Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sometimes, we do not share the same conclusions, even when we share the same data.

I had a most interesting dinner tonight with “fireangel” at (that’s his handle). Though working on his second Doctorate in something other than energy or finance, his knowledge and grasp of the impact of one upon the other was impressive.

We discussed Peak Oil's impacts on the financial markets, the banking system, Globalisation, food production, etc... in which we were boringly in sinc, but told me I was all wet on my post on the impact of energy descent on human population. I won’t bore you with the details, and since population is not my area of expertise whatsoever, I was more than willing to accept that the conclusions he arrived at, from the same data, were more compelling than mine for the time period under discussion. As I said before, I am not hoping for any particular outcome, just an open, co-examination of the facts in search of the “truth” sort of thing. His points were well taken, and I felt better about things as this is not one of the more fun topics of energy descent.

I don’t think I have to emphasize the importance of an open, free, forthright, and vigorous discussion of the data concerning oil, natural gas, and coal production and reserves. Not only are we not getting one, we are constantly bombarded with media stories that are biased and purposely manipulative – but which say what most people want to hear:

That the American way of life (the amount of energy we consume per person) will go on, without negative impacts or inconvenience.

Maybe it will. But if it is to do so, the world oil production data, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, had better start to show an increase in production, and soon, or our myriad conclusions will be quite moot. The March, 2007 production data is due out in the next few days. You can count on a post from "your truly" upon its release.

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