Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's look at some silliness on the other side.

Prayer groups were being formed by evangelical christians in North Florida, asking a Higher Authority to intervene on John McCain's behalf.  This gives me just as much pause as the "young and the poor" on Obama's side.  Dueling soap operas:  "The Young and the Poor" versus the "Superstitious and Self Deceiving".  (These guys must have skipped Jim Morrison's "You cannot petition the Lord with Prayer" lecture.)

First Obama's text messaging campaign to folks that couldn't name a single Supreme Court Justice to McCain's G-d Squad.  This election just goes from bad to worse.

Did any of these constituents prod their respective hero's into addressing the biggest issue since the advent of the Plague?  Not a one.

Maybe Obama will be a great President... or maybe McCain will pull it off (ha!) and do what an older, 1 term president should do - everything that a guy looking to get reelected wouldn't even consider.

What are the people going to do when it is cold and they need heating oil?  

But at least we've got feel good change, or feel good patriotism....

So we got that going for us.

Just in, Obama has won Pennsylvania, a must win state for McCain.  Congrats Presiden-elect Obama!  Godspeed!

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bureaucrat said...

Obama was never a candidate for his experience. We really didn't care about his pretty wife or cute little children. Obama was always, always nothing but a cry for help, a cry from the younger people mostly, because they knew that the jig was up, the money was all spent, the obligations for the future are huge, and nobody is doing a damn thing about it. That is all that Obama is and was. His first 2 years will show his inability to borrow anymore money and do much of anything but talk a lot.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

WHy do you worry about the next generation? They will not pay the bills left to them. They will default. Just take a look at Argentina, et al

bureaucrat said...

They'll just start printing, like every society before them has. So, I'm putting my IRA money into Templeton Global Bond as fast as I can ;)