Sunday, July 7, 2013

Peak Oil Will Not Be Televised

Before I get into my post, I wanted to share this article.

As gross as it is, considering my experience with C. Diff over the past (more than) several years, people should know just how important the bacteria flora living on and in your body is to your health.

I had occasion to reach out the Dr. Bonnie Bassler,  Princeton Biologist. Here is a link to Dr. Bassler's research on how bacteria in general, and how the good and bad bacteria in your body, communicate. The truly mind blowing thing about all of this is that the medical establishment is doing its level best to kill you with the help of the meat industry.

The C. Diff. epidemic did not spring out of nowhere. It sprung out of mainlining and feeding copious anti-biotics to our meat livestock and from physicians (and patients) that feel they need to do something. Well, that "something" that you thought could only help can kill you.

As it turns out, we might as easily have evolved to serve the needs of our bacteria flora as the other way around. Either way, we really need our flora. Once gone, that flora is not as easy to replace/replenish as one might think.


So The Oil Drum is going dark.

I am quite sure that I have posted that the Oil revolution will not be televised. Peak Oil/Peak Oil Light/Peak Imports/Exports et al, is doing its thing - slowly grinding away. The rate of change has not been steep enough to keep everyone entertained - but depletion never sleeps. The ultimate resource recovery might have increased by 500 Billion Barrels (though I doubt it). That would push the peak of from 2005 to 2012 or so... and what year is it? And what does the shape of the graph of vehicle miles traveled per capita look like?

It looks like this.

So far, my estimate of 4,000 of VMT per capita in 2020 looks like it might be about right. From 10.1k to 9.3k in 8 years, how do I get a 50% plus drop over the next 7? Hey, it was just a guestimate, but my bet is that the rate of change for this data point is going to accelerate. Maybe I will be off by a few years... will it matter? Not even a little bit. Its the recognition of the outcome that will have the greater effect.

A new world is growing up, through, and around the old one - and that is a beautiful thing.


DaShui said...

Cave men washed their hands- like never. So they always were introducing bacteria into their guts.
Fermented foods came about as people became more hygienic, needing a new way to introduce gut bacteria.
There are more bacteria genes in our body than human DNA , so really our bodies are a way for bactieria to travel.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

You are on to something there.

I ferment like crazy in an effort to get my system back on track. I am better than I was... but a long way to go, me thinks.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Also... the evidence is that you carry the flora you were inoculated with at birth and early childhood for life and that if these are destroyed it is very hard to reestablish protective flora. From my own experience i believe that that is true.

DaShui said...

My girlfriend wants a cesarean birth , I try to explain to her that the birth process is where we get our intestinal bacteria, even the obgyn is not too knowledgable about this.

tweell said...

We've poured a third of our corn crop into our gas tanks, are fracking across multiple states and drilling like mad in North Dakota, so far we've managed to slow the rate of decline. I don't see it lasting either, though.
I can see railroads getting a lot more business and putting more rails up, while the long-haul semi trucks dwindle due to higher fuel prices. Things are changing, and will change more.

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