who lived 200 years ago. This phenomenon is not unique to Americans; "The French at Rossbach were not the same people as at Jena, nor the Prussians at Prentzlow as at Dennewitz." -Jomini

The French lost badly to the Prussians at Rossbach in 1757, but completely defeated the Prussians at Jena in 1806.

With luck, America will not have a bloody racial or religious civil war in the future.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI: White rice does go bad and will not store indefinitely. It's not really even high on the list of foods you can store long-term such as Wheat/Beans. But Honey is great stuff, put it in mason jars--so you can water bath it later when it crystallizes.


tweell said...

Me, I'm going for my micro solution while keeping an eye out for that fascist state - we've been showing signs of that lately. I am a proud citizen of the American Republic, and do not wish to sacrifice my children to an American Empire.
White rice will keep for ten years or so (that's at a constant 70 degrees). For indefinite storage, salt is the only other one. It isn't really food, but is essential and is handy for preserving other foods as well.

bureaucrat said...

Wrong again, Meiyo ...


Anonymous said...

No I'm not wrong Bur, white rice DOES have an expiration date. Can you get it to last a long time, sure, with many special preparations and kept very cool.

Sugar and Honey certainly has no expiration date. So don't provide misinformation and then a link to yahoo answers, with them saying 8-10yrs, did you even read the link you pasted?

Your the one that's 'wrong again', just like you were wrong on many other things but refuse to admit it. The only thing I stated that was factually inaccurate at one time, was me misremembering a statistic on birth rates. You still cling to this fallacy that rural people use the majority of welfare funds, which is mathematically impossible--given population distributions. We have had rural initiatives in PA because rural people were not using resources available to them. People are people, this rural vs. urban is BS to begin with, people struggle and use resources regardless of where they live.

I'm waiting for the book rewriting the history of population migration in the US based on angry white daddies--you very far along on that one yet Bur? ;)


tweell said...

Yahoo Answers just solicits answers from ordinary yahoos. The first person was correct, amazingly enough. Survival Acres has a nice informative page on how long various foods can be stored, including a chart. http://survivalacres.com/information/shelflife.html
My food storage is at 80F due to the Arizona climate, thus halving my food storage time. The white rice I put away three years ago is still edible, but is starting to taste stale. This makes sense, given that it would have been six years at standard temperature. In another year or two, it will become inedible. If you would like, bureaucrat, I could send you a sample.

bureaucrat said...


Anonymous said...

See your still wrong Bur, trying to compare rice to Honey/Sugar is just irrational garbage that's not based on the facts. No expiration date IS NOT the same thing as, under very special conditions white rice can be stored fairly long term. You can say that about nearly anything, a bag of rice in your basement isn't going to last forever, not even super long, whereas Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs, and was perfectly fine and edible.

Remember the quote from Saturday night live, Jane you ignorant.... it applies to you in this specific case, and of course your rural white daddies vs. mechanization for urbanization of the 20th century, and of course your incessant garbage about white rural people taking up the majority of welfare money. How about you just agree that as the facts stand, rural people have high incidence of poverty and in many states under-use services/welfare. And in some state's such as Alabama the masses of rural poor are actual black, not white--so it varies from place to place--everywhere isn't Kentucky rural poor.


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