Saturday, July 28, 2012


California, home to 1 of every 8 Americans, continues to experience "Peak Oil". Or at least Peak Gasoline Consumption. Here is the graph of that yearly data (in 000,000's, not 000's, please excuse y axis label error on graph).

That graph is starting to look familiar.... Italy, Japan, Spain, Greece, California... besides declining supply/demand of transportation fuels, what else do these entities have in common? Disastrous finances, and this is no coincidence.


Bryan George said...

Resources are running out and very soon we will be riding on wire cars (like the old street ones) but in order to develop this new technology we have to put racism aside and this whole whos gunna ride in the back of the bus thing. If not soon I fear we will have limited time and resources to persue such achivements and will see the downfall not just of the U.S. but of other countrys too. Untill we have completely run dry and calamity overtakes us.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans still has streetcars. Everybody loves them. And you can't get more racially divided than the big easy.

Nishi said...
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