Monday, January 18, 2010

Channeling George Carlin

I write this Blog to vent my spleen at the constant stream of B.S. coming my way.

George Carlin sums it all up for me very nicely.

I view our future through the prism of declining petroleum availability. Cheap oil smoothed over many of the mistakes and imbalances of the past 30 years. Expensive Oil, along with our silly social programs are going to magnify these mistakes and imbalances in the years ahead.

WE... are constantly under attack from the B.S. artists everywhere, all of the time. The Media, the True Believers (that's the Left), the education establishment (just more of the Left), Law Enforcement, Professional Politicians, Corporate Executives (who gain their "Right to Rule" from the education establishment and absolutely, positively represent the Left... All those guys that blew up the Financial System last year? 95% of them received their Right to Rule from only 4 Universities... are there really no smart people at Penn State, William & Mary, Auburn, Colorado School of Mines....? If this were the Military these guys would have been court-martialed and any body that was even near them would have their career effectively ended... Not so here, these folks will wind up working for the Department of Treasury).

Whenever I sit through a Wall Street conference or presentation, or my son's college night, or the pitch for "Money for the Catastrophe de jour", or ANY speech by Barak Obama... I hear George Carlin's remarks booming through my head.

Don't buy the Bullsh*t. (That may or may not include mine...)


Anonymous said...

LoL thank you for introducing me to George Carlin!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that routine in a while. he boils it right down.

Coal Guy

bureaucrat said...

We have the bullshit because we don't want to face the cold, hard truths about ourselves. We have borrowed way too much, we have lived beyond our means, we have ceded our manufacturing capacity to a bunch of communists, we may have exhausted the planet's ample supply of cheap oil and gas, and we kinda like the idea of Apocalypse Now (if the movies that are coming out these days are any indication -- I saw a end-of-the world cartoon movie tonight that just came out recently -- "9".) We basically can't handle the truth! :)

Anonymous said...

I think that most people, on some level, are aware that something is very wrong beyond the present recession. My wife is in denial about the whole thing, yet she occasionally says something that tells me she senses that the worst is yet to come. It's the subconscious awareness that is generating the interest in the doom movies.


Coal Guy

bureaucrat said...

Doom plays to our pessimistic side -- the side that buys the gold and silver -- especially if you are the Messianic type (like me some times) seeing yourself as saving the world. :)

Anonymous said...

If this were the Military these guys would have been court-martialed and any body that was even near them would have their career effectively ended

Why do you think the Military is any different from Wall Street? How do you think that the US Military with 700 foreign installations, a budget that equals the combined budgets of the rest of the planet's military is any different?
How is the incestuous cronyism of West Point, Annapolis and Colorado Springs any different from Harvard, Princeton and Yale?
And with the new outsourcing fad in the Pentagon, the crony capitalist potential is unlimited. There are more private contractors in Afghan than troops. SecState Clinton is guarded by Blackwater contractors when she goes to Afghan....think about that. But beyond that, WTF are we doing in Afghan or Iraq or any of the other 700 places? Treasure and blood, blood and treasure, hoo-ah bitchez.
foxtrot, tango, alpha,
Just another Vet.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Just another Vet:

Couldn't agree with you more - If I were the big cheese, I would absolutely go on a world wide recall of our troops.

Also, your point about the cronyism and ridiculously elitist way the Military is run is well taken.

I was only pointing out that in my opinion everyone of the folks even remotely NEAR the management of these firms that led us to disaster should be walking the streets with a tin can.

Maybe you are new to my blog... One of my big issues is the sanctity of life... that means the unborn, the condemned, members of our military as well as members of the OTHER guy's military. And we all know about "collateral damage".

Not that I that I don't believe that we need a strong defense.... We have spent the past 60 years fighting over Oil, and where did it get us?

OTH, I am JAFO (just another freakin' observer) shouting into the wind of internet...