Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Failure of Everything - Part II

Watching the slow motion train wreck of the post tech bubble/9.11.01 period one might be tempted to place the blame on but a few "evil doers" and move on.

So let me point out some propaganda that somebody continues to promulgate fast and furious.

Please read this absurd piece from David Brooks of the New York Times about "Men Failing".

Then read this absurd piece from Allison Linn of Today as presented on the front page of MSNBC about women not receiving equal pay.

Please note the dates of these nonsensical agitprops! Both articles appeared within a few days of each other. So which is it? Are men failing? Or are men still taking advantage of women in the work place and out earning women for equal work?

While the mathematical fact is that these 2 outcomes are what would be known as "mutually exclusive events" - outcomes that preclude the possibility of the other - the real world fact is that BOTH of these articles are shameless examples of horse sh#! doctrine.

"Men" are not failing. Minority men are failing (and not all minority men, but enough of a concentration of failure to skew the data). Of course, Feminists cannot and must not offend the other members of their victim coalition... so it is "Men" that are failing.

"Women" are not being paid less than "Men" for equal pay. Are Supreme Court Justices paid differently based on gender? How about the janitors mopping the floors at the Supreme Court? Is there any gender compensation difference anywhere in government? Isn't government, all levels, the largest employer in the U.S.?

Of course men make more money than women, and it has far less to do with childrearing than is being promulgated in the propagamedia. College educations are not all created equal. Engineers make more than any other undergrad degree. 5 out of 6 engineers are men. Any questions? Look, we have credentialed all manner of jobs and "careers" that simply do not require 4 years of training. Women earn 5 out of 6 Social worker degrees and 9 out of 10 elementary education degrees. These fields simply do not pay as much as engineering because in the mart of competitive commerce the market has judged them to be worth less. The number of licensed skilled tradesmen has the same unbalanced outcome. The number of small businesses created by men far exceed the number of small business created by women. Should we ignore this data?

But never mind the f*&^ing reality. This ain't about reality. This is about politics. And in politics, women are mopping the floor with men. The Democrats are about to wipe the floor with the Republicans in the upcoming election. What should have been a cake walk for the Republicans is turning into an embarrassment. The Republicans are winning the male vote by an 8% margin. The Democrats are winning the female vote by a 12% margin. Given that registered voters are over 52% female it doesn't take a degree in astro-physics engineering (over 90% male) to see where this is going. The question is how we got here.

The answer is propaganda.

The Left through their owned media has done a number on women. Women actually believe the unequal pay story. They believe it in a religious sense. The data does not support the contention but I have found that it is absolutely impossible to have a rational discussion about this with any true believer (female). Please! Feel free to take me to task. Show me the money/data! I have zero fear, because the data is not there, but I will receive absolutely no takers because the believers, once they have become believers, do not bother with pesky sh#! like actual data. "This is "true", you are a sexist @$$hole, and I am voting Democratic because I hate you and everything you stand for." Welcome to propaganda's effect on Democracy.

The Republicans are not only going to loose the White House, they are not going to take the Senate in an election where of the 33 seats up for election, 22 are Democrat and 11 are Republican, and at a time where real unemployment is 15%+ and incomes are falling.

Propaganda is a hell of a thing.

And it never, ever ends.

Radical Feminism is dominated by folks that have little need for contraception, yet they have, incredibly, convinced women who are eventually going to marry and have a family that they speak for all women. Gay men have little to nothing in common with me, my concerns, or my issues. Why do Gay women presume to speak for straight women, and how is that straight women have aligned themselves politically with this faction?

With more propaganda.

Women are victims. All sex is rape. All men are rapists. 25% of all women have been raped! Radical Feminists/Gay Women came up with this unbelievable propaganda program, all of it lies, and convinced enough people to dominate the political process! What would the American Body Politic look like if a significant percentage of women did not believe these lies?

What's this have to do with the failure of all things financial? Stay tuned. I am getting there.

(When I have time I will dismantle Stephanie Coontz and her silly rant, linked above, in detail.)


PioneerPreppy said...

Funny. I just had a huge argument over the Republican Akin's statement a few weeks ago. His statement that claimed there was evidence that women were less likely to conceive after legitimate rape is a theory long supported by "physicians for life". The Femocrats went on full scale attack but how they attacked was the telling point. Fembot after fembot reciting stories of them or their daughters, nieces, etc. having been raped. They never looked at the data and none of them are qualified to actually know the data anyway. It was all emotion and all about the fact that what they want to call rape is rape and it will not be questioned.

We know these feminist lies are just that. Lies. The trouble is even the women who do not act outwardly like a feminist will still vote to get themselves that edge "just in case". It comes down to the wolf and sheep analogy you use and the fact that women in general cherish one thing above all... Choices. They can never have enough of them.

I believe this maybe the end for me though. I will not live under another four years of Femocrat tyranny. It maybe time to start taking the fight back to them and focusing on the minority male strength in doing it.

PioneerPreppy said...

Oh ya and I really liked your victim coalition statement. Mind if I use it myself?

Dan said...

I have long been of the opinion that women's suffrage and the direct election of senators is the biggest errors we have made and will be the ultimate cause of the downfall of the republic.

tweell said...

We'll see - there are some women who are realizing that government cheese isn't infinite and that we need to cut back extensively instead of trying to put off the consequences another year or two. Obama's smart diplomacy is a shambles, and as more people laugh at him, more will leave him.

My real worry is the 2-headed beast that is our current political system, since Republicans and Democrats alike have a horrible track record in dealing with budget and financial issues.

Financial Directory said...

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