Friday, November 14, 2008

It is all about taxes

We don't need a new "bail out program".  The government can circumvent the banks, and the cross party risks, and the GSE's, and GM... all they need to do is cut taxes!  That's it.  No more, no less.

A 12 month moratorium on payroll taxes would put the money in the pockets of working people, right where the economy needs it.  We don't need an extension of unemployment benefits.  We need a payroll tax moratorium.  Company's would benefit - they pay HALF of the payroll tax, and working people would benefit.  No more cockamayme schemes from the U.S. Treasury.

Wanna know why this will NEVER happen?  Why the Government would rather let the country, and the world, slip into a depression (and risk war in the process)?  Because you can't put the shaving cream back in the can.  Our system of taxation is so unreasonable that ANY fix might lead the masses to insist on something rational, simple, understandable... and we can't have that, now can we?

Good Luck!

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Dan said...

You can also figure most of the current retirees, the largest voting block, against it. It can be done without changing their benefit check; but good luck explaining that.

Taxes overall are too high and range around 60% for the lower middle class when one figures in income tax, payroll tax, state tax, sales tax-they spend almost all of it, use tax, tariffs, fuel taxes, sin taxes on alcohol and tobacco, Etc… Higher if you figure in corporate taxes; they get it from somewhere. For comparison, I saw a tax accounting textbook about a decade ago that put Ross Perot’s effective tax rate at 19%.

Dan said...

Oops I left out FUTA and SUTA as it either comes out of the employee’s wages or is paid by the consumer same as with the employers half of FICA.

bureaucrat said...

You are being hysterical now. If this is a coming depression, the only thing that will fix it is time. Time and bankruptcies. Nothing else has EVER been shown to work, including Keynesian pump priming and cutting taxes, for God sakes. We are in this hole because we spent everything we had and could borrow, and now you are going to give the people MORE to spend??? Create MORE debt?? You are out of your mind on this one, and forgetting that all those awful, unpopular government benefits like social security and interest paid on the debt MUST be spent. We need taxes. Tax cuts were voted down by a public that sees that as a sham. We are gonna spend less, earn less and live as a lesser people. And the fatheads on Wall Street, those of Paulson's and Greenspan's ilk, are almost solely to blame for this historic debacle.

Anonymous said...

Cut the military to the bone. We spend close to a Trillon dollars a year on it.(Alot of it hidden). Why do we still need bases in Europe and Japan. Of course it won't happen because the military-industrial complex warned of by President Eisenhowser.